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Tobi TV: 5 Tips for Fun Kids Rooms with Personality

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Kids’ rooms are some of the most fun spaces to design in a home! I love to fill them with color and character to fit each child’s personality, which also gives them more ownership over their own space.

In my farmhouse project that’s featured in the April issue of Traditional Home, I had a lot of kids’ rooms to choose from! It was a blast to create individual spaces for a range of ages and personalities. In this Tip Clip from Traditional Home, I give you five great tips for designing fun and functional spaces for the children in your life!

Aren’t those fun rooms? Let’s take another look at my tips for creating fun kids’ spaces:

1. I had individual silhouettes created for each child in the family, and then hung the art next to each bedroom door. It was a great way to highlight every child in the family!

2. One young lady has a more tailored style, so I created a preppy room in green and blue to fit her personal look.

3. For a fashionista in the family, I added glamour with an unexpected color mix of purple and red!

4. Rustic touches and a blue and red palette set the perfect stage for an outdoorsy boy.

5. And I designed this little girl’s room in her favorite shade of pink, but kept it from being too sweet by adding in jadeite green!

Using colors, patterns, and ideas that fit each child’s personality gives them a space that’s definitely all their own! Let me know what you think in the comments section below!







Tobi TV: Creating Spaces that Are Rustic and Refined

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Rustic and refined, not necessarily two words that you think of when you think of my design style. Refined, maybe. But I’m usually not too rustic.

But believe it or not, I have a ton of clients who want a bit of rustic ambience in their homes, particularly with the traditional residences and farmhouse that I am currently working on.


So a few weeks back, my friend P. Allen Smith asked me to come up with a few of my top tips for adding “Rustic and Refined” into my projects that are still clean and edited.

Here’s the video with my tips…

If you want to add a rustic flavor to your home, but still want it to be refined, colorful, edited and along the lines of one of my designs, here are my Tobi’s Top Tips:

1. Don’t forget to use details to make a space just a bit rustic especially with metal. Nailhead trim in the right metal finish, whether antiqued or hammered, can add a rustic flavor to your furniture.

2. Wood, particularly reclaimed wood, is great for adding a rustic flair. Use it in architectural details like ceiling beams or hardwood floors. Or bring it in as a piece of furniture for a less permanent option.

3. And finally leather–you can’t go wrong with leather in my book anyway, but make the leather rustic…the older it looks the better. Find a “beat up” looking leather with lots of age and wear and patina and you will be well on your way to a rustic look. Put it on a piece of furniture with more clean lines and you have the perfect mix of both rustic and refined.

So what about you? Do you like a rustic look in your home? How did you like my Tobi TV tips today for adding a rustic flavor to any interior? Do you have other ways you marry rustic and refined with success? If so, leave me a comment and tell me what they are.

Thanks for watching Tobi TV.


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P. Allen Smith: Rustic Egg Tablescape

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A big welcome back to our gardening expert P. Allen Smith!  Today he’s moving indoor to show you how to create a wonderfully rustic tablescape using farm fresh eggs.  I’ve had some of the eggs from Moss Mountain Farm and they are DELICIOUS! – Tobi

P. Allen Smith, Garden and Lifestyle Designer

Creating a Rustic Egg Tablescape

A rustic and casual table setting is one of my favorite approaches to a breakfast/brunch tablescape.  I like the intimacy of the smaller setting when I have just a few friends over.  On chilly mornings, a fire flickering in the background adds warmth and ambience to this simple setting.

Light blue brightens and enhances the earth tones of this table setting.  By blending those hues with the rustic colors of my summer kitchen the whole effect ‘hangs together’.  Tawny brown wicker chargers add a lace-like texture to the hard and darker surfaces.

Toast slices in my antique ‘spoons’ napkin holder adds a touch of fun and garners comments from my guests. 

The multi-colored plaid napkins also help to bring everything together and add a touch of autumn color to the table.

Rather than flowers, I used a bounty of eggs from our hens.  These eggs came from the various breeds of heritage chickens we keep at the farm.

Bowls in the form of nests and the feathers on the plate follow the rustic farm theme. 

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