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The Perfect Accessory

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Lacquered Box with Agate Rectangle

The perfect accessory can really make or break your outfit – and it’s no different in a room design! This week, as High Point Market guests visit my new collection at CR Laine, we’re getting a lot of questions about the gorgeous accessories we used to complement my upholstery designs. They are from Times Two Design, a great Dallas-based company headed by the amazing Lauren Renfrow.

Glamazon Mineral Slab - Rose Quartz

As you can see, her lamps and accessories are all inspired by organic shapes and materials, like agate, quartz, wood, and malachite. I’m using the agate boxes and rose quartz lamp shown above in my CR Laine room designs, as well as the fabulous barnacle box and Selenite column lamp below.

Lacquered Box with Barnacles

Selenite Column Lamp (1)

If you’re here at High Point Market this week, be sure to stop by the Times Two Design space at Suites at Market Square, space M-4012, or you can see their pieces in the CR Laine showroom, 310 N. Hamilton, 2nd floor! They have some fabulous new designs, too, like the malachite box and Starburst lamp below. You can also view even more Times Two Designs on the website, just click here.


Stellar Starburst Lamp

I’ll be back from High Point Market later this week, and then I’ll hopefully be back on a more regular blog schedule. Until then, keep your eye out here and on my Instagram and Facebook pages for more sneak peeks from the market!










Tobi TV: Creating Serene Retreats

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I’m known for using bright palettes for my designs, but I also love to use soft colors to create serene rooms that are perfect for a relaxing retreat. These spaces are a great place to recharge, and to take a break from all the hustle and bustle of a busy family life.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.15.07 AM

It could be a bedroom, a study, a library, or even your own yoga room – but we all need a place to get away from the stress of our days. So how can you create your own oasis at home?

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite soft and serene designs!

Don’t you feel calmer already? I know I do! Let’s review those tips for your relaxing room:

1. Try platinum, icy blues, and mirrored surfaces to create a serene bedroom you may never want to leave!

2. Pair relaxing colors with classics like black and white. This pairing is surprisingly calming and fabulously chic.

3. Soft pinks make a great palette for a serene energy like an office or yoga room!

I hope these tips for creating a serene retreat help you make your space spa-like and ready for relaxation! Get those ideas flowing and let me know about your calming rooms in the comments below.

Wishing you a stress-free day!








Tobi TV: Stunning Chandeliers

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Every room needs that touch of jewelry, like a stunning chandelier! Whether you choose a brightly colored lantern or a multi-tiered crystal design, a chandelier can really make a splash while it also lights up the room.
Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 5.04.00 PM

There are so many fabulous designs available today  in every type of material from metal to glass to shells to wood – you’re sure to be able to find something to brighten your home that fits your style! Let’s look at some of my favorite chandeliers:

Aren’t those gorgeous? Now here are some tips for getting the perfect chandelier for your home:

1. Look for unique designs or materials, like the cascade of glass balls on the elegant chandelier I chose for my client’s formal dining room.

2. The traditional Empire style chandelier is very popular right now but is also a classic that has been around for decades. Look for the timeless design in updated modern shades and materials like turquoise, coral, or even black. It’s the perfect combination of contemporary and traditional.

3. The right material can make a formal design look more casual, so don’t be afraid to consider a chandelier in a family room, a great room, or any other casual space.

4. Found the perfect chandelier, but it’s the wrong color? Go bold with a bright new color – you can spray paint an existing fixture to be any color you need–even if it’s crystal! Think out of the box to get the look you want.

5. An over-scaled light fixture can help make a larger space seem more intimate, so be sure you’re choosing the right scale chandelier for your space.

6. A chandelier is really one of the places I like to splurge in a room. At least in a couple of important spaces in your home. So spend what you can to get a great look. It will be worth the money!

Use these tips when selecting that perfect chandelier to light up your home! And be sure to pass this video on to anyone you know who is looking for that just-right light fixture or just loves learning new ways to make their home chic and unique.

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Which Would You Choose: Breakfast Room Lighting

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One problem with going to the High Point Market this week is that it makes it even harder to choose items for my new house! Once I think I’ve absolutely made my choice, I see hundreds of new ideas and products at market that make me question my decision.

So this week I need your help choosing the lighting for my breakfast room – and my choices fall into two categories. Should I choose a lantern or a chandelier?

I love the casual look of a lantern-style light fixture – in fact I love them so much that I’ve custom-designed some for my clients’ projects! I really like the look of this one because it’s copper. That was a big trend at this week’s High Point Market.

Liz Levin

(Liz Levin Design from Better Homes & Gardens)

I also like the design of this chandelier with the strands of all-white shells. It removes some of the formality that comes with a chandelier, so it would be perfect in a more casual room like a breakfast area.

Kelly Deck Design

(Design by Kelly Deck)

So which would you choose, a chandelier or a lantern? And this week I have additional questions – what material should I choose? There are so many colors and metals for a lantern, and a chandelier could be constructed of glass, crystal, shells, metal…the choices are endless!

Let me know in the comments below what you would choose for my breakfast area! I need help narrowing down all of the beautiful choices!









What I’m Loving? The Delta Duo in GOLD

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Gold deltaduo

Tis the season for celebrating, and in celebration of their long-time partnership Robert Abbey and Lamps Plus have released a GORGEOUS new, limited-edition table lamp in three really stunning colors. It’s called the Delta Duo. So geometric chic, right? It puts an entirely updated spin on the classic gourd lamp. It’s contemporary, it’s retro, it’s a must-have! I personally can’t wait to place one in a project, or…maybe somewhere in my new home?

My favorite color is the gold and white one, because it’s speaking directly to my current obsession with all things gold and brass! I mean…this is one of the most jaw-dropping trends that I’m seeing EVERYWHERE from design magazines to market to my own jewelry box!

Design: Jackie Astier via Elle Decor

Design: Jackie Astier via Elle Decor

Design: Julie Hillman

Design: Julie Hillman 

Design: Courtney Giles

Design: Courtney Giles

See how just a little–or a LOT–of gorgeous gold can make a room really bling? For more gilded inspiration, check out my Pinterest Board on this hotter-than-hot trend.

The Delta Duo is available for a limited run at They are made in North Carolina and they retail for under $200!!


Happy lamp shopping!


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