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Before and After: My New Master Suite

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I have been saying for years that a master bedroom should be a serene retreat. That likely came after I designed our first bedroom after my husband and I married, in bright red. And I wondered why we could never relax. Rookie mistake for sure! But my new Master Suite is relaxing in every way.

But that wasn’t always the case.  These drab tan walls and beige carpet were neither inspiring nor relaxing when we purchased the home. I needed a plan to transform my master bedroom into a spot for unwinding from our hectic work schedules and chilling with an extra cup of coffee on the weekends. And what was my color of choice for this plan? Pale Blue, of course. It was already the color palette I’d selected for my nearby kitchen, so the bedroom design took off from there.

The pale blue provided the perfect back-drop for the fabulous custom-colored chinoiserie wallpaper from Fromental. And the best part is that this is one of their digital patterns so it’s not only a custom color, it’s a less expensive version of the hand-painted papers. From there, I knew I wanted to use classic black-and-white to give the space a bit of a modern feeling, and I love how my Lucy bed from CR Laine with a black welt and logo embroidery was the perfect place to start. Throw in a few pops of my favorite color, Kelly Green, with my cherished geometric patterned wing chairs and a new hot green velvet on the Paris bench from my CR Laine collection and this space was really coming to life.

But I didn’t stop there, I wanted to bring that same green accent into my bathroom with a lot of timeless black and white finishes. Here’s a peek into that space. Doesn’t it transition beautifully from the bedroom?

I painted the double doors that lead to my bathroom in the same stunning green with fabulous crystal knobs that feel like jewelry. These doors offer a beautiful burst of color and perfectly frame the view into my new bathroom, which is a great thing when a bathroom is beautiful and spa-like. But getting to that result was a process too…

My bathroom before was dark and dreary with a huge party tub surrounded by giant mirrors- just what you want to wake up to every morning, right? Wrong!

Bad finishes like tile and cultured marble, very low cabinets, bad lighting, and the tiny shower made this space extremely dysfunctional.

Still one of the worst design elements (if you can call it that) were these swinging saloon-style doors on the way to the toilet (yee haw!). Calling this room dated was an understatement for sure.

But not anymore! No more scary mirrors surrounding this tub. Everything is black and white and effortlessly chic. My favorite Greek key motif makes an appearance on the floors as a border and down the drapery surrounding my new Kohler VibrAcoustic tub (it plays music, y’all!). Hudson Valley Lighting helped me take this space from dark to bright and beautiful. And there’s even a touch of green on my round ottoman and in the commissioned art by Ashley Saer.

One big problem in the before of this space (besides those bad cultured marble columns, ha! ) was the lack of natural lighting. There was no window in this room at all which made the dark colors feel even darker. This space felt like a dungeon and did little to help start our days on a happy note. Plus look how cramped that shower was with the teeny tiny glass door. You could touch the shower ceiling while standing flat-footed because the ceiling was so low, and if you raised your elbows to wash your hair, it was easy to hit the walls on either side. It was far from luxurious or roomy.

I added this fabulous round window that now fills my bathroom with natural light every day, and it made all the difference in our attitudes and morning routine. And look how much bigger the shower is. We’ve got head room, arm room and a gorgeous sleek design with  beveled white subway tile from Daltile and a frameless glass door. Plus the fancy Kohler pluming with digital controls makes the shower experience feel like a dream. And with a shower head on each side so you stay warm on all sides even in the winter.

I can’t wait to walk you through the other design changes in my new home in my Before and After Series. So check back soon to see what other changes I’ve made!






New House Diary: Choosing the Counters

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New House Diary

It’s time to give you a bit more information about my design selections for my new house. This week I want to give you an inside look into a specific part of my kitchen – my countertops. In fact, while I am away at High Point Furniture Market, my countertops are being installed. I can hardly wait to see them when I return!

This was a really big decision for me, because the kitchen is really the hardest working room in the house, especially for a culinary enthusiast like me. Yes, I love to cook and bake and I can be hard on my kitchen, especially the countertops. I set hot pans on them (sometimes), I chop right on them, I knead bread on them – I can really abuse them! And I am not the only one – my husband and daughter are major cooks, too! So I need countertops that will be tough enough to stand up to all 3 of the cooks in our little family.


In my last home, I had quartz countertops and I loved them. They were the perfect choice for my family and me, and though I love a lot of natural stone, I wanted the durability married with style that only quartz and similar products can give me. So I turned to the fabulous folks at Cosentino for help. They really listened to me and helped me select the perfect products for my kitchen, mudroom, bathrooms, and laundry. I spent a lot of time with their team in New York at their fabulous new City Center Showroom, learning about how their products are produced and why they are so durable.


Making my selections was difficult for a number of reasons, partly because they have so many gorgeous materials to choose from, in a wide arrange of colors and styles. I even considered their Acqua Fraccaroli anniversary color for a bit for my daughter’s room (you know I am a sucker for color!) but in the end decided on something that was more versatile.

So after a lot of thought, here are the exciting selections I ultimately made. For many of my rooms including the kitchen, I chose Cosentino’s new Dekton brand. It’s an amazing product for both indoors and outdoors. And in the same way I love to use indoor/outdoor fabrics in the home for durability, I chose Dekton countertops for the same reason. It’s going to be perfect for the counters in my kitchen, mudroom, breakfast area and wet bar; for the shaped backsplash and counter in my powder bath; for the counters in my master bathroom; for my daughter’s bath; and even for the fireplace surround and hearth in my living room. They had such a lovely palette of white, grays, and marble patterns, that I had a ball choosing these products.

VSCO Cam-1

In my kitchen, I have always loved the look of marble countertops but I decided an even better option for me was marble beveled and honed subway tiles on the backsplash and a brand-new and very exciting Dekton material called XGloss for the countertops. In fact, when I visited their showroom back in the fall, this product wasn’t even available yet. I was one of the very first people to ever see the samples. 



What really attracted me to Dekton for the kitchen was not only how gorgeous it is but how it can stand up to anything I might throw at it (literally)! Its blend of raw materials used to produce glass, porcelain, and quartz is highly resistant to scratches, stains, heat, UV, and more – and that is really important for the 3 Fairley family cooks.  I selected Dekton’s XGloss color Halo, above, which is a stunning and high-gloss white. It looks like lacquer, which if you know me at all, you know I am crazy about! It’s super-chic and will really showcase the color palette I’ve chosen for the kitchen, too. In fact, I love it so much that I’m also using it in the wet bar, and in my master bathroom. But with the help of wallpapers, backsplashes, and a variety of cabinet colors, you will be surprised at how each of those rooms is going to look completely different!


For the fireplace surround and hearth in my living room, I chose Dekton’s Kairos from the Natural Collection. It has gorgeous gray marbling that is light and elegant, but it’s also highly resistant to fire and heat so it will keep this gorgeous look for a LONG time. I chose this product for the powder bath, too, to pair with a very “Tobi style” wallpaper and flooring. Here’s a peek at the living room fireplace in progress.


Once the Dekton Kairos surround is complete, we will be creating gorgeous panel molding to finish it out, all painted in that soft gray paint (more about that in a later post).

For my guest bath and garage/laundry areas, I went with Silestone, another amazing Cosentino product. It was really the color choices that swayed me in these rooms. In the guest bath, I chose one of their Influencer Series colors called Lusso. I thought it looked fabulous with the marble hex flooring that I loved for that space and I dig that it has a very glamorous fleck of gold metallic in it. Plus it looks amazing with a selection of my new Tobi Fairley for Duralee fabrics that will be showing up in a BIG way in my guest suite.


For the garage/downstairs laundry counters, I chose Silestone’s Nebula Alpha Series that’s inspired by earth tones and natural elements. I wanted more of a quartz look for this space, but in a rich tone that is not quite charcoal and not quite brown. Silestone does neutral beautifully. Plus their surfaces are also bacteriostatic, which means they inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, which of course is key for hardworking spaces like the garage, the laundry, and bathrooms. I love it in the Calypso color, above that I am pairing with white cabinets, a great white subway tile backsplash, and dark grout.

Silestone also designs its products to be easy-care and resistant to all sorts of stains and scratches. This is perfect for my busy household where we cook, entertain, take care of kids and pets, do crafts and gardening, and plenty of laundry. And since we’re getting hitting the age of makeup and nail polish for my daughter, I am confident that both the Dekton and Silestone countertops are going to come in very handy for her, too! 

So there you have it – my selections for counters and surfaces around the house and why I chose the hardiest and chicest materials I could find from a company that I absolutely love and trust! What do you look for when selecting your countertops? Let me know in the comments section below!







New House Diary: Master Bathroom and Closet Layout

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New House Diary

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m probably as excited about the new master bathroom and closets in my home remodel as I am about any of the other renovated rooms! Okay, I’m also equally excited about the kitchen, but I cannot wait to have a new bath and closet! When you see the layout of these spaces before we started, you’ll see exactly why this is so exciting.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 7.29.46 PM

The layout of the bathroom was so awkward before. There was a HUGE cultured marble tub (so big the water would be cold by the time you filled it enough to get in), a tiny linen closet, a small shower with a low ceiling, and a lot of wasted space in front of the toilet. There was one tiny master closet that my husband has been using since we moved in, while I trekked upstairs to dress everyday. One of my least favorite parts about this room is that there was no natural light – not a single window in there. So it often felt dreary and disconnected from the world outside.

And there was also a very dysfunctional mudroom backing up to the bathroom linen closet with a countertop that became a catch-all for everything that came in the back door. Plus the mudroom had a lot of wasted floor space. The areas just weren’t functional, and I knew that we could take these same spaces and really make them work for the master suite I had in mind.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 7.30.16 PM

And though many of the key elements in the new design stayed in the same general area as before, there is so much more to love in the new floorplan above! Now don’t get me wrong, like a lot of remodels, and unlike building a new home or adding on, these spaces are not huge. But I don’t need a huge house, I need a functional one. I don’t keep things I don’t use. I am not sentimental about “stuff.” Plus I am super-organized. And as you can see, I  took in the former mudroom and created a second closet that will be one of my tools for organization! So, lucky for me, no more traipsing upstairs every morning.

Now every square inch makes much more sense! There is a bigger shower with a full-height ceiling, a very functional Kohler soaking tub with some fun bells and whistles, and even a new window between the shower and the toilet. I am thrilled to let in more natural light! Plus I reduced the depth of the toilet room and can now have a closet backing up to it on the bedroom side for more storage and organization. And I added a wall at the end of my vanity for electrical outlets and a make-up mirror. We only had one outlet before and it was on my husband’s end of the cabinet. It drove us both nuts!

You might notice I lost the linen closet to gain my clothes closet. Definitely worth it to me, but I had to get creative for linen storage. So I am making a good-sized cabinet over the toilet for extra storage of towels and other necessities. And we have 6 wide drawers in the vanity design instead of doors, and some of those will be used for towel storage, too.

The completed bathroom and closet are going from hardly working to fabulously organized. And as you know, nothing makes me happier than that!

So what do you think of the new layout? Let me know in the comments section below. Meanwhile, I think I’ll go by and take another look at my favorite space and check on the progress!








Tobi TV: Creating a Master Bath Retreat

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If there is one area of the house that most of my clients want to splurge on, it is definitely the master bath! Top requests from my clients include ideas that will help create a retreat with spa-like details.

Nancy Nolan photographed Udouj Residence in Ft Smith, AR Interior Design by Tobi Fairley

I love designing those perfect master baths, and I have a list of must-haves that I’m going to share with you to help you create that relaxing retreat in your home! Let’s take a look:

I feel relaxed already, how about you? Let’s review those tips one more time:

1. For the best retreat, I always recommend a walk-in shower with multiple shower heads. To make it even more luxurious, consider adding a steam option to the shower!

2. Nothing is better in a master bathroom than a deep soaking tub. It’s fabulous to help melt away a stressful day!

3. A vanity in the master bathroom is the perfect spa-like detail. It’s a great place to get ready in the morning, or to unwind in the evening!

4. Also consider adding seating to your master bath – it helps when you are dressing or even just relaxing.

5. Storage may not seem luxurious, but getting rid of clutter in the bathroom gives you a calm and restful atmosphere.

What would you love to have in a spa-like master bathroom? Let me know in the comments section below! And I’ll see you next week on Tobi TV!








New House Diary: Master Bedroom Inspiration

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New House Diary

The renovation is well underway at my house – with walls being torn down and floors ripped up. I LOVE this part of any project, but it’s especially exciting when it’s my own home!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.06.50 PM

This week, I wanted to give you an idea of the inspiration for my master bedroom. The photo of the renovation above is actually looking into the master bathroom, but you can see the old bedroom reflected in the mirror. So what is inspiring the new look for that bedroom?

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.21.50 PM

Well it may surprise you, but these chairs from the living room of my old house are a huge inspiration for my master bedroom! First of all, they are upholstered in my signature color – and they are actually a signature piece for me. I absolutely can’t part with them, so they are going into the master bedroom in this same fabric. I thought about recovering them, but I just couldn’t do it.

They are inspiring the color palette which we’ll talk about soon, but it will be quite different than the living room they came from. These chairs really speak to how I want to live in my master bedroom. My husband hangs out in the living room or the sunroom, but for me, it’s the master bedroom that is the hub of the house! It’s where I work, it’s where I watch TV, it’s where I spend time with my daughter. So there has to be comfortable seating in addition to the bed, and these beauties look fabulous whether someone is sitting in them or not.

desk at bedside

And as I mentioned, I also love a place to work in my bedroom at times, whether it’s going through emails on my laptop or writing thank-you notes. So I can definitely use a work space in this room. I’m considering a desk as one of the bedside tables. I use this tactic often when I need to have both work and sleeping zones in the same room and I don’t have space for a separate desk area.

built ins

Finally, I am most interested in storage in my master suite. Nothing stresses me out more than clutter. And while I have been living in my home pre-remodel, there are definitely some parts of the room where things have tended to pile up.

So I will be adding a storage cabinet in the corner for all those “things” like books, magazines, stationery, and anything and everything else that migrates to my bedside table (and the chair in the corner and the floor) so that they have a place to be that also won’t add visual or mental clutter. It will be a cross between a closet and a built-in cabinet not unlike these pretty built-ins I designed in the corner of my client’s living room for the same reason. Don’t you love how they are a gorgeous way to hide stuff behind closed (and frosted) doors?

So those are my top inspirations for my master bedroom and I can’t wait to tell you more about how this room will come together with fabulous color and gorgeous pattern. Stay tuned…