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Tobi TV: Those Little Details

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Good interior design is really in the details – no matter how small! What may seem to some like a tiny part of the room can help give your design personality and flair. Paying attention to detail can take your home from good to amazing!

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 1.31.07 PM

So what details should you keep in mind for your interiors? I like to have a combination of furnishings with great details as well as those perfect accessories. Take a look at these elements I used in my new collection for CR Laine:

See how something small can make a BIG impact? Let’s review those ideas:

1) Details like an acrylic foot on a sofa or chaise can add that perfect piece of jewelry to a dressed-up design!

2) When you’re looking at furnishings for your home, notice design elements like a greek key carving along the base of a chair or bench. Those give your room a subtle sophistication.

3) I love fretwork – both on furnishings and in room designs. Look for open-work that’s bold and beautiful!

4) I’ve been covering books in paper for years to add color and interest to a room, but think about spray painting old books to really give a unique touch to your shelves!

5) Nailhead trim is another fantastic design detail on furnishings – I like to use different patterns like starbursts.

6) A gold leaf border around a table’s top is a great way to add some shine to your design!

So remember, it really IS all about they details! They make all the difference!








Bring the Drama!

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So far, I’ve shown you my new collections for CR Laine and Soicher Marin that were in my Blushing Beauty and City Sophisticate color schemes. Now it’s time to bring the drama with my bold and bright Drama Queen group! I’m known for color, and these bold splashes of orange, magenta, and green were probably what most people envisioned my collection would be.


I also love to mix patterns, so this area showcased stripes, faux bois, and Greek key to put even more POW into the display! My Taylor sofa was actually low-key here (remember it as a sectional in tweed?), and the fabulous CR Laine swivel chair and ottoman highlighted the color story of orange and magenta. Love that stripe on the chair! And the simple circle of black on a white ground in the art is also mine – from my Soicher Marin collection.


I also love anything with function, so I designed the fully-upholstered Tobin table so an ottoman can tuck right up under it. Then you can pull it out when you need extra seating for guests. And there is that great starburst pattern in nailhead on the side of Tobin, like it was on those gorgeous Stella screens.


Can you believe that’s my Wells wing chair again? You saw it last week in the City Sophisticate group in that luscious mint velvet with an embroidered nonogram on the back. Here it takes on a whole new personality in a grey and orange Greek key patterned fabric with pale grey legs. It really pulls out the color in the Soicher Marin art I designed, too.


Speaking of drama, these Alexander chairs really make a grand entrance, don’t they? That magenta fabric was so fabulous against the Greek key pattern on the back of each chair. And in the background you can see one of the most popular pieces from my new Soicher Marin collection, the huge pink wash art that’s propped against the wall. The blue version of that art was a top seller, too!


My Marguerite armless sofa really is one of my favorites in the whole collection! The orange wool was a big hit, and was the perfect background for the starburst nailhead trim and those fantastic acrylic legs. The bolster is strapped and can be removed, or moved on the sofa so you have an armrest wherever you need it. Another fantastic thing about this piece is that it is sized for dining – so you can use it as a banquette, too! The orange inkblots on the wall are part of my Soicher Marin collection, and they are available in orange or black. I love the name: What Do You See?


Last, but certainly not least when it comes to the DRAMA quotient, is the Hampton chaise, which was a HUGE hit at market! It was also a great place to collapse after a long day in the showroom – especially on that soft snakeskin velvet in platinum, which I named Hissy Fit! These are built for snuggling and are incredibly comfortable. My favorite comment about these from the entire market was that someone thought they should be called the Binge Watching Chaise because you would be comfortable in them for a whole weekend of Netflix!


So did that group bring the drama, or what?! I have to say that working with CR Laine and Soicher Marin was far from a drama, though! They are dream partners and really did make a dream come true for me. And again, I’m so appreciative of partners who allowed us to use their products to finish off our looks – like Woodbridge, Tritter Feefer, Currey & Company, Barbara Cosgrove, Times Two Design, Colleen & Company, Mirror Image, Chelsea House, and Surya.

Did you see any that were favorites for you? If you are interested in anything you’ve seen here, just go to CR Laine’s website here, or Soicher Marin’s site here. And leave me a comment below to tell me what you think about my new collections! Can’t wait to show you even more in October! WHEW!







Tobi TV: Double Duty Rooms

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I always remind my clients that function is just as important as form when it comes to home design! Of course you want your home to be beautiful, but it has to really WORK for you, too, right? And sometimes you need a space to serve more than one purpose. Those double-duty spaces, as I call them, can be a challenge to decorate to fit both functions.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.24.06 AM

Whether it’s a guest room that doubles as an office, or a teenager’s room that doubles as a guest room when he’s away at school, there are ways to help your room play both sides. In fact, I designed the new Sheridan daybed (above) for my CR Laine furniture collection to help transition a room from an office or den to a guest room in sophisticated style!

There are several ways you can use color and design to create a double duty room, too. Let’s take a look!

Those tips really have me seeing double…duty, that is! Let’s recap:

1. Greek key is a great design for rooms that have to play two roles. It isn’t too masculine or too feminine, so it’s perfect for any member of your family or for out-of-town guests.

2. Think INSIDE the box for double duty rooms. Boxy geometrics and cool fretwork motifs are great gender-neutral design patterns!

3. Simple furniture keeps your transition room from going too far in one design direction or another.

4. Take your color cues from nature for a multifunctional space. Blues, greens, and browns are perfect “mood setters” for a bedroom or a home office!

5. Use interesting light fixtures to make a double duty room pop! Everyone – family and friends – will enjoy seeing the light when it looks this good!

Consider these fabulous tips as you design your multifunctional rooms. Let me know in the comments below how you make your transition spaces work for everyone!







Traditional Home Features My Richmond Showhouse Project

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Wow! I am so excited to be featured in the most recent issue of Traditional Home. The Richmond Symphony Showhouse was one of my favorite projects and I’m so happy to see this project gracing the pages of the April issue.

 I loved this project, because I had a chance to expand my horizons and use many of my own fabrics, as well as some lighting! The large red lantern hanging over the entry table is the Rothesay lantern from my home line. I chose red for this particular scheme, but it can be ordered in any custom shade to match your decor.

I was also thrilled to use fabrics from home line in this entry room. I selected the Athens print in Sky for the sofa to set the tone for the Greek influence you see throughout the space.

I also used this Marrakech pattern in Sky and Ruby for the rolling ottomans you see by the entry table. Isn’t this a fun pattern? I love it in every color combo!!

Finally, I used a custom red-white-and-blue Bistro stripe on a small footstool to echo the room’s overall color scheme.

It is truly a dream to be able to use my designs in a space like this and I am so grateful to Traditional Home for including this space in their April issue.



P.S. If you are in Arizona for spring market, don’t miss my presentation this morning at the Arizona Design Center!! Hope to see you there!

What’s Hot Extra: Decorating with Greek Key

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To follow up on my Greek Key What’s Hot feature for June, I’ve found a few images showing current rooms decorated with this iconic motif.

ELLE DECOR Jonathan Adler




ELLE DECOR Reed Krakoff



Enjoy your Thursday!

 p.s. I thought I would include a couple of shots of a boys’ room I did with great Greek Key details. Enjoy!