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What Is That Color? Vibrant Periwinkle

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Nothing creates glamour like saturating a room with color – yes, all one color on the trim, ceiling, walls, cabinetry, and shelves! This is a great design look that works best on smaller contained rooms, like this study, or in a powder room or library. What really took this room for my Riverside Penthouse project to the next bold level was the high gloss finish I added, along with color-matched upholstery!

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.05.00 AM

So what is this color that looks purple in some light and blue in others? It’s a periwinkle hue by Sherwin-Williams and it has the perfect name – Mesmerize! I absolutely drenched the study in this gorgeous color and added in touches of yellow, the complementary color for periwinkle. The great effect that all this color has is to make the room both sophisticated and cozy at the same time, a perfect result for my fashion-forward clients!

What do you think of this bright and bold color choice? Would you go all-in with one color like this? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Choosing the Perfect White

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Choosing the perfect white paint color for your room seems like it would be the easiest thing in the world, right? But for the many clients and blog readers that contact me about their homes, this is one of their biggest issues! The reason is because there isn’t just one color called white, the end. Nope, each white is very different, so you need to take your time to choose the perfect one. In the nursery I designed above, the perfect shade was Sherwin-Williams Creamy.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 2.05.22 PM

White paint has other colors in it, called undertones, that help give each white its own look. So there are warmer whites with beige or yellow undertones, like Creamy, and like Shoji White, which I used in the bathroom above.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 2.03.53 PM

For a super-crisp and cool look, I like whites that have a neutral or maybe even slightly blue-ish undertone. So in the entry hall above, I went with Snowbound to make the deep cobalts really pop. It’s important if you have other whites in the room – like the upholstered bench and the marble floor – that you match your paint to it as closely as you can. Otherwise, one of the whites could look dirty or out of place.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 2.13.03 PM

Light is also a key component to making sure you get the right white. In the outdoor space I designed above, I went with Arcade, a great white for the natural light that floods the area. And it mixed well with the fabrics, the stools, and the fixtures. Indoors, a white will change dramatically if you have natural light in the day and then incandescents or fluorescents at night.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 2.06.36 PM

A kitchen, like the one in my former home above, can have light coming from 3 or 4 light sources through the course of a full day. So I like to paint a swatch on the wall or cabinetry and “live” with it for a day to see how I like it from morning to night. In this case, I selected one of my all-time favorite go-to whites, Antique White from Sherwin-Williams.

Other favorite whites I have are C2’s America’s Cup (which will be a big star in my new home) Benjamin Moore’s China White, and C2’s Cotton.

Which whites do you like? Is it hard for you to choose? Let me know in the comments section below!








What Is That Color? Bold Yellow!

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My brand is bright, bold, and tailored, and I think this room’s color really lives up to that! It’s Sherwin-Williams 6395 Alchemy, which is a bright acid yellow. It’s also a bold choice to wrap a room entirely in this color.


But what I really like is that this room I designed still looks tailored with the addition of black, white, and grey to the yellow.


It’s also the perfect color for a family room because yellow is energizing and cheerful!


So how do you feel about this bright and bold color choice? And have you wrapped a room in color like this before? Let me know in the comments below!

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Wow! What Color is That? in HGTV Magazine

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You know how I feel about using stand-out colors, so I’m especially thrilled to be included in HGTV Magazine’s article “Wow! What Color is That?” in this month’s issue! The color they’ve zeroed-in on in a project of mine is this one, from my eco-friendly design for the Energy House. This is one of my most popular palettes, so it’s exciting that they’re sharing the shades with YOU!
Tobi Fairley

And here’s a video from my archives of ME giving YOU a tour of the Energy House!

To see the other fun colors they’ve done their detective work on, pick up a copy on newsstands or in your local book store today!


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It Ain’t Easy Being GREEN!: Pantone Color Forecasting

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Oh. My. Goodness! Can you believe that as of TODAY we are only TWO WEEKS away from 2013?!?! And you already know how much I love New Year’s resolutions and turning over new leaves and any chance to make a fresh start, right? So it’s no surprise that I also like New Year trend predictions…especially COLOR trend predictions!

You can read all about the Pantone color of 2013, Emerald, and how I’ve incorporated bold greens into lots of design projects over the years in my latest installment of “Color Confidential” over at the At Home in Arkansas’ blog.


I’m extra-excited THIS year, because…well…it’s a GREEN. And green is very possibly my signature color (man! I wish there were some way to type that with a Steel Magnolia’s drawl!). When I speak in public or appear at events  people are always surprised if I wear any other color, so it’s become a kind of joke around here.

Maybe it’s just because of these headshots…

Or just because I love to collect jadeite…

Or probably just because my own home has a splash of green or two…

Or, uh, well…maybe my daughter is under the GREEN influence, too?

Well, fine! I have a green addiction! Does that mean it’s ok to act surprised if Santa brings me something special in GREEN this year?


For more green-spiration from me, visit my Pinterest board: Green With Envy!

And if YOU have a talent for forecasting color trends…you’re in luck! TODAY is your last day to enter the Olioboard contest to win great prizes, including a ticket to a Camp Tobi Fairley event and a Benjamin Moore Paint Prize Pack! It’s also your last chance to cast a vote for your favorite entries, so go and enter to WIN!





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