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Before and After: My New Master Suite

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I have been saying for years that a master bedroom should be a serene retreat. That likely came after I designed our first bedroom after my husband and I married, in bright red. And I wondered why we could never relax. Rookie mistake for sure! But my new Master Suite is relaxing in every way.

But that wasn’t always the case.  These drab tan walls and beige carpet were neither inspiring nor relaxing when we purchased the home. I needed a plan to transform my master bedroom into a spot for unwinding from our hectic work schedules and chilling with an extra cup of coffee on the weekends. And what was my color of choice for this plan? Pale Blue, of course. It was already the color palette I’d selected for my nearby kitchen, so the bedroom design took off from there.

The pale blue provided the perfect back-drop for the fabulous custom-colored chinoiserie wallpaper from Fromental. And the best part is that this is one of their digital patterns so it’s not only a custom color, it’s a less expensive version of the hand-painted papers. From there, I knew I wanted to use classic black-and-white to give the space a bit of a modern feeling, and I love how my Lucy bed from CR Laine with a black welt and logo embroidery was the perfect place to start. Throw in a few pops of my favorite color, Kelly Green, with my cherished geometric patterned wing chairs and a new hot green velvet on the Paris bench from my CR Laine collection and this space was really coming to life.

But I didn’t stop there, I wanted to bring that same green accent into my bathroom with a lot of timeless black and white finishes. Here’s a peek into that space. Doesn’t it transition beautifully from the bedroom?

I painted the double doors that lead to my bathroom in the same stunning green with fabulous crystal knobs that feel like jewelry. These doors offer a beautiful burst of color and perfectly frame the view into my new bathroom, which is a great thing when a bathroom is beautiful and spa-like. But getting to that result was a process too…

My bathroom before was dark and dreary with a huge party tub surrounded by giant mirrors- just what you want to wake up to every morning, right? Wrong!

Bad finishes like tile and cultured marble, very low cabinets, bad lighting, and the tiny shower made this space extremely dysfunctional.

Still one of the worst design elements (if you can call it that) were these swinging saloon-style doors on the way to the toilet (yee haw!). Calling this room dated was an understatement for sure.

But not anymore! No more scary mirrors surrounding this tub. Everything is black and white and effortlessly chic. My favorite Greek key motif makes an appearance on the floors as a border and down the drapery surrounding my new Kohler VibrAcoustic tub (it plays music, y’all!). Hudson Valley Lighting helped me take this space from dark to bright and beautiful. And there’s even a touch of green on my round ottoman and in the commissioned art by Ashley Saer.

One big problem in the before of this space (besides those bad cultured marble columns, ha! ) was the lack of natural lighting. There was no window in this room at all which made the dark colors feel even darker. This space felt like a dungeon and did little to help start our days on a happy note. Plus look how cramped that shower was with the teeny tiny glass door. You could touch the shower ceiling while standing flat-footed because the ceiling was so low, and if you raised your elbows to wash your hair, it was easy to hit the walls on either side. It was far from luxurious or roomy.

I added this fabulous round window that now fills my bathroom with natural light every day, and it made all the difference in our attitudes and morning routine. And look how much bigger the shower is. We’ve got head room, arm room and a gorgeous sleek design with  beveled white subway tile from Daltile and a frameless glass door. Plus the fancy Kohler pluming with digital controls makes the shower experience feel like a dream. And with a shower head on each side so you stay warm on all sides even in the winter.

I can’t wait to walk you through the other design changes in my new home in my Before and After Series. So check back soon to see what other changes I’ve made!






Tobi TV:Creating the Perfect Master Suite

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Today on Tobi TV, we’re creating the perfect master suite. And yes, it features the bedroom you went gaga over in last week’s before and after post.


So here’s the video, take a look…

And here are my Tobi’s Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Master Suite

1. Balance the Masculine and Feminine in a space. It’s like bringing in the Yin and the Yang and everyone will feel at home in the room.

2. Place the Bed opposite the entrance to the room if you can. It makes for a more grand impression when entering the space.

3. If space allows, create a cozy seating area in your Master Suite. It’s the perfect quiet space to read the newspaper or your favorite book and enjoy a cup of coffee.

4. A TV is a must for many in their Master Suite. If you can recess it into the wall for a seamless transition, the TV adds enjoyment but doesn’t interrupt the serene feeling you have hopefully created.

5. I alway love to put a desk in a Master Suite. It’s a great place to write thank  you notes and work on your laptop. A desk in a Master Suite can be both functional and beautiful and it reminds me of my favorite boutique hotels.

So try these tips in your home for Creating the Perfect Master Suite. And leave me a comment and let me know what you think of today’s Tobi TV. If you loved it, be sure to share it with your other design loving friends.

Happy Tuesday!xo,

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Before and After: Master Bedroom

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I couldn’t let this day get away from me without bringing you another fabulous before and after. This time we are in the Master Bedroom of my client’s project that was recently featured in Traditional Home Magazine.

Nov 2008 031

The original bedroom layout had the bed facing the view, although the window treatments didn’t really allow for much of a view. And it also placed the bed to the side of you when you entered the space instead of allowing you to see to front of the bed which is my favorite placement whenever possible.


In the after, I used the angled wall just past the bed to anchor a gorgeous seating area that is much more appropriate now for enjoying the view. The new panel molding and two-tone paint choice make the walls more architecturally interesting. So what did I do with the wall that originally held the bed? Well though you can’t see it in these photos, it now holds the television and a cabinet below.

Nov 2008 032

In the before, opposite the entrance to the room was home to the television and an entertainment cabinet that didn’t work well with the high ceilings and light color palette.


The after takes advantage of the lofty ceilings by incorporating a tall 4-poster bed and lovely floral drapery hung just below the crown molding. These design selections really emphasize the height of the room but the fabric and textures help to make the room cozy and warm.


And though I don’t have a before shot of the wall to the left of the new bed, here’s the after. A great desk area is always a functional addition to a bedroom. It’s great for working on your laptop, writing thank you notes and more.

So what do you think? Another dramatic transformation, right? Leave me a comment and let me know what you love most about the new and improved Master Bedroom design. And if you love this before and after, be sure to share it with your friends. They just might like it too.

Happy Friday Friends! xo,

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