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The Perfect Outdoor Room

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When designing outdoor rooms – like patios, screened porches, lanais, and kitchens – most people don’t realize that the same design guidelines for indoor rooms should apply! You want to make your family and friends feel just as comfortable in a chic space outside as they are inside your home. So I’ve put together a few rules of thumb to remember.

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1. Offer a lot of great seating – both in the shade and in the sun. Just like in your home, your guests will need seating that fits the event. So be sure you have fab loungers for sitting in the sun, comfy seats for eating and talking, and of course some umbrellas to cover them when they’ve had enough sun.

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2. Height matters. If the chairs in your dining room weren’t the right height for the table, your guests wouldn’t be comfortable eating there, right? So you need to be sure any stools or seats outside are just the right height for the table or counter.

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3. Lighting is key. I like to have the right light on hand in any area of the home – and the same rule applies outside. You want to provide great light for tasks like preparing food, or to allow your guests to linger over drinks with you and other friends on warm summer nights.

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4. Make them relax. Having a lot of pillows on your seating lets guests get comfortable and enjoy themselves. They can pop these great outdoor pillows behind their backs or use them for propping up their arms. Either way, these pillows look great, and make your guests feel great!

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5. The natural look. If you had a dinner party indoors, you would definitely want to use fresh flowers on the table, right? So do the same outside! Cut some lovely stems from your own backyard, or use purchased flowers that complement the decor. Either way, a bouquet creates a welcoming look.

Use these ideas to create your own oasis outdoors – and start planning those summer parties!

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Tobi TV: Why I Love Banquettes

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I know I talk about function all the time, but I really do believe that if your home doesn’t work for you, then no amount of design is going to help it! So this week I want to talk about one of my favorite functional pieces for the home – banquettes.


Banquettes are such a great seating option, whether it’s in a kitchen, a breakfast area, or the dining room. they add a lot of flexibility and style. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites and why they work:

See what I mean? You get a lot of work out of one small seat when you use a banquette! Let’s review:

1. Take advantage of a nook or curved window in your kitchen or breakfast room to recess your seating or connect it to the end of your bar or island. It will help you maximize your floor space.

2. Use leather, vinyl, or vinyl-coated linens or cottons to cover your banquette so it can be easily wiped clean after meals and spills.

3. Use the space below the banquette as additional storage for linens, serving platters – anything that needs a home in your kitchen. It’s especially handy for things you only need to access occasionally.

So what do you think – do you see a banquette in your future? I love them and if you include one in your home, I think you will, too! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think about dining on a beautiful banquette.

Happy dining!







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Gift Guide: Summer Entertaining

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Summer Entertaining

It’s almost time. Time to get my place summer-ready that is. My daughter has one week of school left, our pool is open, Arkansas watermelons are ripe, and this weekend I’ll be planting flowers and getting out the backyard umbrellas. If you’re getting ready for summer too, here are some fun and colorful things that might help you prep for one of the most exciting seasons of the year!

Happy Summer Friends! It’s almost here.









  1. Acapulco Beach Umbrella: Cozy up on the beach with a good book and plenty of shade with this fabulous striped beach umbrella in summer’s best colors!
  2. Multi Stripe Dinner Plate: I love hosting dinners with friends and family, especially when we can enjoy my pool and back yard! These fun colored striped plates are perfect for a casual bar-b-que or dressed up for a summer soiree!
  3. White Rim Lacquer Trays: Serve up some festive summer drinks on this beautiful aqua and white lacquer tray!
  4. Wine Cooler Sleeve: Summer is cool for everything but your wine! Keep your bottle perfectly chilled with this shiny pink sleeve!
  5. Maze Yellow Outdoor Pillow: Freshen up your outdoor décor for your next pool party with these yellow pillows with a maze pattern!
  6. Chroma Citronella Outdoor Candle Tin: Don’t let those pesky mosquitos ruin your summer fun! Light up this White Verbena and Pear scented citronella candle to keep the bugs at bay so everyone can play!
  7. Ice Cream Ice Pop Molds: Create your favorite flavor treats in the shape of a swirly ice cream cone!
  8. Raise A Glass Acrylic Pitcher: From fresh squeezed lemonade to fruity sangria, this acrylic pitcher with gold polka dots will serve your drinks in style!
  9. Melon Slice Salt & Pepper Shakers: This pair of bright colored salt and pepper shakers are great for picnics and outdoor entertaining!
  10. Kuba Napkins: What dinner party would be complete without the perfect table linens? And outdoor entertaining is no exception with these persimmon colored napkins in a fun geometric pattern!
  11. Symmetry Rug: Brighten up your patio or outdoor space with bold tangerine (one of my favorite colors!) in a delightful honeycomb pattern!
  12. Pineapple Ice Tray: Infuse your drinks with a touch of tropical paradise and pineapple shaped ice! What better way to celebrate summer?
  13. Hammered Copper Beverage Tub: Put your favorite drinks on display at your next bar-b-que in this gorgeous copper tub!
  14. Sunnylife Beach Paddles: Gear up for some fun in the sun with these bright colored beach paddles!
  15. Roatan Striped Outdoor Pouf & Carrying Bag: Hate lugging around those clunky beach chairs? Me too! This outdoor pouf comes with a carrying bag so you can lounge anywhere!
  16. Dot Stemless Wine Glasses: I love these festive stemless wine glasses in shades of blue and gold for any outdoor party!


Tobi TV: Adding WOW to Your Entry

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I’m very close to finishing the entry in my new home, which will have gorgeous wainscoting and pediments to highlight the architectural details. And it’s those details that really can take your home’s entry from ho-hum to WOW!


In my former house, I made a big statement in my entry with graphic wallpaper and great art. There are so many ways you can welcome your guests with style – so let’s take a look at a few fun ideas:

See what I mean? Just a few details can really make the entry to your home a fabulous welcome for friends and family. Let’s review those tips one more time:

1. Make an impact right way with color and pattern – use a terrific overscaled wallpaper, or a bright and bold color choice for your walls.

2. Consider scale when you work with art and lamps, you want to have the right scale to make an impact.

3. Accessories can bring in some gorgeous color, either by complementing other pieces, or bringing in a great new hue.

4. The entry is also a great place to show your personality. You can do that through unique items like vintage pieces, original art, or a fantastic keepsake that you picked up on one of your travels.

5. And don’t forget about fresh flowers! They really do welcome your guests with color, an amazing scent, and a touch of the outdoors.

So use these tips to amp up your entry’s design and make a fabulous statement as family and friends enter your home!







Tobi TV: Great Tables That Every Room Needs

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A perfectly designed room needs a few essential elements: plenty of seating, lots of light, and great tables. Yes, tables! A great assortment will offer surfaces for lamps, tables, books, magazines, or to hold your drinks and snacks. They are crucial for the functionality of almost every room in your house!


It’s also important to ensure you have the right table for the right job – especially when you need a specific height for beside a sofa, in the hall, or beside a bed. Let’s take a look at the tables that I think are essential for the functionality of your home!

See how a table can add a lot of function to your room? Let’s review those one more time:

1. Three perfect tables for your living room include chairside, cocktail, and console. It’s even better if the top can be customized in any color to fit your decor!

2. A good hall table is hard to find, but I love to use these in my designs. In fact, tomorrow’s blog post will tell you why these tables are such great additional items, so be sure to check back in!

3. When choosing any table, like a side table, be sure it has plenty of function, like an extra drawer or a shelf for storage.

4. I’m a fan of a larger cocktail table for a family or living room. They hold a lot of books, flowers, and other items you may need, but they also offer a large surface for drinks and snacks when you’re entertaining.

5. Maybe one of the most versatile tables in the home is a console. They are great in a more narrow hall, they work well behind a sofa to hold lamps, and they also work in a home office or guest bedroom. Put an ottoman or two under this table and you also have extra seating whenever you need it!

6. Even little gold tables may look like they’re just decorative, but you can use these for drinks or flowers in any space!

So think about where you might just need an extra table in your home. They add function with style!







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