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New House Diary: Those Little Extras

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New House Diary

As we work through the kitchen in my new house, I want to be sure that I have plenty of organization and storage in my design. Those extra touches can add an enormous amount of function to a kitchen, and now is the time for me to add those ideas to my plan.

One of my favorite solutions for a high-functioning kitchen is plenty of pull-out storage, including drawers for pots and pans, knife drawers that tuck into unused space, and more. I really love the two images below with under-sink storage for cleaning supplies that uses every square inch of the space. It’s so much easier than the black hole of kitchen products that always results from the typical cabinet doors under the sink.

Luxe Source

(image from Luxe source)


(image from Valcucine Logica via Houzz)

The cook and baker in me adores the idea of a drawer for sugar, flour and other dry ingredients. Of course they would need a lid but this idea is genius!


(image from Maison & Demeure)

Keeping my spices organized drives me mad, but a drawer to organize them would bring me right back to my happy place.


(image from Pinterest, source unknown)

I love cabinet pop-ups for small appliances. I use my kitchen aide mixer, toaster and other smalls on a daily and weekly basis but I also crave a clean countertop. These cabinet pull-outs and pop-ups would be the perfect solution.


(image from Better Homes and Gardens)

My glass baking dishes always stick together when I stack them inside one another. How about a drawer for these baking dishes? Yes, please!


(image from

Dreamy, organized kitchen cabinets like these make me want to  jump for joy. How about you?


(image from Sortrachen)

What extra touches and storage ideas would you add to your kitchen if you could? How would you reorganize? I’d love to hear your ideas to help me make this the most functional kitchen I’ve ever had, so be sure to leave a comment and let me know what’s on your kitchen wish list.



Post-Holiday Organizing with Spectrum Organizing

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Today I’m excited to have Suzi here from Spectrum Organizing to get us all organized and ready for a clutter-free 2012!  Tobi


With the holidays behind us and a sparkling new year ahead, it’s fun to spend this time imagining new possibilities for 2012, not only for our lives, but for our homes as well.


Seasonal Storage

Take this opportunity to reevaluate your current storage solutions while gathering your holiday decorations to put away. Keep in mind that holiday items are only used a few weeks, but take up storage space 11 months of the year. Consider the following insights to improve the efficiency of your seasonal storage.

1. Wrap strands of lights around cardboard to prevent tangling and store in a sturdy plastic container. Extension cords used with the lights can be included in the same container to expedite next year’s holiday decorating. (image via
2. Fragile keepsake ornaments can be stored safely in an ornament storage box by Snapware® which includes 3 modular stackable trays with dividers that separate and hold up to 48 ornaments.
3. Store long rolls of gift wrapping paper in a storage box that slides easily under a bed. (Iris Gift Wrap Box via
4. Conveniently store sterling silver and silver-plated holiday ornaments and tableware in zippered bags or flapped pouches that prevent tarnish! They’re offered in a variety of sizes by SilverGuard and are surprisingly affordable.
5. Shred leftover remnants of gift wrapping paper to cushion fragile holiday ornaments for storage. (image via
6. Containers designed with straight sides can help maximize your storage space. They hold more in the same space than containers with tapered sides. Visibly label each storage container with a description of its contents for quick and easy identification. Make good use of those little silica gel packets found in your shoe boxes. Drop them into your storage containers to absorb moisture that may occur, especially in humid climates.


New Storage Strategies

Some of your newly acquired gifts from the holiday season may require new storage strategies if you’re unable to find places for them in your home. While making room for your new things, there’s no better time to enhance the style and functionality of your closets and other storage systems.

1. Slim velvet flocked hangers are only a quarter of an inch thick and designed to maximize your closet’s hanging space. The non-slip feature is a bonus. (image via Container Store)
2. Storing handbags in storage ottomans or a storage bench at the foot of your bed can free up valuable closet space and provide additional seating. (image via
3. Houndstooth upholstered storage bench (image via Elle Decor)


Think Creatively

Regard your storage spaces as actual rooms. Make thoughtful choices in the details with lighting, paint color, and storage furnishings that coordinate. These areas include, but are not limited to closets for clothing, linens, and household supplies. Think creatively and incorporate labels as a design element. Labels help to ensure that items are easily found and returned to their proper places.

1. Labeled roll-out shelves help accessories stay organized and easy to find at a glance. (image via
2. Shelf labels designate specific spots to store different categories of clothing in your closet. (image via Real Simple)
3. Linen closet shelf labels encourage family members to return items to their designated spots and stay beautifully organized. (image via

Here’s to an organized 2012!

Spectrum Organizing: Click Here


AY Magazine: Tobi’s Tips

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The latest edition of Tobi’s Tips is available for viewing on the AY Magazine Website.  This month is all about back to school organization for mom.





This flush mount pendant from Crystorama will be given away here on the blog this Friday! Be sure to leave a comment on Monday’s blog post to be entered. CLICK HERE for all of the details.

Resolutions with La Dolce Vita’s Paloma Contreras

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When interviewing Paloma from La Dolce Vita blog and the soon to debut High Gloss Magazine for my Style feature recently , we talked about her resolutions for 2011.

With Paloma’s to do list expanding rapidly thanks to all her new duties as Editor in Chief of an online magazine, her main resolution was to stay organized.  This chic office above was a great inspiration to Paloma and she plans on using some of the great products from Russell + Hazel to keep her desk in tip top shape, her shelves clutter free, her drawers organized, and her most important paperwork right at her fingertips.

Are you organizing this month as part of your 2011 Resolutions? Let me know what products are going to help you whip your work zone into shape.