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Using Quilts in Modern Décor with Emily A. Clark

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 I am so excited to welcome the fabulous Emily A. Clark back to my blog today!  You can find her blog HERE.  Enjoy! – Tobi


When I think “Americana” in terms of design, quilts always come to mind.


image via Flickr

 Maybe this is because the small town where I’m from in Kentucky is just miles away from the National Quilt Museum where thousands of quilters flock to each year. Still, I have to admit that the idea of using a quilts in design hasn’t always appealed to me.

However, I’ve seen more and more examples, as of late, that have made me rethink the great-American quilt and how it can become a colorful, stylish centerpiece of a room, way beyond “shabby chic.”  Here are a few of my favorite examples:

Picture 26

House Beautiful


Paired with a neutral palette, they make a huge statement all by themselves. 


Camille Roskelley


A simple pattern can also be paired effortlessly with bright, modern fabrics.


Sarah Richardson


And, quilts don’t necessarily have to be draped over the end of a bed.  I love the idea of using them as a soft rug in a child’s room, as a dramatic backdrop behind a sofa, or folded over a rail to soften the lines of a staircase.



Country Living


Hopefully, you’re inspired to break out a family heirloom and add a punch of color to your space.  Not only are quilts a wonderful way to incorporate pattern and warmth, they often have  wonderful story to tell from generations past. 

For more ideas that inspire me and a look at my projects, hope you’ll take time to stop by my blog, Emily A. Clark Interiors.  Thanks to Tobi for asking me to be part of this all-American series!