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Tobi TV: 5 Tips for Fun Kids Rooms with Personality

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Kids’ rooms are some of the most fun spaces to design in a home! I love to fill them with color and character to fit each child’s personality, which also gives them more ownership over their own space.

In my farmhouse project that’s featured in the April issue of Traditional Home, I had a lot of kids’ rooms to choose from! It was a blast to create individual spaces for a range of ages and personalities. In this Tip Clip from Traditional Home, I give you five great tips for designing fun and functional spaces for the children in your life!

Aren’t those fun rooms? Let’s take another look at my tips for creating fun kids’ spaces:

1. I had individual silhouettes created for each child in the family, and then hung the art next to each bedroom door. It was a great way to highlight every child in the family!

2. One young lady has a more tailored style, so I created a preppy room in green and blue to fit her personal look.

3. For a fashionista in the family, I added glamour with an unexpected color mix of purple and red!

4. Rustic touches and a blue and red palette set the perfect stage for an outdoorsy boy.

5. And I designed this little girl’s room in her favorite shade of pink, but kept it from being too sweet by adding in jadeite green!

Using colors, patterns, and ideas that fit each child’s personality gives them a space that’s definitely all their own! Let me know what you think in the comments section below!







Tobi TV: 5 Tips for Using Color Confidently

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So many people tell me that they are really scared of color, and that they just don’t know how to use it in their homes.

If that’s you, then I want you to step outside of your neutral comfort zone and learn how to use color confidently! Let’s walk through my farmhouse project – recently featured in Traditional Home – to show you some ideas that will help you embrace color:

Wow – isn’t that a colorful home! Let’s review those tips:

1. Take a risk with a fashionable color like chartreuse! Use it in a hallway, a powder room, or a laundry room if you’re still feeling nervous about going bold.

2. Try a softer tone like aqua to drench a room in a beautiful color. Quieter tones are less intimidating that bold, bright colors.

3. Get your inspiration from nature and use greens, blues, and browns. Those colors are everyone’s favorites, so you can’t go wrong!

4. Don’t forget the kitchen – that room doesn’t HAVE to be all white! You could try a soft blue on just the island or a china hutch.

5. And welcome friends and family with a little color on your front door! It makes a great first impression.

Are you feeling more confident about color now? Tell me what you think in the comments section below!







Before and After: The Old Main Suite

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A few weeks ago, I showed you one of two luxury suites I was asked to design in the Chancellor Hotel in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Today, we’ll look at the before-and-after of The Old Main, the second suite I created for this gorgeous boutique!

This suite’s name was inspired by Old Main, a historic architectural landmark that’s also the oldest building on the University of Arkansas campus. Old Main, built between 1873-1875, is the grand dame of the U of A and its bell towers are recognizable by all university alumni.


Using this iconic Arkansas architecture as the inspiration for this suite makes such a connection with all those who will stay in the hotel either from our state or that are alumni of our university.


And how could I begin to design The Old Main Suite without giving a nod to the traditional University of Arkansas color – RED? So yes, you will see “Razorback Red” all over this suite, but I was going for a mix of sophistication and varsity style here with handsome checks, plaids, and textures.


Luckily, the owners completely gutted the original rooms to create this huge suite – which gave me quite a blank canvas to work with!


Using velvet and suede in the space to resulted in a warm and cozy retreat for Razorback fans on game weekends, alumni visiting throughout the year for special University events, or just guests visiting Northwest Arkansas.


So what do you think of this revved-up red suite? Would you use bold color like this in your home? Let me know in the comments section below!








Shopping Guide: Holiday Decor

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It’s Thanksgiving next week – the official kick-off to our holiday season! So it’s time to start thinking about how you plan to decorate your house for friends, family, and festivities. And I have some fabulous suggestions for you!

Whether you’re trimming the tree, lighting a menorah, or celebrating in your own way, there are gorgeous ornaments and details that will make your home shine a little brighter this holiday season! I’m ready to add these to my own lists today – happy shopping!







  1. Faux-Fur White Mink Christmas Tree Skirt– Add a touch of luxe glamour to your decor this holiday season with a fabulous faux-fur tree skirt!
  2. Large Black-Stripe Ball Christmas Ornaments, Set of 3– Black-and white-striped ornaments allow you to combine classic design elements with new, non-traditional style on your Christmas tree!
  3. Hanukkah Napkins, Set of 6– While setting your Hanukkah table, don’t forget to add these beautiful blue cotton napkins with metallic printed wheat stalks and dreidel.
  4. Pendleton 5th Avenue Plaid Throw– Cozy up under a stylish red, blue, and green plaid throw with some hot chocolate while you open up your holiday presents this year.
  5. Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow Cover- Ivory– Toss in a few chic Mongolian faux fur pillows to elevate your decor!
  6. Citrine & 24K Gold Ornament– Natural stones are trending this year, so why not add a few opulent citrine and gold ornaments to bring this look into your holiday style?
  7. French Macaron Christmas Ornaments, 6-Piece Set– I love French macarons! And these bright and colorful treats add an elegant and fun element to your Christmas ornament collection.
  8. Engraved Menorah– This simple, and beautiful Menorah features an engraved relief pattern that is sure to make an elegant statement for your Hanukkah celebration!
  9. Nutcracker Decoration– This red lacquer nutcracker is simple, sophisticated, and ready to add to your home! Nutcrackers are an age-old tradition, but this updated version makes a chic statement.
  10. Snowflake Stocking Holder– Hang your stockings on the mantle with care and a few of these snowflake stocking holders! Mix these silver elements into your decor to take advantage of the metallic trend.
  11. Nest ‘Holiday’ Classic Candle– A simple white and gold candle in a lovely scent combining pomegranate, mandarin, cinnamon, and a little vanilla and amber will make your home smell like the holidays and look gorgeous while doing it!
  12. Set of 2 Embroidered Holiday Guest Towels– A pair of red embroidered guest towels reading “merry” and “joy” will bring holiday style for your Christmas party!
  13. ‘New Molten’ Seder Plate– This gorgeous stainless steel (and dishwasher safe!) Seder plate offers a textured trim surrounding the oval plate that will elevate the table setting for your Hanukkah festivities!
  14. Velvet Christmas Stocking– Velvet is a traditional holiday fabric, updated with fun, non-traditional colors and a monogram!

Fall Color Palettes

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Our senses are so important to us – a color can remind us of a favorite dress when we were little, or a scent can take us right to a cherished holiday. I love creating those moods in the homes I design, where color is key to how a room “feels” to my clients. And since fall is at the top of many people’s lists of favorite seasons, it’s no wonder that fall palettes are popular. Let’s look at a few color choices that can bring those crisp autumn days into your home, especially since fall starts tomorrow:


When most people talk about why they love the fall season, those bright autumn leaves are right at the top of the list. Who doesn’t love deep reds, warm oranges, and crisp whites? To keep those stronger colors from overwhelming your room, consider using them in fabric details. And then mix in lots of white to balance the mood.


I love a good chocolate brown – it’s such a warm color, especially when it’s mixed with a deep gold like in this room. Popping in that touch of turquoise keeps things fresh and gives you a more unexpected color combination.


Here’s another chocolately room, but this time it goes a bit more preppy with navy and kelly green. This makes me think of collegiate colors, which is perfect for the back-to-school fall season. You can get this color on your walls with Sherwin-Williams Porpoise.


Speaking of collegiate, you know I love football, so any colors that remind me of my Razorbacks are going to be fan favorites with me! This red isn’t quite Razorback red, but it’s a great rusty red for fall palettes. I love it combined with a wheat and a creamy white.


This palette reminds me of a walk through the woods on a late-fall day. I love the muted gold, peacock, and moss – it makes this a cozy and elegant space.

So what do you think of my fall palette roundup? What colors do you love from the autumn season? Let me know in the comments section below!

Happy fall, y’all!