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Tobi TV: Picking the Perfect Paint

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In today’s Tobi TV segment I’m teaching you how to pick the perfect paint.

picking paint

With so many paint options out there, how in the world do you know which one is right for you? Well today I’m bringing you my Top 5 Tips for getting your paint color exactly right. Take a look…

And as always, here’s a recap of my Tobi’s Top Tips for Picking the Perfect Paint…

1. Pick Your Paint Last–with so many paint colors to choose from, select your fabrics and other details first and then pick a paint that complements it perfectly.

2. Know the emotional goal or “mood” of the space. If you want an energizing result, try a warm shade like gold and for a relaxing space, try something cool like a pale blue or green.

3. Softer is Usually Better–Typically going towards the lighter end of the color spectrum makes for the most sophisticated outcome. So for a successful result, think of a paler version of your favorite color.

4. That is unless you want a WOW factor and then I say “Go BOLD or Go Home!” Here’s what I mean. For a really exciting look, pick a shade that is especially bold like a bright coral, deep navy or rich chocolate. It will say “WOW” for sure!

5. And if you do nothing else, do this…HAVE FUN! Use paint to create fun patterns like stripes or stenciled geometric patterns. And don’t forget about using paint to give old pieces of furniture a new look.

So what do you think about today’s video? Leave me a comment and let me know. And if you like this video or any of the Tobi TV segments, please feel free to share with your design-loving friends.

Happy Tuesday!xo,

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New House Diary: My Entry Hall Color Palette

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It’s Thursday and you know what that means! It’s time for New House Diary. Hooray!


(image via Traditional Home Magazine)

Last week we were talking about my inspiration for my new entry hall. If you didn’t see all the images that are inspiring me and weigh in on your favorites, then please head back to last week’s post and join in our conversation.

Oh but THIS week the REAL fun begins. I promised floor plans, but my team is still a bunch of busy bees trying to get the floor plan into a CAD drawing for me (yes, we had to measure ourselves, there was no existing floor plan for my 1968 beauty).

But since we are doing something so fun instead, I bet you’ll forgive the fact that I decided to talk color palette first,won’t you?  You know how I love color.

creativelive fashion photo

Just last week in my creativeLIVE course with House Beautiful Magazine, I was talking about Fashion as a design influence. I even had some of my live audience members – like Batik textile designer Jackie O – join in that conversation and talk about how their personal style influenced their homes.

So when I started to think about the color palette of my new entry hall, I went out to Pinterest and found some fashion looks that really appeal to me and fit my personal style that also had inspiring color inspiration. Then I popped them into the handy-dandy Chip It app from one of my favorite paint companies, Sherwin-Williams. The result, 7 gorgeous color palettes for you and I to weigh in on for my entry.

So let’s do this! What do you think about…

A pop of yellow on a cool gray-neutral base?


Kelly green with a warm creamy background?


Soft coral with a gray base?


Cobalt blue on a warm gray backdrop (and maybe a pop of chartreuse)?


Tangerine orange with a gray ground?


Lavender on a smokey gray envelope?


Soft pink on a warm gray base?


or maybe a POP of hot pink on a warm beige wall?



I love SO many of these, but have a couple that are real standouts for me. I won’t tell you which ones yet so I don’t bias your opinions.

So come on friends, let me hear from you! Leave me a comment and tell me the color palette you are loving for my entry way. And yes, I know it depends on the color in the rest of the house, but I’ll be sure to make it all flow together later. For now, I hope you’ll  have fun just dreaming of the possibilities and sharing your thoughts with me.

I’m certainly dreaming in color over here!


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pillows on green rug

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Design Tips with P. Allen Smith

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I spent the day recording a little “Tobi TV” with design tips for my amazing friend P. Allen Smith‘s television show. Or I should say shows…he has several.


If you don’t know my talented friend Allen, you should. He is one of America’s top gardening and landscaping experts. Plus he’s an author of several fantastic books, is a great cook, has a knack for decorating and is just an all-around talented guy.

And I am thrilled to once again be appearing on several episodes with him starting this September bringing my top interior design tips to his viewers across the nation.


Today we recorded segments on everything from hot design trends, to fun with paint, to showcasing your collections and heritage pieces. We pretty much covered it all!


It was an action packed day including wardrobe changes, camera crews, script ad-libbing  and photo styling. Plus we threw in a bit of horsing around to keep things fun.


So stay tuned for air dates for these fun and informative segments with P. Allen Smith on all things design.

And if you want to learn my top design tips, techniques and secrets for creating gorgeous and functional interiors in a work-shop, hands-on environment, join me in person for my signature event–Design from A to Z. Learn more about it and all of my FAB events for this Fall right here. We have an amazing line-up and can’t wait for you to join in the Design fun.


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Going Green…

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! If you’re looking to “go green” this year, you’re in luck. Today, I’m sharing my five favorite green paint colors. Where will you use these?

1. Kind Green (SW 6457) / 2. Parakeet (SW 6711) / 3. Shagreen (SW 6422) / 4. Vine Green (Benjamin Moore 2034-20) / 5. Lime Rickey (SW 6717)

Happy Decorating!


p.s. For more green inspiration, have a look at my formal living room, where I truly show my love for the crisp drama of greens!