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Tobi ‘Hearts’ Traditional Home

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I LOVE Valentine’s Day! And I really really love Traditional Home magazine! How do those two things go together? Well this weekend I am taking over Traditional Home’s Instagram account, starting at 5pm today!

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I love celebrations of any kind, but Valentine’s Day is truly one of my very favorite holidays. In fact, each year I send Valentine’s Day cards instead of Christmas cards – it’s more fun to surprise people with a little token in the middle of a cold February. My cards usually feature my sweet little girl, too, and this weekend I’ll be celebrating with her, I’m sure with lots of flowers, hearts, and sweet treats.

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So follow along with me all weekend as I share the LOVE on Traditional Home’s Instagram account! I promise we’ll have fun!








Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope yours is extra sweet this year.


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Hey Design Lovers! Trying to think of what you want from your sweetheart this year? How about a ticket to one of my fabulous live events? We are currently filling up our Spring sessions of my Design A to Z  March 17-18 and Designer MBA May 6-7 , both being held in Dallas, Texas. So tell your honeybun to grab your seat today and then head on down to see us in Dallas where we can show you even more love! 🙂


28 Days of Love: Day Twenty Eight – House Beautiful Instant Room

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Today I’m feeling so much LOVE and gratitude for this feature of a Dining Room design of mine that is in the current issue of House Beautiful! I am always thrilled and honored to appear in this gorgeous publication. I created the design as part of their “Instant Room” series (I LOVE this series!!), which showcases a design vision and then describes a handful of the most fabulous products incorporated in the design.

What’s especially inspiring about this moment in every design project for me is that it holds such great potential: it’s right on the brink and only requires ACTION. Now that I’ve envisioned this room and identified what products will bring it to life, there’s a clear path to the total design realization. YET without action, this is where all the progress stops. And if this vision didn’t exist but we just started purchasing merchandise willy-nilly and patching a room together it would probably never become a truly beautiful and functional room.

So…you just can’t take any part out of the VISION+ACTION = RESULTS equation or the whole thing falls apart! Where in life do you find you need a clearer sense of vision? Or is there a part of life that you have vision but just can’t get moving? Infuse both into any project and you will see success!


28 Days of Love: Day Twenty Seven – Tory Burch Logo Buckle Bracelet

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I really really LOVE this Tory Burch bracelet! I received it as a gift, and it’s a perfect solution to the problems that always seem to keep me from truly enjoying my bracelets. I always see them and want them (ooooh pretty!), but then I get busy typing on the computer and they get a little uncomfortable and awkward and I inevitably end up taking them off. (Does anyone else have this same problem?! How irritating!) But this fun cuff is soft on the back (no discomfort) and blingy on the front, which totally solves my problem: fabulousness meets comfort!

This dream combo of structure and flexibility is also a recipe for success in business AND for life. Rigidity does not work in life, because things in life are never static and never totally under control. Life is always moving! But I also can’t just totally “go with the flow” and never set any intentions or goals, because I want to grow into my potential and live the life of my dreams!

"We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us." - Joseph Campbell #quote I learned this lesson late!  It's tricky to balance the need for goals at the same time as flexibility to accept plans for you may be different.

So it seems there’s a paradox here that’s absolutely necessary for happiness and fulfillment: hold on and let go, plan and then edit, sometimes steer and sometimes drift. I think this is what people mean when they say life is a dance, and I’m pretty sure that those who get the most out of life know to lead at times and to follow at others, staying always responsive to the rhythm of the music of life!


28 Days of Love: Day Twenty Six – Engraved IPad/IPod

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Today, I’m loving the fact that iPads and iPod Touch devices can be engraved! I’ve mentioned a couple of times this month how fond I am of personalization and monogramming, BUT what I especially LOVE about these engravings is that they can be a saying, quote, or mantra that you see each and every time you use your device. What a smart way to infuse your life with inspiration!

The idea of repeating, focusing-on, and meditating with a mantra in mind is that you can transform your thoughts and behaviors and change your life! Repeated over and over, an idea can really BECOME part of you in this way! That’s a lot to wrap your mind around, but I’m a real believer!!

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So, if you were to have a mantra–a word or phrase you want to use to drive real change in your life–what would it be?