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Before and After: Making an Entrance

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I love a good entrance, especially one that makes a fabulous first impression! The entry to a home is like an appetizer for the gorgeous rooms you’re about to see. So in my farmhouse project, recently featured in Traditional Home, I wanted to set the tone here for the rest of the home. This is a farmhouse, but it’s a chic one that’s family friendly, too. That’s why I did a checkerboard pattern on the entry floor instead of a rug – it’s a gorgeous design, but it’s also easier with kids running in and out all day.

This house was a new build, so I was able to add a lot of the traditional elements you might see in a much-older Southern farmhouse, like the molding details, and the fun oval window on the stairs. I love the shape, and it adds so much light.

And here is also where I started using the lovely aqua that you see throughout this home. It not only envelopes the front door, but it’s also painted on the ceiling of the front porch. A blue color on the porch ceiling is a big tradition in the South!

You can see here how I also introduced subtle farmhouse details, like gingham on the chair and stair runner, a traditional balustrade, and a vintage wooden horse.

This corner right behind the door will give guests a view into the dining room, too, so I wanted to give it a bit of punch and also tie the entry into the adjoining room’s decor.

I did that by introducing the chocolate brown that’s another signature color in this home’s palette. And I used a fabulous painting of an old farmhouse with a tin roof as a nod to the history of this family and their own modern-day farm.

What do you think of this fun entrance? And what does your home’s entry say to visitors? Let me know in the comments section below!







Tobi TV: 4 Tips for a Grand Entrance

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The entry really sets the tone for your entire house! It welcomes your guests and gives them clues for what lies beyond in your home! I love to create bright and bold entries like the one in my office. It features a gorgeous blue sofa from C.R. Laine and a colorful painting by one of my favorite artists, Jane Booth – and you’ll see it in this week’s video.


In my previous home, I used a daring and graphic wallpaper by F. Schumacher to create a real statement, and to showcase the color story that continued right into my family room. I can’t wait to show you the entrance to my new house, too! Meanwhile, let’s talk about my best tips for designing a welcoming space in your home:

Let’s recap those tips for creating an entry with style:

  1. If you do go bold with your wall color, tone everything else down by using neutral trims and furnishings. Don’t let too many bright colors compete in such a small space.
  2. For two-story entries, consider an overscaled wallpaper. It gives a grand appearance, but brings the scale down to a more normal height. Add in an amazing light fixture and a stair runner, and you’ll have an entry that is full of style!
  3. Using the same color in all of your entry’s furnishings and accessories, like navy with white, gives a coordinated look that is classic and timeless.
  4. If you want to create drama, use a bold and graphic wallcovering. That will definitely set the tone for your stylish home!

Use these tips to design an entry that has a “wow” factor and sets the mood for your guests. Please share this video with your friends, and let me know what you’ve done to create an amazing entry to your home!

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Before and After: First Impressions

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Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.02.03 AM

I love to think about the entrance to a home as the perfect chance to make an amazing first impression on guests and family. This is the first thing most people will see in your home, and you want them to get a good idea of the gorgeous house they’re about to see, right? So no matter if you have a tiny foyer or a grand entryway, you want this space to speak volumes!

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.58.50 AM

The entry in my client’s house above already had good bones. The front door had gorgeous windows around it and there was a beautiful sweeping staircase. It just needed an update to give them a contemporary look rooted in traditional pieces, something they loved from all the boutique hotels they’ve stayed in around the world.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.59.08 AM

And they really wanted that first impression to make a bold statement that showed their style and personality. The one piece from the original space that they did love was the brass light fixture that you can see below.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.01.03 AM

To give them that bold but fashionable look, I used a Nina Campbell wallpaper, and I took it up all the way to the top of the two-story entry, giving them a sweeping entrance that complemented that fabulous staircase.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.02.27 AM

We also removed the black flooring and replaced it with a much more sophisticated marble tile, which also took advantage of all the fantastic light from that front door.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.02.15 AM

Finally, I added some lovely color with the turquoise glass lamps, and highlighted the subtle gold in the wallpaper with a mirror and a demilune that had the same color in its details. The result is a chic space that says a lot about what guests will see in the rest of the home!

So what do you think about this bef0re-and-after? And are you also inspired by boutique hotels? Let me know in the comments section below!







Tobi TV: Adding WOW to Your Entry

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I’m very close to finishing the entry in my new home, which will have gorgeous wainscoting and pediments to highlight the architectural details. And it’s those details that really can take your home’s entry from ho-hum to WOW!


In my former house, I made a big statement in my entry with graphic wallpaper and great art. There are so many ways you can welcome your guests with style – so let’s take a look at a few fun ideas:

See what I mean? Just a few details can really make the entry to your home a fabulous welcome for friends and family. Let’s review those tips one more time:

1. Make an impact right way with color and pattern – use a terrific overscaled wallpaper, or a bright and bold color choice for your walls.

2. Consider scale when you work with art and lamps, you want to have the right scale to make an impact.

3. Accessories can bring in some gorgeous color, either by complementing other pieces, or bringing in a great new hue.

4. The entry is also a great place to show your personality. You can do that through unique items like vintage pieces, original art, or a fantastic keepsake that you picked up on one of your travels.

5. And don’t forget about fresh flowers! They really do welcome your guests with color, an amazing scent, and a touch of the outdoors.

So use these tips to amp up your entry’s design and make a fabulous statement as family and friends enter your home!







New House Diary: Entry Update

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New House Diary

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but we’re only weeks from moving back into our house! Things are really coming along and the renovations are looking amazing! So I thought I’d give you an update on a few areas of the house. As you know, I really think an entry for any home is so important. It’s the first impression your guests will take with them into the rest of the house. My entry is finally going to make a great impression because we got rid of the very dated butterscotch brown paint that came with the home and really weighed down the entry.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.53.07 AM

That may not seem like much without finished walls and flooring, but I can tell you that it is AMAZING to me because it’s progress! Look how much more light and airy that entry is. And it’s even more beautiful now because the trim work has been completed since this photo was taken. I love the design for adding pediments over the doorways in the entry as you can see in this drawing and they are shaping up beautifully, too.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.56.34 AM

By adding pediments to the top of the doorways into the library and the dining room, we will give great architectural detail that’s very true to my home’s traditional style but was lacking in the original structure. And we are beefing up the scale of the trim in the entire house including the door casings and panel molding, which also makes a huge difference. It truly makes the home go from looking cheap to quality. I think it’s definitely worth the investment.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.56.23 AM

On the other side of the entry is the doorway to the dining room, and you can see in this drawing that I am replacing the original wainscoting for all the walls in the entry with nice moldings that are more appropriate for the size of this room and the tall ceilings. Here is the before photo showing the scale of the trim in this space…



And since painting starts this week, the trim work is almost all complete as you can see below. It’s looking gorgeous and is all taped up and ready to be sprayed.


And to give you a peek into more of my plans for this space, see on the floorplan below for a little hint for what I’m planning on the floors. It may or may not be fabulous in black and white tile in just a few weeks. I am also installing gorgeous new double doors that will open to welcome family and friends, replacing the dated side lights and old single front door. I can’t wait for the updated look!

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.55.57 AMSo what do you think of my entry so far? And what would you do to change up your home’s entry? Let me know in the comments section below! I’m so thrilled to see how things are shaping up in my home, and I can’t wait to share more photos with you soon!