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Modern Art and Minted Giveaway

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I was recently asked to guest judge an art contest for Minted, an amazing online marketplace for independent artists and designers. The Art Fair Challenge was inspired by art shows and fairs around the world, and was open to all works of art that can be reproduced on paper.

Judging this amazing art exhibition was a tough job! There were so many gorgeous entries, from paintings to photography to collage to pen-and-ink drawings. But one work really drew me to it right away – it was Mingle by Julie Song Ink.

The first thing that caught my eye is the color – I am known for my use of color and this blue just grabbed my attention. But what really made me select this gorgeous artwork as my favorite was the movement and excitement created by the swirls and splatters. It actually reminds me of the creative process I go through in my own work. It is a vibrant and electrifying work!
Isn’t that a gorgeous piece? And now it will be available in Minted’s amazing line of cards and art! And they really do have an extensive line – in fact, they are going to offer one of my blog readers the opportunity to win a $500 gift card to purchase cards, stationery, gifts, or art from their site! Isn’t that amazing!


We will hold a drawing on Thursday, Oct. 30. All you have to do is register by filling out the form to the right of this blog post – and the bonus is that you will get a free download of my Top 10 Ways to Add Style with Color! Register between now and 5pm on Oct. 29 and we will draw a name from all the entries, and will announce the winner here on the blog on Oct. 30. That lucky person will have $500 to splurge on the Minted site!

Good luck!



Italian Inspiration

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We interrupt this regularly scheduled Motivational Monday to bring you a post about inspiration.

As a designer, I need to regularly fill up my creative well and there is no better way than through travel. A change of surroundings not only gives me a different perspective, it gives me a chance to discover new ideas and inspiration for my designs, whether it’s through color, architecture, flavors, or awe-inspiring sights!


After back-to-back photo shoots and a non-stop work schedule, I need a break to recharge my creative batteries. And I am SO excited that tomorrow I’m heading to bella Italia to go to Mercanteinfiera, Italy’s largest antique fair! I’m attending this amazing show in Parma with The Antiques Diva for a special whirlwind tour, filled with gorgeous vintage finds.


And I’ll be on this fab trip with a few other talented designers that you may know–Los Angeles designer Mark Cutler, Dallas designer Denise McGaha, and Jon Call of Mr. Call Designs in New York City. If you would like to see what is inspiring me and my designer friends, be sure to follow my Instagram feed with @tobifairley!


I plan to soak in the colors, patterns, and stunning art on display (and I’m sure I’ll sample a bit of the pasta, parmesan, and prosciutto, too!). I know I’ll come back refreshed, renewed, and recharged – ready to take on new creative challenges!


To see these photos including this Parmesan factory, visit my Pinterest board called Destinations.

I’ve got to get my suitcase packed so ciao for now!


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Talking Antiques at 1st Find at the Farm

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Olivier Fleury

Olivier Fleury

So: You love great design. But. Have you really explored the wonderful world of antiques? Antiques are such an amazing way to add texture and depth to your designs.

Art & Antique Hunter

Art & Antique Hunter

If you’ve been to the Antique & Design Center of High Point during your treks to High Point Market in the past few years, then you already know it is the number one place to go for forward-focused design, gorgeous antique furnishings and fabulous art.


Olivier Fleury

And, now, the Antique & Design Center is launching an exciting new event to kick off their debut at the Atlanta Market this January 7-8th! It’s called 1st Find at the Farm, and I am truly honored to be the featured presenter at such a highly-anticipated event!

If you love design–and you love antiques–but aren’t quite sure how to bring all that love together, please join me at 1st Find at the Farm on January 7th. That afternoon, I’m going to be speaking on a topic that I hope will really reinvigorate your designs and give you a fresh perspective on mixing pieces of different ages–and with different histories–in your work. My presentation is called “Finding Inspiration in the Mix: Layering Antiques Into Your Design for a Fresh Look.”

FFF Invite Postcard Moov_Front_ps

Following the lecture, you’ll also get a chance to walk through the show with me, and afterward we will get to rave about our favorite finds over a private dinner. This part of the show (my presentation, tour and dinner) is RSVP-only, so grab a ticket before it sells out!

And the setting for this show is going to be truly spectacular! Imagine: Many of the top antique dealers in the U.S. showcasing their most stunning pieces out on the rolling hills of the Broder Family farm, just minutes from downtown Atlanta. Talk about “Finding Inspiration in the Mix,” try this country/city combo to break you out of your rut! Good music + good food + gorgeous setting + great design = perfect combination!

The whole thing promises to be 100% AMAZING, and you definitely don’t want to miss it! To purchase your ticket in advance–and to get all of the event details–visit the event website.


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How to Dream Big and in Color:Tobi’s 10 Tips for Embracing Color in 2013

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Do you aspire to really embrace COLOR this year? Are you finally ready to really make the leap towards using color fearlessly in your interior? Is your New Year’s Resolution for 2013 to get rid of your drab neutral spaces and give them life with “Pops of Color”?

Well if you said yes to any or all of these, I am definitely your go-to gal for how to use Bold, Dramatic Color in any space without Fear or Failure!

Just yesterday I started my day over at the KATV Channel 7 studio for my monthly Good Morning Arkansas’ Design Time with Tobi Fairley segment. Melinda and I were talking POPS of color in your home in the New Year and particularly bringing in Pantone’s Color of 2013…Emerald, with Style!

 I also mentioned my recent InBox Interiors feature in the December 2012 issue of Southern Living Magazine all about using pops of color (in this case pink and blue) to say WOW in your space! In case you missed the segment, I’ve included it here:

KATV – Breaking News, Weather and Razorback Sports

Little color punches in any room remind me of the really stand-out great moments in our daily lives. They are like the “sweet spots” or eye candy in your room, just like one great moment can really make your day! Not only are these color infusions simply stunning, they also make the larger picture much more interesting! And this idea of Moments of “Inspiration” in your Design are like Moments of Inspiration in life. In fact, if you’ve been following my resolutions posts so far this year, this idea ties back perfectly to my “Word of the Year” for 2013…Inspired! Why not live in an “Inspired Interior” every day of the year? And what better way to make it inspirational than with color?

So if you are scared to embrace color, even in small POPS, here are my Tobi’s Top 10 Tips for getting rid of the Fear and making your room Fab, Fun, and Full of Fearless Color!

1. Easing into a Soft Color: Well if you want to ease outside your comfort zone, and into your COLOR zone, selecting a soft color palette (instead of brights) might be more your style. And yes, paler hues are still color. Consider a soft blue, green, lavender or even pink. It will feel much like a neutral but it’s not. And you will be able to pat yourself on the back for joining the “color club”!

(Betsey Burnham)

(Tobi Fairley)

(House Beautiful)

(Barry Dixon)

2. Color is in the details: Even a true detail can serve as a pop of color. Books, Flowers, and Accessories alone can be just enough of a color infusion to make your space “Colorful Chic”. Even these yellow roses make this room read like its loaded with color!

(Tobi Fairley)


(Decor Pad)

(Amanda Nisbet)

3. Artwork Driving the Color Story: Artwork is always a great way to infuse a bold color in your space. To go for a museum look, keep the walls white and let the artwork be the star! And if you want to give the color a point of reference, mimic the artworks palette in a few sophisticated details. For you Fine Art Aficionados, don’t worry that this approach will look matchy…if used with restraint the coordinated elements will only add depth and interest.

(David Duncan Livingston)

(Christine d’Ornano)

(Amanda Nisbet)

(Elle Decor)

4. Black and White with a Pop of Color: A classic black and white palette is a bold and graphic base to support fun infusions of a vibrant hue. The great thing about using black and white as the “bones” of your space is that it is a truly timeless combination. And on the slim chance you tire of your color accents, it’s not to hard to change them out, recover them, or put them away for a while until you long for them again.

(Tobi Fairley)

(Grant Gibson)

(Tobi Fairley)

(Style at Home)

5. Color as a Neutral: Color Devoid of Contrast acts as a neutral. I was quoted saying this in House Beautiful back in March of 2010 and the concept still holds true. Layering shades of one color, a Monochromatic approach, makes for a soothing result. Either in soft shades for serenity, or rich shades for depth and comfort, a Monochromatic space is much more relaxing than it’s alternative…a room full of stark contrast.

(Tobi Fairley)

(Tobi Fairley)

(Tobi Fairley)

(David Collins)

(Todd Romano in Architectural Digest)

6. Going Bright!: And speaking of contrast, if you are ready to really embrace your inner Color Warrior, going bright will do the trick. Subscribing to the Go Bold or Go Home approach to color isn’t for the faint of heart but it can be very rewarding if you get it right. One fun option is using a variety of colors all in the same intensity (as these chairs radiating around the dining table). But you can also let a couple of the brights (Yellow and Blue) be the stars with a third color (green) as an accent all on a neutral base as evidenced by the stunning Amanda Nisbet room below. Are those yellow drapes gorgeous or what???

(Amanda Nisbet)

(Tobi Fairley)

7. Layering Colors: A more Traditional Approach, layering a variety of shades, hues, and intensities along with a slew of neutrals as the base, is most people’s approach to embracing Color. And who says Traditional has to be boring, Miles Redd certainly doesn’t think so!

(Miles Redd)

(Scot Meacham Wood)

(Hutton Wilkinson)

(Todd Romano)

8. Pops of a Single Hue in a Variety of Shades: A Monochromatic approach to your accent color can have great impact but still feel clean and fresh. For a purist approach to this concept, don’t even bring in small accents in a contrasting color. If you pick a hue, commit to it and don’t waiver for the best results.

(Tobi Fairley)

(Tobi Fairley)

9. Color on the Wall: If you are feeling extra Feisty, bring your color to the walls. Not for the faint of heart, color on the walls is a commitment for sure, but is still pretty easy on the pocket book. For the most sophisticated result with color on the wall, let the walls play the lead here and the furniture a supporting role.

(Tobi Fairley)

(Eric Cohler)

(Jamie Drake)

(Rob Passal)

(Katie Ridder)

10.Color mixed with Natural Elements: Bold colors suddenly become easier on the eye when toned down with great textures and natural elements. It’s like a gorgeous flower blossom in a forest…that bright spot in a sea of handsome.

(Denise McGaha)

I hope my Ten Tips for Embracing Color inspire you to make your home full of little (or BIG) color surprises this year; and I hope it helps you see how the extra-special moments of our lives (so many of them come during the holidays) are not only exciting in themselves, they also make every second of our lives better just because they happened.

Here’s wishing that “Color Happens” for you in 2013. Happy Decorating!





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Here’s wishing you all the Perfect POPS in 2013 to make your Design and Business Dreams Come True!!