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Day 29: Giveaway – Featuring Designer Mailbag!!

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Who doesn’t love a giveaway?!? I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the final day of the 29 Days of Love series and Leap Day than helping a reader with a design dilemma and giving them a piece to get the room redo underway!

Thanks to all of you who submitted your design dilemmas! I love hearing from you and I wish I could choose every one of you for this month’s design sponsored by Oomph. Here’s the submission letter from this round’s winner:

Hi Tobi,

I would love your help! My dilemma is my living room. It is very traditional in style and I would like to freshen it with some more modern pieces that are also kid friendly.
I am also hoping that you can help me select a coffee table to make the room more entertaining friendly. Other items I have been thinking about are a desk lamp and art.
Again, I would be so thankful to have the benefit of your guidance. Looking at tables has been overwhelming and I just am not sure what would be right for this small space that we use often!

-Stacy; Washington, D.C. 

 Hi Stacy!

I am happy to help with this! It looks like you already have some good pieces in place, but just need the finishing touches you mentioned. Here’s what I envision for this area of the room.

Mixing vibrant shades of blue will give this room a friendly and welcoming feel that works for both children and adults. I definitely agree with you about a desk lamp and think this option from Mottega would be a perfect accent for the table and modern ghost chair you already own.

I also think swapping the existing mirror for a set of prints could give the room a bit more character. There are so many great prints available. I would suggest finding a set that speaks to you and coordinates with this palette to make the art more personal. To help you envision how this might look, here’s an example from one of my recent projects:


Introducing another color can also make the room feel more relaxed. Bring in a touch of green with these Signal Throw pillows from my home line.

Finally, this super chic, yet still kid friendly Fenwick coffee table (shown here in Navy with a Linen inlay) will pull the room together.

Oh yeah, and the best part…the coffee table is being given to you FREE of charge, courtesy of Oomph!! How’s that for jump-starting your room makeover?

Again, thanks so much to Oomph for sponsoring this Designer Mailbag! Please check out their website to see all the colorful options they have for tables, chairs and more at

 If you weren’t the lucky winner this time around, stay tuned… I’ll be announcing a new call for Designer Mailbag submissions soon!!



Day 28: Expanding Your Horizons

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Growing, changing, evolving, isn’t that what life is all about? If you read my goals for this year, then you know these things are a big part of who I am and the path I travel.

I think pushing your boundaries — whether it’s in a design sketch, a presentation or a blog post — can help you to grow and to see things in a new light.

I’m continually inspired by people who step outside of the box and introduce us all to new things. That’s one of the reasons I love Serena & Lily’s Bazaar. This fabulous collection of authentic “one-of-a-kind finds culled from markets and shops around the world” (as described on their site) is truly one of the coolest things out there right now.

I love this idea, because everything is so unique — just like the personal items in your home make it unique to you! Shopping here is just like scouring a Paris flea market or getting to meet a designer in an African marketplace. The Serena and Lily site has truly expanded their horizons with these finds!!

One other thing to note — not only do they bring you the goods, they bring you the story behind the art and how it’s helping others.

It’s impossible not to read or watch these tales and not fall completely in love with these brilliant pieces and the artisans who create them.

How are you pushing the envelope and expanding your horizons?



Day 27: Collaboration

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It’s Day 27 and I’m sad to say that the 29 Days of Love series is drawing to a close…

I could not let this special month of love pass by with out telling you how much I LOVE collaborating with others. Everyday I have the opportunity to work with so many amazing designers, artists, craftsman, business people and brands.

Today I want to give a special nod to a few people I get to collaborate with on a regular basis via the blog, social media and other editorial opportunities.

First, I have enjoyed sharing my ideas on social media and the design business with Williams-Sonoma Designer Marketplace.

I love sharing social media and design knowledge here, as well as learning from others who are doing the same. It’s truly a fabulous site and there’s always something to be gained from their super informative insights and interviews. Plus, they have great products!!

Second, I have been fortunate to work with two fabulous magazines in my home state of Arkansas!

I am thrilled to be sharing color advice in my monthly collaboration with At Home in Arkansas magazine’s blog.

One of my favorite things about this experience has been answering questions from At Home readers and solving color dilemmas along the way! I absolutely love working with this super talented team!

The second of these two stellar publications is AY or About You Magazine.

It has been such a pleasure to collaborate with AY on a monthly design column called All Through Your House. Each month, I have the opportunity to share my designs for one room of the home with their readers. It’s truly been a great experience and each month I look forward to sharing advice for a different room!

I’ve enjoyed each of these opportunities so much! I can’t wait to see what collaborations are in store next!

Happy Monday!


Day 26: Shades of Green

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I have always been a big fan of green, and this time of year makes me think of it even more than usual!

A few weeks back I went to the mailbox and was ecstatic to see the latest issue of House Beautiful had an all-green theme. Gorgeous, don’t you agree?

Everything in the issue was so dreamy, that I had to get on Pinterest and find some green-spiration! Here are a few of my favorites…

LOVE these cabinets.

It works for a bath, too!


What a great backdrop for this room…

Also like this one! Green and white is such a classic combo.

How amazing are these accessories against a green backdrop?

And, how could you not want to climb these stairs??

Is green one of your favorite colors? How are you using it?



[images: Pinterest via Apartment34, House Beautiful, Google]

p.s. The following images are examples of an outdoor space in which I used green to tie in the gorgeous natural surroundings. Enjoy!

Day 25: Blogging

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I do love to blog!! Since starting the blog in 2008 I have been so fortunate to meet other bloggers, designers and great people in general through the experience.

It has also made such a strong impact on my business. I love being able to share not only my work, but also my friend’s with each of you every day. It’s truly an amazing experience and speaking of things I love, I couldn’t leave out the fact that I love hearing from you all and interacting with you via the blog.

In fact I love blogging so much that tomorrow I am headed off to sunny LA for the Design Bloggers Conference!

I am thrilled to be attending this once again and even more excited to be on a panel discussion with two other fabulous bloggers — Ronda Carman of All the Best and Cassandra Lavalle of Coco + Kelley.

I’ll be sure to give you the full scoop on my trip next week!
If you don’t already, be sure to follow me on twitter (@tobifairley) and Instagram (tobifairley) where I’ll be sharing instant updates from our time at DBC.

Have a fabulous weekend!!