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A Little Color Talk with

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(Photo via Elle Decor)

You know I love pink. I used a blush shade all over my new CR Laine collection and I’m planning Pink and Yellow in my new Dining Room. But not everyone can embrace this lovely hue. Can you?

Today I got to weigh in on pink and few other colors that often get a bad rap in this fun article at called “6 Paint Colors You Only Think You Hate“.

Enjoy and Happy Holiday Weekend! xo,

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Tobi TV: A Study In Purple

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I am SO close to launching my new collections of furniture and art at the High Point Market, and I am really getting excited! Next week I’ll give you some sneak peeks at the upholstery and Soicher Marin framed art, but I’m sure it won’t surprise you to learn that both collections are full of color. In fact, we are featuring that as the theme for my upholstery collection with CR Laine: Celebrate Color!

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 3.04.38 PM

I’m known for using color – so much so that my brand is Bright, Bold, and Tailored. So let’s look at a room this week that I saturated with a bright purple. Purple is such a great color to work with, and I love every hue from luxurious, rich purples like royal and plum to paler shades like lavender and periwinkle.

Color psychology says that purple stimulates the imagination and spirituality, which made it the ideal color for the study in my Riverside Penthouse project that was recently featured in Rue Magazine. I know that, for some, working with color can be intimidating, so here are my tips for pulling off purple:

Oh, I so love that color! Let’s recap those tips for purple:

1. Purple is great for the bold and daring decorator. It can create a dark, cozy place that is perfect for curling up with your favorite book or magazine.

2. Purple is an ideal color if you’re letting your fabrics lead the way. Pick the perfect purple textiles and go from there!

3. If you’re inspired by fashions from Europe, then purple is perfect for you! Moody hues like purple and blue create an amazing continental look.

4. Small spaces can use a rich hue like purple, too! It will create the jewel box effect and turn your space into a gem.

5. If you’re a movie buff, purple definitely brings the drama!

Talk about stimulating the imagination! These tips should have you ready to paint your world purple! Let me know in the comments below where you like to use purple.








Tobi TV: Creating Serene Retreats

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I’m known for using bright palettes for my designs, but I also love to use soft colors to create serene rooms that are perfect for a relaxing retreat. These spaces are a great place to recharge, and to take a break from all the hustle and bustle of a busy family life.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.15.07 AM

It could be a bedroom, a study, a library, or even your own yoga room – but we all need a place to get away from the stress of our days. So how can you create your own oasis at home?

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite soft and serene designs!

Don’t you feel calmer already? I know I do! Let’s review those tips for your relaxing room:

1. Try platinum, icy blues, and mirrored surfaces to create a serene bedroom you may never want to leave!

2. Pair relaxing colors with classics like black and white. This pairing is surprisingly calming and fabulously chic.

3. Soft pinks make a great palette for a serene energy like an office or yoga room!

I hope these tips for creating a serene retreat help you make your space spa-like and ready for relaxation! Get those ideas flowing and let me know about your calming rooms in the comments below.

Wishing you a stress-free day!








New House Diary: Some Decisions and Moving Full Steam Ahead in 2015

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New House Diary

We’ve been at this house-designing thing of mine together for a while now, haven’t we? I’ve been writing New House Diary for a year, but the progress has been slow-going over here. Mainly because, like the old saying goes, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes,” and the designer’s house is never designed. Ha! But that is all about to change in 2015.


Yes, I have been working on what I want for my house at a slow pace and I have been ok with that. Even my coffee cup has reminded me to Trust the Process. Last year we made several investments in our new home, but not the kind that look so pretty to you and me. Let’s see, there was the new pool heater, and the new fence and remote-control gate (thanks to insurance requirements and needing a safe place for my pups), and then there was the tree cutting, and the maintenance on the air conditioner, and adding those whirly-birds in the attic, and mainly there was my crazy-busy schedule that just wouldn’t allow me to bring myself to gut my kitchen and master bath while my life and travel schedule were nuts. It was for my sanity.

tobi coffee table

And though everything isn’t perfect, it’s certainly pleasant and comfortable here, pre-remodel, since I am surrounded by things I love. But I’m getting to the point where my sanity cannot look at this place another minute in 2015 without taking some BIG leaps forward. So now what? Well, I am on “the waiting list” for my contractor at the moment. I think we’ll have a Spring start date for the demolition, which should be perfect so that most of the dirty work can happen this summer while we are at the beach. I hope to be back up and running and looking gorgeous by Fall. Fall – that will be here before we know it, I’m afraid!


So that means I have about 8 weeks or so to get SERIOUS about my decision-making so I can hand over my gigantic design specifications book by the end of the first quarter to my contractor for final pricing. Then we can start ordering materials and fixtures and get me on his schedule with all the subcontractors by April. Eek. This is getting real!

So what decisions have I made (thanks to your help) so far? Let’s talk about some of them…

First, the entry. It looks like I am still going with these decisions and this color palette.


And this gigantic-scale Designers Guild wallpaper is really growing on me as an option for the walls!

entry wallpaper

And the kitchen?? Well, I am strongly leaning toward a pale gray cabinet paint similar to this design by Benjamin Dhong. And I think I’m going with marble countertops – most likely Carrara.

kitchen gray

Although I can’t seem to get an all-white kitchen (boring? maybe. classic? yes!) out of my head, sort of like this one from New England Home Magazine.

kitchen white

But I am for sure choosing the Thermador Appliances! Steam wall oven, you are SO MINE!


I am definitely swapping the dining room with the study, and adding a door from the breakfast room to what will now be the dining room, for more of a “function-driven” design approach.


Next week I will start sharing with you my dining room choices. Then we will move on to the master bedroom and sunroom before my Spring deadline. We must have at least all my decisions squared away for the main floor by then, so get your thinking caps on. We gotta make this all happen soon!


And I will be sure to show you when we swing the hammer for that first bit of demolition in just a few months. I hope it feels like HGTV’s Property Brothers, where the homeowner gets to rip the sheetrock off the walls themselves, because I could really take out my frustrations on this celery green paint with stained trim that came with the house (and that cabinetry that doesn’t even hold my plates and cookware). You haven’t really even seen how dated my Master Bedroom is…whew! Can’t wait to demo that, too, baby!

Cr laine

Oh and another VERY fun part of all this? Well I now have THREE licensing deals signed: CR Laine, which you know about, and 2 others that I will be announcing soon! Plus I have 2 more in the works. So it’s getting really fun to put my own “Tobi Fairley” pieces in my home design! Feels very satisfying that not only am I designing pieces for the world, but for my very own family, too. And now that my first collection is almost designed and will be in production in the next couple of weeks, it is getting real. I now know all the dimensions and details to include these actual pieces in my own home design and furniture plans.


I knew there was a reason that I didn’t move ahead too fast in this home renovation, and now I know WHY! I didn’t know it at the time, but it only makes sense if I am designing all these home furnishing collections to include them in my own home, right?

So mainly today I want to say thanks for your help so far. This year is going to get really fun for New House Diary! I am glad you will be with me along the way!



Tobi TV: Picking the Perfect Paint

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In today’s Tobi TV segment I’m teaching you how to pick the perfect paint.

picking paint

With so many paint options out there, how in the world do you know which one is right for you? Well today I’m bringing you my Top 5 Tips for getting your paint color exactly right. Take a look…

And as always, here’s a recap of my Tobi’s Top Tips for Picking the Perfect Paint…

1. Pick Your Paint Last–with so many paint colors to choose from, select your fabrics and other details first and then pick a paint that complements it perfectly.

2. Know the emotional goal or “mood” of the space. If you want an energizing result, try a warm shade like gold and for a relaxing space, try something cool like a pale blue or green.

3. Softer is Usually Better–Typically going towards the lighter end of the color spectrum makes for the most sophisticated outcome. So for a successful result, think of a paler version of your favorite color.

4. That is unless you want a WOW factor and then I say “Go BOLD or Go Home!” Here’s what I mean. For a really exciting look, pick a shade that is especially bold like a bright coral, deep navy or rich chocolate. It will say “WOW” for sure!

5. And if you do nothing else, do this…HAVE FUN! Use paint to create fun patterns like stripes or stenciled geometric patterns. And don’t forget about using paint to give old pieces of furniture a new look.

So what do you think about today’s video? Leave me a comment and let me know. And if you like this video or any of the Tobi TV segments, please feel free to share with your design-loving friends.

Happy Tuesday!xo,

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