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Guest Posts at Pretty Pink Tulips and The Collected Room

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Hello everyone! I thought you’d be interested in checking out a couple of the guest posts I’ve completed recently.



Don’t miss my guest post over at the Pretty Pink Tulips blog.  It’s all about my holiday style!

 Haute Holiday with Tobi Fairley: Click Here!



I also have a recent guest post  on The Collected Room blog.  I’ve compiled a great list of gifts for “the collector” in your life.  Don’t miss it!

Gifts for Collectors with Tobi Fairley: Click Here!





Have you seen the newest part of  Tobi’s Favorites is a collection of my favorite things.  I’m launching with great paper products for the kitchen and table from a favorite source!  Don’t miss it!




Kathryn Greeley: Christmas Tree Collections

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As soon as the Thanksgiving dishes are washed, the linens crisply ironed and put away, it is time to get into the Christmas spirit at Chestnut Cottage!  As many of you know by now, my newly released book, The Collected Tabletop is about tabletop collections.  My blog, The Collected Room, features collections for every room and is simply my design philosophy and way of life!  So today, I would like to share Chestnut Cottage’s collection of live Christmas trees.  Each tree has its own theme and ornaments I have collected for years.

I am often ask which is my favorite,  and my only response is…”I love them all”!
Perhaps you will have a favorite?!?

The largest tree presides over our gathering room and if filled with old and new, precious and not so precious “old world glass ornaments.”

My Irish tree which we enjoy in our home office.


I call this tree “the designer gold” tree, which is full of gold ornaments of all kinds and also holds a set of crystal Waterford  12 Days of Christmas ornaments. I have this tree in the corner of our cozy library.  A designer friend gave me these delightful chandelier ornaments!

A fun “garden tree” keeps our overnight guests in the holiday spirit in a guest bedroom.


Every morning during the holidays, we awaken to the wonderful scent of pine and this tall tree filled with all sorts of buildings…churches, houses, Big Ben, a manger, and so many more!

And Bentley Greeley presides over his own tree, full of lots of doggie friends and yummy treats!

And our wine cellar is also getting ready for holiday guests, with its own wine themed tree!

So what are your “collected trees” like?!?  I would love to hear how your collections adorn your holiday!

Happy Tree Trimming from Chestnut Cottage.