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Before and After: Making an Entrance

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I love a good entrance, especially one that makes a fabulous first impression! The entry to a home is like an appetizer for the gorgeous rooms you’re about to see. So in my farmhouse project, recently featured in Traditional Home, I wanted to set the tone here for the rest of the home. This is a farmhouse, but it’s a chic one that’s family friendly, too. That’s why I did a checkerboard pattern on the entry floor instead of a rug – it’s a gorgeous design, but it’s also easier with kids running in and out all day.

This house was a new build, so I was able to add a lot of the traditional elements you might see in a much-older Southern farmhouse, like the molding details, and the fun oval window on the stairs. I love the shape, and it adds so much light.

And here is also where I started using the lovely aqua that you see throughout this home. It not only envelopes the front door, but it’s also painted on the ceiling of the front porch. A blue color on the porch ceiling is a big tradition in the South!

You can see here how I also introduced subtle farmhouse details, like gingham on the chair and stair runner, a traditional balustrade, and a vintage wooden horse.

This corner right behind the door will give guests a view into the dining room, too, so I wanted to give it a bit of punch and also tie the entry into the adjoining room’s decor.

I did that by introducing the chocolate brown that’s another signature color in this home’s palette. And I used a fabulous painting of an old farmhouse with a tin roof as a nod to the history of this family and their own modern-day farm.

What do you think of this fun entrance? And what does your home’s entry say to visitors? Let me know in the comments section below!







Tobi TV: 4 Tips for a Grand Entrance

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The entry really sets the tone for your entire house! It welcomes your guests and gives them clues for what lies beyond in your home! I love to create bright and bold entries like the one in my office. It features a gorgeous blue sofa from C.R. Laine and a colorful painting by one of my favorite artists, Jane Booth – and you’ll see it in this week’s video.


In my previous home, I used a daring and graphic wallpaper by F. Schumacher to create a real statement, and to showcase the color story that continued right into my family room. I can’t wait to show you the entrance to my new house, too! Meanwhile, let’s talk about my best tips for designing a welcoming space in your home:

Let’s recap those tips for creating an entry with style:

  1. If you do go bold with your wall color, tone everything else down by using neutral trims and furnishings. Don’t let too many bright colors compete in such a small space.
  2. For two-story entries, consider an overscaled wallpaper. It gives a grand appearance, but brings the scale down to a more normal height. Add in an amazing light fixture and a stair runner, and you’ll have an entry that is full of style!
  3. Using the same color in all of your entry’s furnishings and accessories, like navy with white, gives a coordinated look that is classic and timeless.
  4. If you want to create drama, use a bold and graphic wallcovering. That will definitely set the tone for your stylish home!

Use these tips to design an entry that has a “wow” factor and sets the mood for your guests. Please share this video with your friends, and let me know what you’ve done to create an amazing entry to your home!

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For more tips and ideas, be sure to check out my YouTube Channel, featuring every episode of Tobi TV!

Making an Entrance with a Hall Table

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Nothing makes your entrance as grand as a hall table in your home. You can really make a statement with a round table in the center of the space, or a console table against a wall. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that these are just decorative items. A hall table provide a lot of function, too. It can hold a bowl for keys, a lovely basket for your mail, and can welcome guests with fresh flowers or an inviting lamp.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 4.13.10 PM

If you have the space, a hall table can even provide extra seating and a place for drinks or nibble when you’re entertaining.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 4.14.37 PM

If you don’t have a big open entry that allows you to float a center table, you can still use a round hall table in a nook near the stairs, or a rectangular console table against a wall.TF501-55

I love these center hall tables so much that I even designed my own, the Pierce brass table from my collection with Woodbridge Furniture. And stay tuned, I have more consoles and center hall tables coming in April at the High Point Market!

What kind of statement are you making in your entryway? Let me know in the comments section below!







Making a Grand Entrance

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I can’t believe I am saying this, but the holidays are here! And as you start welcoming guests into your home through the holiday season, you may start to take a good hard look at the entryway of your home. Is it welcoming? Is it a great first impression for the rest of your home?

I know you probably can’t remodel or redecorate it now and be ready in time for guests this holiday season, but you can start to think about how you would like to freshen it up so it will be “party ready” going forward into the new year.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.18.10 PM

I like to think of an entry like a fabulous invitation to a great party – it sets the tone for what’s to come. And you know when you get the most fantastic invitation ever in the mail? If you’re like me, you sure don’t want to miss that soiree, now do you? In the same way, a gorgeous entryway is a great opportunity to showcase drama, whimsy, or a sophisticated viewpoint in your home, starting right at the front door and then by drawing people in.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.20.44 PM

What can you do in your entry to really wow your guests? Think about it as another great place to showcase color and pattern, to make a bold statement. Entryways are the perfect place for dramatic wallpapers. And if there are stairs, a chic runner in a bold geometric or floral (or animal) print can be a great way to pump up the WOW factor.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.24.05 PM

But don’t forget that the entry way is attached to other spaces in your home, so it needs to be cohesive with the design of those rooms, too. The entry needs to seamlessly flow into the adjoining spaces. The goal is to enhance the design of other rooms and not fight with them.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.25.45 PM

And even if your goal is a beautiful and dramatic space, you can still offer plenty of function (you know function is one of MY main goals). So do this with tables, seating, closets and storage in your entryway if space allows.

And if you are still thinking that these are great ideas for an “after-holiday renovation,” but you want to make your guests feel excited about your entryway today, then be sure to use fresh flowers, gourds, or holiday greenery to make your entry festive and beautiful. There’s nothing I like more than gorgeous hydrangeas or tulips mixed with fresh pine and cedar. And for Thanksgiving, mixing in seasonal gourds and berries look so pretty. These natural elements bring a pop of color and smell oh-so good!

So what do you think?  Have I given you any ideas on how to make a great first impression in your home? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

And I wish you and yours a fantastic holiday with your family and friends!