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New Year’s Shopping Guide

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During this, my favorite time of the year, I am busy preparing my goals and resolutions and plans for an exciting 2016. I am giddy with excitement about moving closer to my best self in the coming months. And I am working on making the New Year my best year yet.

To be the best Me I can be, I have a major goal of putting myself first next year. This is something I find really hard to do, do you? Well in that spirit of self-care and healthy living, here is my shopping guide for a fabulously healthy 2016. These are the things I need to be my best and I hope they will help you be your best too!

Meet me back here later this week for my tips on writing resolutions that work, goal setting and my word of the year for 2016.

Happy (and healthy) shopping friends! xo,

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1.Columbia Fleece Vest–Layers are a must for working out in Arkansas weather. It can be 70 degrees at Christmas like this year and 20 degrees in March. You just never know. So having some great Columbia fleece vests in my favorite colors are perfect for layering on cool mornings or freezing afternoons for my walks. I got a white one for Christmas and can’t wait to wear it.

2. Northface Thermal Leggings–To be my best and most healthy self, I have to have a “no excuses” mentality for exercise. And thanks to these awesome Northface leggings, even on cold days I am hoofing it to stay in shape.

3. Fitbit Charge–Take your fitness to a whole new level with the fitbit Charge. I have been using a fitbit for years but this new model has all sorts of amazing features including a clock so you no longer have to double up your fitbit and your watch, they are now all in one. And if you get the Fitbit HR, you can keep track of your Heart rate too so you ensure you are exercising at your optimum level.

4. Nike Leopard or Snakeskin Running Shoes–How do you make exercise fun? Well for me it’s by wearing fun workout clothes and shoes (yes I am a shoe girl even when it comes to athletic ones!) So why not jump on the trend of leopard and Snakeskins we are seeing all over the runway and bring it to our workout gear. They even have the leopard print in sizes for your kids so you can keep them active and healthy too!

5. Massage Bolster–In a moment you will see my great link for an in-home massage table in fabulous fashionable colors. And if you go the route of having a massage room all your own, a bolster for propping up your ankles and knees is the best way to make your at-home experience seem like a professional one.

6. The Best is Yet to Come Journal–Journaling has been a lifesaver for me to relieve stress and get in touch with my innermost self and writing down what I really want out of life. That’s why I love this encouraging quote from old blue eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. Because I really do believe that the best is yet to come for us all, so why not remember that in your daily journaling exercises!

7. Pebble Journal with 3-ring Binder–I love to keep one journal for my thoughts and another for my gratitude for all my many blessings. I am crazy about this 3 ring journal because you can add pages to it. So when you have boundless blessings like I believe we all do, you can add more space to write them down.

8. Pajamas–one of the most important parts of healthy living is getting enough sleep. I think a great pair of Pj’s is the perfect excuse to go to bed earlier this year and these pretty black and white ones will help us sleep stylishly.

9. Sleep Mask and Memory Foam Pillow–Being comfy and relaxed is an important part of your sleep routine too. How about this fabulous Memory Foam pillow so you are comfy and wake up feeling great? And it’s paired with this fab sleep mask with built-in headphones. They’ll keep it dark in your space any time of day and allow you to listen to relaxation yoga or meditation tunes so you drift off easily to your happy place and stay there all night long.

10. Yoga Bolster–Yoga has been a life saver to me. Particularly Yin-style yoga. I get my cardio by walking out in nature and breathing in fresh air and for me yoga is about stretching and restoration. So for that I need great props like this oversized rectangular bolster.

11. Yoga Blocks–Getting into some of my favorite Yin yoga poses require the help of yoga blocks. So add these to your tools for staying healthy this year. You can also do some amazing before bed stretches and release all the tension from your neck with a great yoga block ensuring you get a restful night’s sleep.

12. Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel–Nothing annoys me more than slipping on my yoga mat. That’s why I love my Yogitoes Yoga Mat Terry Towel. It makes your mat comfy and slip resistant all at once. So now you can Nama-“stay” on your mat!

13. Calypso Massage Table–Massage is a must for my healthy lifestyle. I try to get at least one a month and more if time and budget allow. Having an in-home massage table and home massage space is one of the ways I squeeze massage into my busy lifestyle. So when I can’t get to the spa, my massage therapist can come to me.

14. Yoga Strap–To really get deep stretches for my hamstrings to counteract all the sitting at the computer that I do (and sitting on airplanes too) a great yoga strap can really help. I’m not as young and flexible as I used to be so my yoga strap is one of my BFF’s these days! 

15. Personalized Yoga Mat–And to add a little fun to your yoga time, how about a personalized yoga mat. I love the idea of having my name on it, but even better an inspirational quote that makes me want to be on my mat everyday. Whatever it takes, right?

16. Yoga Blankets–If restorative yoga sounds good to you, creating a sanctuary for your practice is a must. For me that means a lovely and quiet place, lots of candles and several cozy blankets for helping with stretches or covering up during Savasana and lingering just a little bit longer than usual.

17. Massage Table Sheets–Making your massage table especially soft can help you get to your happy and relaxed place faster that normal. I love these high thread count massage sheets from Wamsutta that really help me have sweet dreams while getting my massage on!

18. Massage Table Electric Warmer–I don’t know about you but I get chilly easily. I am known to use an electric blanket on a chilly summer night (even if it’s chilly because my hubby is blasting the A/C), and I am the same way during my massages. So having an electric warmer for your at-home massage table is the perfect way to make sure you are cozy and relaxed every time.

19.Fitbit Scale–I’ve been using a Fitbit cardio step counter for years. But now I am ready to take Fitbit’s capabilities to the next level with their scale that measures weight, body fat and BMI. It can be programmed for up to 8 different users so my family can use it too. I am thinking this might be one of the things that keeps me most accountable in the new year!

20. Vitamix Blender–Oh how I love my Vitamix. It’s the way I get my fruits and veggies in everyday with my regular morning Green Smoothies. I have tried other blenders and trust me, there is no comparison with the Vitamix. So if you haven’t tried this amazing blending machine, I highly suggest you do. It will help you get your smoothie on all year long.





Selfcare Saturday: A New Year, A Better You!

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day planner I saw a great comment by Mastin Kipp a few days ago that said “Forget the idea of a New Year, a New You–you don’t need a NEW you, you just need to lean into the YOU that you already are!” I LOVE this thought. It’s so true. He’s saying that we should be authentic. We should own who we really are. quote You know Mastin is on to something. Why are we always trying to be someone different, instead of just being really great at who we are? I spent some time yesterday creating a Pinterest board all about the things that I already do that I want to do more of in 2015 and a few things I want to add into my life in 2015 (or even stop doing) that will make the “me” I already am even a bit better.

So check out my Pinterest board called A New Year, A Better You. It has everything from How to become that Neat Freak You’ve always wanted to be by Pop Sugar. And yes, I truly love being neat! how to organize To some gorgeous mint green Nike’s that might make me want to lace up even more often and work out. shoe There is a link to How to Organize your Time Better in the New Year. Office table with notepad, computer and flower. View from above with copy space And 5 reasons you should have a Fitbit. (I agree, I’ve had one for years now and just got a new Fitbit Flex). fitbit I posted this cute gratitude journal that might inspire you to keep track of your blessings all year long. You can buy this cutie one on Etsy. gratitude And I even pinned a guide from Lauren Conrad on what healthy supplements we should be taking. Navigating the vitamin and supplement world is confusing sometimes. lauren conrad And I have some great quotes like the one above on self care on the board and I’ve pinned my favorite Whitney English Day planner with a link to buy it in the pink Ikat (shown above) a cute store in Little Rock . This Pink one is the one I have and I am loving the pink feminine touch on my favorite planner this year. There is SO much more on this New Year, Better You Pinterest board from healthy recipes, to my favorite treadmill desk (yes, I WILL get one in 2015), to how to ferment foods for a healthy gut, to the new Tony Robbins book on Money Mastery and there is a fantastic Yoga Glossary that is great for anyone who loves yoga but especially if you are new to it.

Seriously, if it’s on my radar or agenda for 2015, it’s probably on this Pinterest Board. And keep checking back as I will be adding new pins in the coming days and weeks. I am excited about 2015 and I can’t wait to use this new Pinterest tool I’ve created to remind me of my intentions.  And if you feel up to it, you might want to create a similar board of your own. I can see how this board is going to be a great go-to for me–a place to check in on a regular basis and keep myself on track with being authentic and the best me I can be.

Happy Self-care Saturday Friends and Happy Pinning! I’m off to organize my closet, buy some healthy groceries and get ready for a great 2015!



A Magazine Cover and Mid-Year Resolutions

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Well, It’s July. That’s right. We’re half way through 2013 and that’s a perfect time to check into our New Year’s Resolutions and see if we are still on track. We all know that about 90% of people have fallen off the wagon by now.

If your resolutions involved weight loss, you might enjoy my cover story for AY Magazine that’s all about my 40 pound weight loss over the last 2 years. Plus two other inspiring Arkansans and their weight loss stories are featured in this Good Health issue. Believe me, nothing “looks” better on a person than feeling great, and I feel at least 10 years younger than I did just a few years ago. So don’t miss the details in AY’s July issue.


As for my resolutions, they involved several exciting new firsts for me this year all based on my Word of the Year…Inspired. If you want a reminder of what my goals were for this 2013, you can read my Resolutions post from January right here.

I hope you’ll pull out your resolutions and meet me here Tomorrow. I’ll be back then to tell you how I am doing so far this year and what my big plans are for finishing strong in 2013. You can do a self-assessment of your goals then too. And I’ll have some tips, sources and other helpful hints for helping you finish strong this year. Or if you haven’t started, what are you waiting for? I’ll give you my top tips for jump starting your success this week. It’s not to late for a few mid-year resolutions. Let’s do this together.

See you tomorrow!


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Tobi’s 2012 Resolutions Report Card

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Hi My Fellow Fall Lovers!

I can hardly believe it but here we are in the 4th quarter of 2012. It’s time for buying pumpkins and just weeks until the Holiday Season. Then we’ll be rolling into a brand new Shiny 2013. As I mentioned yesterday, I am back today to check into my progress on my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions.

A few weeks ago, my friend Jo Beth was talking about checking into her goals this year and seeing what could be made what of what’s left of 2012. I LOVED her good news…There is still time to make some of our resolutions come to pass before 2012 is in our rear-view mirror.

So on that note, I wanted to look back at my resolutions for this year and give myself a grade on each. Then I’ll see what I’m going to tackle in the next 12 weeks so I finish strong.

This year, I simplified my goals a bit.  I picked only 6 things to work on and I think that was a really good approach. I feel like I have been more successful than in years past.

Below are my Resolutions and you’ll see my “update” to each that will tell you just where I stand to date. I love putting not only these goals but also my progress out in the Universe to hold myself accountable. And feel free to share your report cards here too by leaving me a comment. I would love to help you stay on track to reach your goals in the coming weeks as well.

First I said…”1. Get Organized–2011 was a bit busy and I let some of my organization fall by the way side, this year I’m on a mission to get things whipped back in shape so I don’t waste time looking for things. A place for everything, and everything in it’s place will be my new motto!”

UPDATE: Well I’m excited to say that I have done some great work in this area. Lots of closet cleaning, garage organizing, office detailing, and organizing of my calendar have happened in 2012. And what do I have to show for it? A much less hectic, much more peaceful life. We aren’t spending time looking for things instead of having fun. We aren’t flying by the seat of our pants to get my daughter a home-cooked breakfast and to school early each day or figuring out what to put on the table for dinner at night, get homework done, and to bed on time. My family and I have really taken our quality of life up several notches thanks to getting organized.  Our score in this area? We aced this one so I’m giving us an A.

My next goal was this…”2. Get Fit–In 2011 my goal was to get healthy.  And I did it by losing 20 pounds and changing my eating from carb based to protein based.  In 2012 my goal is to get fit.  This will involve exercise, weight-lifting, and lots of healthy, natural foods. I am even thinking about growing some of them myself in a backyard garden…what fun! This time next year, I will be showing you my arms and abs of steel.”

UPDATE: Another success story for me in this area. I have now lost a total of 31 pounds since June 2011 and I only have 5 to go.  I have been working with a health coach since June 2012, I am going to yoga 4-6 times each week, running on my treadmill 5 days a week and though I don’t have my arms and abs totally sculpted yet, they are on their way. Plus I have totally integrated a self-care component including regular massages and meditation to become mentally fit as well. But since we still have some time,  I want to take this resolution to the next level in these last 12 weeks. So here’s the plan, I’m starting back with my former personal trainer TOMORROW and our weight lifting focus will be abs and arms. I’ll hopefully be showing you my “after” photos at the end of this year! GRADE A- but I’m working for an A+ by December!

My third resolution was a big one…”3. Save More, Give Better–my church had a great focus in December 2011 based on Wal-Mart’s “Save More, Live Better” slogan.  They changed it to Save More, Give Better and it really made an impression on my 6-year-old and me. This year, we are going to get disciplined about the money we spend and ask ourselves, “can we live without it?” before we buy. What we save we will put in a fund to help others in 2012, not just during the holiday season, but all year long. So it’s a mommy-daughter Save-A-Palooza for 2012!”

UPDATE: Uh-oh…Here’s where things fall a bit short. 🙁 Well, the news isn’t all bad.  I completely turned my company finances and savings around this year. We are very “LEAN AND MEAN” and it’s really showing in our profitability at work, so that is a good thing and it is allowing me to do a LOT more charity work through my company than I did in 2011. So that’s a start. But on the home front, I didn’t do quite as well with my savings. We are still very committed to helping others and have done so in several ways this year already, especially with donating all our gently used items when we got organized including clothes, books, and furnishings. And we will do our favorite charity work this holiday season by adopting “angels” through our church and much more to help those in need. It is really the defining moment of our holiday season each year and nothing could keep us from this experience. But I can’t honestly say we mastered the art of “Do we really need that?” this year. So the next 12 weeks will be crucial in seeing if I can redeem myself (and my little 7-year old shopper) in this area.  Score: C

I love my 4th resolution for the year. It was “4.  365 Days of Thank you–I have always been disciplined at Gratitude. I have told you how I even keep a gratitude journal on my phone and iPad. But in 2011, my thank-you note writing fell short compared to years past. So this year, I am taking cues from this great little book and I am going to be disciplined enough to write at least one thank-you note a day. I know it will have more positive influence on me, than even those that I thank.”

UPDATE: OK, so I started off with a bang on this one and fell off the wagon around April. So now I am on a mission to catch up on all my thank-you’s before that 365th day of 2012 rolls around. I will be writing several notes a day to make this happen but I have no doubt I can do it. It may have been 10 years since my wedding but I still remember the discipline of writing thank you’s for our gifts, so it will be just like riding a bike for me, right?! SCORE: C+ but determined for an A+ by end of year!

Resolution #5 is a great one…”5. Fill People’s Buckets–Thanks to my work with Strength Finders 2.0 last year and spending time on their member’s only website, I was introduced to another little book that I LOVE! I have always liked complimenting, inspiring, and uplifting others, but this year I am going to make a conscious effort to do so.  If I can make a difference in other people’s lives and attitudes, it will be one of life’s biggest rewards.”

UPDATE: Well thanks to my work with other designers through my Mastermind Consulting Group and my Camp Tobi Fairley events, I get an opportunity to lift a lot of people up on a regular basis. And Filling People’s buckets is contagious. Plus you can ALWAYS do more, which is what I am determined to do through these last 3 months of the year. SCORE: A- today heading straight for an A+ in the coming weeks.

By the way…Did you see my recent post on Giving Hugs? I’ve been hugging everyone I see and it seems to be filling people’s buckets by leaps and bounds. People are coming out of the woodwork who read that post and are ready for their “squeeze” so obviously our world is even more hug-deprived than I originally thought. Definitely more hugging is in my future this year and beyond! 🙂

And lastly, my sixth resolution was this…”6. Discipline as a Lifestyle–There are a few areas where it would make my life easier and/or better if I could improve my discipline. Some examples include getting up earlier, exercising more regularly, reading even more business books, using my vision boards more effectively, calling my clients more often, journaling, and monitoring my finances at home and at work more. This isn’t about adding a bunch of new tasks, it’s about being more consistent with the ones I already have. My typical “All or nothing” habits are holding me back a bit. I think ridding myself of those “Nothing” periods will really pay off.”

UPDATE: Well this area is the one I really hit a home run in this year!!! I have been disciplined at getting up at 5am, exercising regularly, reading more, and monitoring my finances, especially at work. I have been disciplined about keeping my daughter on a healthy schedule, keeping myself on a healthy and whole foods eating plan, and I have really kicked that “All or nothing” habit.  There have been very few “nothing” periods this year and you can really see the results both physically and mentally with me.  I am healthier, happier, less stressed, with more stamina and I have a general sense of peace that I’ve never had before. I am spending tons of quality time with my family and I am here to tell you this is the best thing I have ever done for my family and for me!!  EVER!! SCORE A+  (But now the hard part of maintaining this discipline really sets in.)

So here it is…Tobi’s Resolutions Report Card:

I’m feeling really good about my score so far for this, my 40th year . I think it has probably been my best year yet and it’s not over. The next 12 weeks will really tell how I roll into my 41st birthday in January. So far I am feeling better, healthier, and wiser than my thirties and thanks to my new habits, I’m looking younger too! 🙂

How about you, how’s your year going and what are you going to do for a strong finish? I really do want to know. Leave me a comment, please.

Cheers to us all!! xo, Tobi

Dream a Little Dream in 2012

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Well, it’s day 3 of my tour through my 2012 resolutions, plans and dreams. If you’ve been with me this week, you have read my resolutions for the new year. You know what I’m planning to accomplish, and today we are going to take it outside the box, or the “jar” so to speak and talk about my dreams.

It’s a scary thing, even for me, to put my dreams out in the universe. What if people laugh at me, or think I’m stupid, or silly? What if I jinx myself by telling you all what extraordinary wishes are in my head and my heart? Ok…well, so what?!

What do I really have to lose? If I don’t put them out there, they may never happen. If I am not willing to take that lid off the jar that holds my deepest desires, how in the world will the people that can help me achieve them ever even know about them?

What do I have to lose by being vulnerable and authentic and open? Our fears so often hold us back from really going after the things that we dream about, that we visualize, that we yearn for.  Many people would rather be pleasantly surprised if something accidentally happens to them in life, as opposed to taking a chance on being disappointed if they dream of something, go after it, and fail.

I, on the other hand, prefer to leave nothing to chance. I would never want to come to the end of my life and wish I had dreamed bigger and tried harder to make those dreams come true.  I prefer to dream big, plan big, take big risks, work really hard, and celebrate awesome results!  


And who cares if people think you are silly or stupid or worse? Apparently Coco Chanel didn’t let what other people thought of her hold her back. So why would we? I say “if Coco can do it, I can too!”

Will I have failures? Sure! Will many of the things I dream, not come to pass? Of Course! But the more I dream and the bigger I dream the more of those dreams I will realize. But you gotta dream big.  I mean REALLY B-I-G!  If you dream about being a billionaire and you only make $100 Million, I don’t think you are going to be too disappointed, do you?

So here they are in no particular order, 20 of my Big, Giant, Hairy, Scary, Dreams…with one extra thrown in for fun.

1. Write a Book…well actually, several.

2. Have an Apartment in New York City

3. Learn to Play the Piano

4. Travel Internationally every year and take my daughter with me

5. Be published in the other “biggies” that I haven’t made it into yet…Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Veranda.

6. Have my own furniture line

7. Have a Summer Home–the Hamptons, a Farm with chickens, or the Beach…I can’t decide.  Maybe I’d like all three!

8.  Have my own TV Show

9. Visit Maison & Objet in Paris

10. Have a Garden…a fabulous one both flower and vegetable.

11. Build a New House in Arkansas

12. Do the Kipps Bay Showhouse

13. Rent a Villa in Italy for a Month, followed by a Month in a Paris Apartment for the Summer with my mama, hubby, and baby girl in tow.

14. Have my own Radio Show

15. Have a house keeper 5 days a week

16. Make enough money to make significant charity donations every year of $25,000 or more (hopefully much more) to help less fortunate people have a more beautiful life.

17. Learn to Speed read so I can get through all the business books on my list

18. Spend 2 weeks in Maui every Winter and a week at Blackberry Farms every Fall.

19. Have my own column in a National Magazine or Newspaper

20. Take Culinary courses to learn to be a great Chef

21. Buy a Birkin Bag in a FABULOUS color!

So there they are. Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? I am ready to see what the Universe does with all this material. I’d be happy with even one of these “Biggies” this year and the good news is…I’m feeling lucky! Come on 2012, mama needs a new pair of shoes (or a house in the Hamptons, or an orange Birkin Bag).

So what are your big dreams this year? Come on, tell us! Put them out here in the Universe and see what happens. What have you got to lose?

Try out this neat course over at Mondo Beyondo starting next Monday if you need some help discovering them. I’ve done their Dream Lab before and believe me, it’s super inspirational.

Happy Dreaming!  xo, Tobi