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Blast from the Past: Hickory Chair Then and Now

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Remember how I told you that the home I designed that was recently featured in At Home in Arkansas is full of amazing antiques and vintage family pieces? Well, the wonderful staff at Hickory Chair did a little digging and found amazing old catalog photos of some of the furniture. Just look at this!

Even more of the other pieces in these photographs including this sofa (bottom photo)  are also classic Hickory Chair pieces. And I threw in some new Hickory Chair (like the polka dot dining chairs)to spice things up a bit. Oh how I love to mix the old with the new. What a treasure trove this project was, and what a joy to work with such gorgeous foundations!

Don’t you just love the nostalgic old photos, in contrast with the same pieces in fresh, new fabrics?! I can’t say enough about the folks at Hickory Chair and how cool it is they dug these out for us. I hope it was fun for you to see them, too!


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