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My Project on the Cover of Traditional Home!

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I am so happy to share some exciting news with you: My project is featured on the cover of the April issue of Traditional Home that hits newsstands and mailboxes across America this week! It’s such an honor and I am so thankful to Ann Maine, Krissa Rossbund and the entire Traditional Home team, especially because they also gave the project 10 pages inside!

It really means so much to me to have the cover on this issue, since it’s one of the last to have the stamp of Ann Maine, who is retiring as editor in chief of Traditional Home. She has been such a mentor and huge influence on me, and I wish her well as she moves into a new chapter of her life!

In the coming weeks, I’ll bring you more inside looks at this luxe farmhouse project, including before-and-afters! If you see the article, let me know what you think. It’s definitely one of my faves!







What Is That Color? Lavender Love

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I love designing rooms for kids, to give them a space that’s all their own and makes them feel special! So when I began to create this room for a fabulous little girl, I wanted to be sure it reflected who she was. She likes some feminine things, but she isn’t too girlie, so I knew the decor needed to reflect that. And once I found that fabulous toile on the window treatments, I knew I had a great color palette, too!


The paint color is Enchant by Sherwin-Williams, and it strikes that perfect balance between soft but not too sweet. And I loved it paired with the black and white combination of complementary colors – that really kept it grounded and sophisticated for this grown-up girl!

So what do you think of this lovely lavender? Would you use purple in one of your rooms? Tell me why or why not in the comments section below!

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What Is That Color? Grey Matters

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When I design a room, I always start with fabrics. And that was no different in this master bedroom I did a while back for the Hamptons Showhouse, where I was lucky enough to kick things off with a gorgeous orange toile from Duralee! Once I selected the fabric, I knew I wanted to coordinate it with a more masculine print to balance the room. So I went with a Phillip Jeffries wallcovering in a bold geometric. But what paint color could coordinate with all of that boldness?


I went right to neutral territory with a beautiful grey from Farrow & Ball called Mole’s Breath – isn’t that a great name?! It was perfect for the major wood surfaces in the room, like the mantel and the bookshelves here on one side of the fireplace.


On the other side of the fireplace, I built in a coffee/wine bar for the home owners, perfect for starting or ending their day! And the grey is such a great complement to the fabrics, patterns, and art in the room! I love grey as a neutral, but what do you think? Is it a go-to color for you? Let me know in the comments section below!

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What Is That Color? Silvery Green

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I love clear goals from my clients for their home projects – it really gives me an immediate inspiration to work from! For this kitchen project, my client wanted a clean and serene kitchen, one that made her feel relaxed in her hectic world. With that in mind, the color palette for the room came together really quickly.


With the new kitchen design, I wanted to maximize storage and organization and keep down “visual clutter.” And the color scheme was inspired by the clients’ favorite beach destinations – because there’s nothing more relaxing and serene than the shore! Sherwin-Williams Wool Skein gave me the neutral backdrop I wanted, and a perfect calming complement to it was the gorgeous Sherwin-Williams Topsail.


Using this gorgeous silvery-green as an accent added a whisper of color, rather than a punch, so it keeps the calm quotient at a breathe-deep level!

So what do you think of this color? What are your go-to favorites for kitchens? Do you like painted cabinets? Let me know in the comments section below!







What Is That Color? Double the Fun

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Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 1.29.40 PM

There is one photo that gets more comments than just about any other for me on Houzz, and it’s this boldly striped powder room! People ask a lot about the stripes and the colors – particularly how I came up with the colors. And the answer is usually the same for me – the wall colors were inspired by fabric!

If you look at the fabric on the window, you’ll immediately see the color inspiration for this fun room. Once I had that fabric, the rest was easy. I chose to paint the stripes in a dynamic duo of Sherwin-Williams paints – the blue is called Watery and the greenish color is called Antiquity. Then I matched squares of tile to those paint colors so I would have painted stripes on the top half of the wall and tile stripes on the bottom!

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 1.31.31 PM

Why? Because this room is used by six kids! And if you’ve ever been in a bathroom used by a lot of kids, you know that having a tile backplash around the sink is going to save those walls in the long run, right? The dual colors and the dual materials made for one solution to a very common problem in a lot of homes.

So what do you think of the color combo and the stripes? Would you try this in your home? Let me know in the comments section below!

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PS – Before you ask (and I know you will), the cabinet is painted in Sherwin-Williams Lagoon!