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4 Tips for Falling in Love with Your Business

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Feeling burned out? If you are constantly giving to everyone but yourself, you can start to feel resentment. Believe me, I’ve been there – several times! And over the years I’ve also discovered that there is one sure-fire method to make you fall in love with what you do again. But it may not be what you think.

Because to rediscover that spark, that thing that gives you the passion for what you do, you have to step away. Yep, you read that right. But if you try these 4 steps, I promise you’ll come back to work ready to take it on with new gusto!

  1. Go away. And I mean AWAY. One day could help, but for me to really unwind, it typically takes several days. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money, then at least check out of business mode. Go drive in the country with your windows down and breathe in the fresh air. Take a spin through a museum or a walk in the park. Plan a long weekend at the beach or the lake. Just get out of your office and turn your phone off. Studies show that if you don’t give yourself a break, you’ll never be as creative and effective as you need to be. You really need to recharge your batteries and you can only do that if you step away from your office.  And for me if there is a component of nature involved, my relaxation goes up tremendously!
  2. Breathe deep. You need to relax and get your mojo back, and one of the best ways to do that is through meditation and deep breathing. Don’t believe me? Well the American Medical Association is now talking about big benefits from deep breathing, like elevating your mood, releasing tension, bringing clarity to your thinking, and boosting your immune system. That’s perfect for burnout! Add in meditation to reduce stress and improve concentration and you have a winning combination. And I combine these with yin yoga so not only my mind feels relaxed, but my body feels better too!
  3. Treat yourself well. You are your company’s most important asset, so you should be treating yourself like gold. That means it is critical for you to take time out of your day to exercise – look at it as an investment in your long-term performance. But for you to get the best benefits, find the type of exercise you really like. If you dread it, you are unlikely to keep it up. Plus, you need to take in the right fuel to keep you running like a well-oiled machine. And we are all different with what foods work for our bodies. At the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I have been trained as a health and wellness coach, they call this bio-individuality. It’s the idea that one person’s food is another person’s poison. So learn which foods and vitamins make you feel best and make them a priority. Taking care of yourself isn’t some new age mumbo-jumbo – a Forbes study showed that CEOs who took time out of their day to exercise and eat right were 30% more inspired and effective at work. So take care of YOU and your take care of your company.
  4. Rethink your priority. That’s right, just one. The idea of priorities (plural) is a somewhat recent change to this word that was made in the US in the 1940s. This word originally meant the ONE most important thing, because you really can’t focus on more than one thing at a time right? So what is your priority? I talked a few weeks ago about the fabulous book Essentialism. To find out what’s most important to you, write down everything you are doing as a function of your job and then really start thinking about what is critical and what is really nonessential. And I mean cut it down to the bone. Multitasking is a myth, so what do you really want to focus on? Getting that clarity, and ridding yourself of things that are holding you back or tying you down will truly make you free! Your passion won’t be pulled in 20 directions, and instead you will get fired up and ready to focus on that one thing that will make the biggest difference.

I’m in my sweet spot of really concentrating on these 4 core ideas right now – and it’s been paying off in a BIG way! I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and I am really feeling the fire again, but not for business as usual. It’s for a new and improved version of my business – one that feeds my family and my soul.

So what do you think? Where have you made changes this year to give you a better, more productive, and happier business and life? And if you haven’t made changes yet, what’s your plan? Let me know in the comments section below!







Have You Taken a Vacation Yet?

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It’s August 1 – have you taken a vacation this summer? If you’re like over 50% of small business owners, the answer is no. Too many of us think we just can’t afford to take a vacation, or that things will completely fall apart if we aren’t around to handle them. And, if you’re a single-person operation, there may not be anyone to “mind the store.” But I’m going to prove to you why time off is critical for your business – and for you!

First, according to a Gallup poll, if you don’t take a vacation you’ll be less likely to even like your job. Your frustration level will rise, and you’ll wonder why you’re working as hard as you do. Dumping vacation time also means that you’re going to feel like your work/life balance is completely out of control, and you’ll end up resenting your business and even your clients. Not good.

time off

Did you know that vacations actually make you MORE productive? They do! According to major studies, you can increase your productivity by a third after you have some down time. On top of that, vacation time of at least a week has been shown to give you a more positive outlook, decrease your chance of heart attack, and gives you a more satisfied and happier life. I hope by this point you’re clicking on some vacation planning websites!

So now you want to take a vacation, but how? All it takes is some planning. The key is to be sure that you’re taking at least a full week off – a day or two can help, but a full week let’s you really unplug the way you need to. I always book next year’s summer vacation when I am leaving the beach the year before. I do the same with spring break. And I also sit down with my calendar at the beginning of the year and mark off additional vacation time. These tactics make vacation non-negotiable. And it allows me to plan other obligations around these days so I am sure to stick to my R & R goals. Plus if you work as hard as my husband and I do (and I am sure you do), one week a year is just not enough to replenish the toll that stress and a hectic schedule take on us. We are at our best with at least 2 week-long vacations and a few mini-trips and long weekends throughout the year. Some just the two of us and others with family.


You can start to see how this will work. Once those dates are set, you can be sure that you don’t set any major deadlines just before, during, or just after a week away. And you can prepare your clients and employees – telling them that you won’t be around on those days. Managing their expectations should help you avoid any major issues while you’re gone.

It’s up to you whether or not you check your email while away. My preference is to completely check out and disconnect for at least 2 weeks of the year. But you get to decide if it’s ok to check your email while you’re gone. We recently took a vacation with another hard-working family that are dear friends of ours. Both spouses checked their emails and worked from the beach, even taking calls. They love it that way and they feel rested while also getting things done.

I am just the opposite. When I check out, I REALLY want to check out. It is frustrating to me to check emails or take calls while on vacation. And I feel resentful when I get home and like I didn’t really have time off, if I am working even a little bit while I am away. My husband is somewhere in the middle – a little work and a lot of play.

I suggest if you do check email and take calls while away, at least have some rules. Maybe you can only check your email once per day and during a set time, and you are not allowed to answer anything that is not a real and true emergency. Period. But if you are like me, this is almost impossible. And even if I don’t respond to all those “other non-emergencies” I can’t turn them off in my mind and they interfere with my family fun or all those books I am trying to reach on the beach. And that’s all the more reason for me not to even know those emails or messages are there. But we are all different, so I suggest deciding ahead of time what your “vacation work rules” are before you leave and be committed to stick to them.


So what are you waiting for? Put that out-of-office message on and get out of there! You’ll come back happier, healthier, and ready to kick your business into high gear! And on that note, I am heading out on my second beach trip of the summer in just a few days. Counting down the moments until my toes are reunited with sand once again. I feel more relaxed just thinking about it.