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Ask Tobi: Flooring Transitions

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Tobi, how do you mix flooring? If one has hardwoods in entry, kitchen, but living room/dining room and family room are carpet, how does one transition to another flooring material where the rooms flow into each other? For example, tile, limestone, travertine etc. rather than going with hardwood throughout.
Sara, Jonesboro, Arkansas


Sarah, thanks for the great question! Many people are at a loss when tackling this dilemma. When I’m designing a house with an open floor plan, I always stick to a single flooring option throughout the rooms. Using multiple flooring choices creates a very choppy look throughout your home. Using a single flooring choice also helps to make your spaces appear bigger. To soften spaces like living and dining rooms, I will introduce a rug. Rugs help tie your room’s design scheme together and define individual spaces. I think you were hoping for a magic answer to make a variety of flooring types work. To create spaces that truly work and have great flow, it just isn’t an option. Take a look at the photos below for inspiration.

In my own home, the entry, living room, dining room and family room are all open to one another. Wood flooring covers all of these areas to create a great flow between the spaces. As seen in the photo above, a large rug defines the living room.

In this lakehouse renovation, I carried the wood flooring throughout the open plan living area. With the openness of this plan, using a tile in the kitchen would have not allowed great visual flow.

This family room is open to a breakfast area and kitchen. Wood flooring is throughout. I defined the family room seating area with a rug.

MERIDA – Made in the USA

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Merida is one of my favorite companies, so much so that I am using a Merida rug in my upcoming Hampton showhouse space. I’m thrilled to have them join our guest series. My blog is all about American spirit this month and Merida is a shining example of that! – Tobi


On a mission to find a photo shoot location for an upcoming advertisement in Elle Décor magazine, I recently set out in search of the perfect abandoned manufacturing facility. At first thought, an abandoned warehouse might seem a peculiar place for a photo shoot, but to us it was much more than a photo shoot, we saw it as an opportunity to tell a story in a single photo…


Enamored by the romance evoked in the pairing of worn brick and thick, sturdy wood beams I was instantly reminded that this would be a beautiful story of prevalence. In touring the mill I was struck by how large and empty the space was. It was almost like everyone picked up and just decided to leave one day. Sewing machines sat alone and abandoned in a corner.

Instructions and photographs of seamstresses still hung from the walls. On one hand it felt like we were touring in the pre-work early dawn hours and workers were going to pour in the door at any moment, and on the other hand if felt as though no one had been in the building in decades. It was an eerie feeling that made me wonder what happened to the US textile industry and all the former employees of the building?

I finally saw and truly felt the significance of reviving manufacturing in the US. Aside from the obvious job creation, it was the first time I really recognized the importance of the story behind the making of a product. There is something to be said for things that are inspired, designed and brought to life right here in our backyards. Today there are some incredible companies creating gorgeous collections in the US, and we hope to see even more in the future. So sit back, serve yourself up a sweet slice of American Pie because we plan to bring back USA design and manufacturing full tilt!

Helping with our initiative are some of our current favorite US manufacturers including Hickory Chair and the gorgeous furniture that they are creating out of North Carolina,

Hickory Chair

Gregorius | Pineo with their hand crafted furniture, lighting and accessories out of Los Angeles,

and our Fall River, MA manufacturing neighbor Matouk and their luxurious linens.

We are proud to be in such fine company and are excited to keep the US manufacturing culture alive with the launch of our new wool rug line this fall!