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Gratitude for a Healthy Mind, Healthy Body and Healthy Life

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Today I am grateful for one of the most important people in my life and my journey to a better me. I am grateful for a person who has helped me learn to…

Yes, Listen…That is exactly what my health coach Julianne Bitely has taught me to do. Listen to my body. What does it want? What does it crave? What does it need?

There’s no sense in me being stressed out about my weight and my health. Stress only adds to the problem. When we listen, REALLY listen, to what our body wants, it is not that hard to give it exactly what it is asking for.  That may mean food, water, exercise, rest or relaxation.

It may mean more of something fresh and less of something processed like Sugar. And that is exactly what Julianne has taught me to do. Thanks to her help, I have kicked my sugar and carb addictions for good and found peace of mind in the process.

In fact, mental work is more of what Julianne and I do together than food work during our twice monthly sessions. Julianne is trained as a Holistic Health Coach and Nutrition Counselor and her degree in nutrition is under the tutelage of among others, Dr. Oz, who was one of her “remote” instructors. Pretty cool, huh?

And though a lot of what Julianne and I do is help me learn what foods make me my best, we also spend a lot of time letting me talk. Talk about what is bothering me mentally, emotionally and physically and then finding solutions through nutrition and self-care that help me feel healthy, calm, empowered, strong, and relaxed all at the same time. It is AMAZING having a health coach in my life traveling every step of my new lifestyle right along side me.

I am SO grateful for the love and support from Julianne. She is really instrumental in helping me not only adopt a healthy lifestyle and eating plan, but she is a big reason that I stick with it! She helps me notice and pay attention to what happens when I put the right stuff in my body and how bad I feel when I don’t.

She helps me make my healthy grocery lists. She helps make sure my fridge and pantry are stocked with GOOD food so I have no excuse but to grab something healthy, even when I am super busy. We even go to whole foods together sometimes for our sessions.

She teaches me how to read shopping labels and produce tags so I understand what is organic and what is not, which organic foods make a difference and when conventional is just fine, and how to stay away from GMO’s and other “bad” foods that just won’t give me the stamina I need as a busy mom, designer, and entrepreneur.

Julianne is one of my biggest fans and cheerleaders. She constantly remarks on my healthy glow and how far I’ve come from when we started working together not so long ago. Then I looked tired, stressed out, and overweight and now I look (and feel) like a completely different person.

One of the things that Julianne taught me first was to not worry about calories, at least in the beginning. She wanted me making the transition to whole foods and things that would give me energy and stamina, not things with “empty calories” that were totally processed but I was eating just because they were low cal or low fat. She’s introduced me to things like tart cherry juice to help me sleep well each night and green smoothies with almond milk in the mornings to start my day off right. And I can hardly wait until our session tomorrow when we will be cooking in my kitchen. On the menu, you ask? Quinoa muffins and other exciting healthy bites I’ve been wanting to try and that Julianne wants me eating to jump start my mornings before I hop on the treadmill.

Her philosophy was to focus on getting healthy and the weight would come off on it’s own.  And she was right. It took a major shift towards healthy and away from dieting for me to finally lose weight. I got my mind right and then my body followed.

Julianne was THE person who helped me start this amazing self-care journey that has transformed my life. She is the person who helped me say no to many things and YES to myself!  She helped me start getting plenty of sleep, planning my schedule to allow for rest first then exercise, and she is the person who held my hand as I made these things a habit. And did I mention that she is also the WORLD’S BEST massage therapist so I see her almost every single week for an amazing relaxation massage as a part of my healthy approach to living?

She is the person who wouldn’t let me start too many new habits all at once, but helped me to phase them in a few at a time so that I didn’t get overwhelmed. And she even helps me have the confidence to listen to all the great suggestions she has for me, but to only really adopt the ones that feel “right” for me and let all the others go.

So today I am eternally grateful to my friend and my coach, Julianne. I am grateful that she helped me get control of my health before I did real, lasting, damage to my body that I would pay for through illness.

I am grateful that she has helped me add years to my life and life to my years. That she has reminded me that this is the only body I am ever going to have and that if I take it for granted I will likely regret it.

And I am also grateful that Julianne has helped me remember that each body is different, and each body is beautiful and that healthy looks different on all of us. She helps me to not compare myself to others or even compare myself to some picture in my mind of what I think I should be. Through Julianne’s loving approach, BIG HUGS, and kind spirit, she reminds me that as long as I focus on being healthy and feeling great, that’s all that matters, because we are all already beautiful just the way we are.

So thank you, thank you, thank you to Julianne, my Holistic Health Coach and my dear friend who has helped me be the person I have wanted to be for so long. Or maybe she just helped me to realize that I was already that girl all along. Either way, I am eternally grateful!

xo, Tobi

p. s. Oh and if you want to work with Julianne the way I do, contact her here and let her know I sent you. I don’t get a referral fee or anything, I just want her to know exactly what inspired you and that you are looking for results like mine. Trust me, it will be one of the best decisions you have ever made!  I hope you make the leap to using a health coach where ever you live. Here’s to a healthier you in 2013!! You can find these inspiring quotes and more to keep you track for that journey on my Health and Fitness Pinterest Board.

p. p. s. By the way, if you are in the Little Rock area, don’t miss me on KATV this morning. My regular spot is on a different day this month due to my New York Travels next week. So I hope you’ll join me on KATV today. And watch for Julianne on Good Morning Arkansas too. She is often a guest on their show talking healthy eating.

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