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Falling for Fall

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Good Saturday Morning Everyone!

Today is the first really chilly day of Fall in Little Rock and my little one and I are up early and sitting by the fire in the Living Room while I enjoy an extra cup of coffee.

This first cool October day is in my top 5 favorite days of the the entire year!  The day that I can finally tell that Fall, my favorite season, has officially arrived.

Just yesterday we  loaded up my car with pumpkins and mums for our front porch, an official beginning of our Autumn celebrations!

I adore Fall. The clothes, the weather, the smell of a fire in the fireplace and cooking comfort food on the stove. It all makes me feel so nurtured and cared for. And then there’s my favorite Holiday…Thanksgiving. I love that time of reflection and gratitude for all the blessings in my life!

But this year, Fall is even better than usual for me. Why is that you ask? Well it’s because I have a few things to be especially grateful for. I have made some major changes in my life. I have gotten healthy, both mentally and physically, I have a sense of peace and serenity that I have never had.  As a result, I have gotten really happy. Blissfully happy. And it’s having a real trickle down affect on my family, my staff, and others around me.

Do you remember my series of posts 9 months ago stating my Resolutions, Plans, and Dreams for the year? Well if you missed them, follow the links above for a refresher. And since we are winding down 2012, I thought now would be a great time to see just how many of them I accomplished.

Did you write resolutions? Well if you did, pull them out and meet me back here tomorrow and let’s grade our “resolutions report card” and see what else we want to make happen in 2012 while we still have time. Plus it’s not too early to start thinking about 2013. It’s truly just around the corner.

Wishing you a Happy Fall and Happy Weekend. Don’t forget to nurture yourself and those you love during this special time of year!

Until tomorrow… xo, Tobi

P.S. You can find these lovely Fall photos on my “Falling for Fall” Pinterest Board.  And if you are looking for a creative way to celebrate Fall and nurture yourself, why don’t you come to Camp Tobi Fairley for our Design from A to Z Camp? You can learn more about it and sign up here!

Life Solutions…The Best Advice Ever

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Hi Friends,

I hope you are enjoying our month of Expert Advice from my many talented friends and colleagues who have so graciously agreed to join us.  We will be back with more experts tomorrow, but today I wanted to bring you a few of my favorite bits of advice from a few other “Experts” we all know…

Sir Winston Churchill

Abraham Lincoln

Mark Twain

Theodore Roosevelt

I seem to inspire you, my readers, the most when I share my favorite quotes in reference to my own life experiences. To see a collection of many more quotes that sum up my life’s philosophy, check out my Life Solutions Pinterest Board here.

And speaking of solutions…We will be announcing some very exciting changes and additions to my brand in just a few weeks. And with these changes we will introduce to you many more solutions to your biggest problems in life, business, and interior design. We can hardly wait to share it all with you.

And in the meantime, if you are needing expert advice on how to handle one of the most awkward moments in life and business, People asking Professionals for Free Advice, see my solution in my latest Williams Sonoma Marketplace article.

I’ll see you back here tomorrow with more expert advice.

xo, Tobi

Go Fourth and Celebrate…

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Hi friends!
I hope your 4th is off to a fabulous start!
While I was thinking about this post, I took a look at my Pinterest boards and I’m proud to say that several of them made me feel pretty down-home patriotic. So, in case you haven’t checked out my boards recently, here’s a bit of eye candy for the holiday…

[view my “mason jar mania” board]

[view my “farmhouse” board]

[view my “entertaining in style” board]

I’ll be back with another guest tomorrow who’ll share tried-and-true knowledge in this month’s “Expert Advice” series.

Have a fabulous Fourth!!

xo, Tobi

P.S. While we’re talking dates, be sure to save the date for my next One Kings Lane sale — coming Saturday, July 28!! Don’t miss out on my one-of-a-kind finds at a steal-worthy price!

Keeping the Connection with Social Media

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Good morning friends!
If you ask me, it’s pretty amazing I get to come here and share a few thoughts with you every day. If you know me (or have followed me for any amount of time!) you know that social media is one of my passions and that includes the blog.

As I’ve said many times, the blog has allowed me to network with hundreds of people I may never have met otherwise. It has also allowed me to form key partnerships and propel my business forward.

I was recently asked to write a brief article on what has changed in the past few years in regards to social media for the Technology column of Kravet’s Inspired News. As I started thinking about the story, I realized there had been a good deal of change. For instance, did you know that if Facebook were a country it would be the third largest in the world?? That’s pretty wild when you stop to think about it.

I’m sure there are things that have changed with your adoption and use of social media, too. Read my full story to see all the insights on Facebook and other social channels that continue to evolve.

If you want to get more specific on how to use social media to grow your own design business, check out these 15 tips I shared on Williams-Sonoma Designer Marketplace.

Don’t forget to follow me (@tobifairley) and my team’s new account (@teamtobi) on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest happenings. If Facebook is more your style, be sure to “Like” Tobi Fairley Interior Design. And, finally, if you prefer a more visual forum, follow me on Pinterest or Instagram!

Stay connected!



One last look…

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Before all our thoughts of Christmas 2011 fade away, let’s take one last look at some of my favorite Holiday images of the year, all courtesy of Pinterest. Enjoy…

Hope you are taking time to Frolic and Play this holiday.

Happy New Year Y’all! xoxo, Tobi