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A.W.O.L. Blogger!

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Hello, there!

I’ve been A.W.O.L. for a few days, but I want to give you a quick behind-the-scenes peek at my 12-hour day of shooting yesterday with everyone’s favorite garden guru, P. Allen Smith! We filmed some great conversations for his shows, Garden Style and Garden Home, and we also had a lot of laughs.

I have more to tell you about our shoot coming up soon, but here’s a taste for now!

Tobi and Allen 1 Tobi and Allen 2 Tobi and Allen 7

More soon!


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Traditional Home Fall Feast Photo Shoot: Let Me Take YOU Behind the Scenes

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I recently hosted a dinner party to share with my nearest and dearest all the stories and photos I brought back from my amazing trip to Scotland! Traditional Home joined me for the preparations, and the story is in the magazine this month. They’ve also included photos and recipes of the event on their website.

And, today, I discuss more about the decor for the event (including how YOU can create a Fall Feast that’s vibrant and fresh), over at my friend P. Allen Smith’s blog. Don’t miss it!

In Designer MBA last week, we talked for a moment about how to work smart at a photo shoot, and it occurred to me that YOU might be interested in a behind-the-scenes peek at what it takes to pull off an event like this, when it’s going to be captured on film. So I pulled together some progress shots for you.

Of course the lighting had to be just right!

And the Palette Catering staff was busting a move in the kitchen! They were fabulous, as always! They helped me re-create this shortbread: a recipe I picked-up on the trip!

And the flan…to die for!

The all-green centerpiece really amped-up the decor!

These favor pouches were a special treat for my guests, and the tag echoes the stagshead motif that’s incorporated throughout the decor!

Whew! These photo shoots take more work than you might think! At least after it was all said and done I had the chance to sit down and enjoy the fine meal and the great company!


p.s. For more on styling your home for parties with a keen designer eye, join me at Camp Tobi Fairley for Design A to Z, November 7-9! It’s a 26-step crash course in the basics of design. You won’t want to miss it! See what people are saying about Camp Tobi Fairley events here!



Ask Tobi: Holiday Guests

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I have very special guests coming to stay with me this Christmas.  I’m a young new homeowner and this is my first time to entertain overnight guests.  I’m am so NERVOUS!  These guests are very dear to me and I want their stay to be special and memorable!  Can you share your advice?
Toni Ann, Providence, RI


Dear Toni Ann,
Thanks for thinking of me with your dilemma!  I’ve actually posted some great tips on the blog before.  This is the perfect time to share that post again!

I too had a VIP guest stay at my home.  Ronda Carman of All the Best blog fame was my overnight guest of honor.  Head over to my post “How to be the Perfect Holiday Host” and read all of my top tips!

How to be the Perfect Holiday Host: Click Here!




Entertaining Extra

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Did you see this month’s Entertaining feature?  I profiled my mother’s dining room decked out for the holidays.  I promised I’d be back with all the photos of this aqua and kelly holiday scheme and here they are!

The aqua and kelly scheme blends perfectly with the other color stories in the house.  It’s especially perfect with the painting by Jane Booth of Kansas City!

Runners on the table are a custom printed “Bistro Stripe” from Tobi Fairley Home.  Gorgeous lamps strengthen the color story here.

How tempting!  A sideboard filled with all of mom’s holiday treats! 

Satin ribbons and ornaments are “color coded” to enhance the decor.

Inside the china hutch, cake stands and bowls filled with ornaments are simple touches to add to the holiday spirit.

Monogrammed napkins trimmed in satin ribbon complete the look!  Bon appetite!

 All photos by Rett Peek


Entertaining Extra: Blue & White Tablescape

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This month’s Entertaining Feature shows a beautiful tablescape by designer Kathryn Greeley. I find blue-and-white ware to be great year round and with a few additions you can create a table worthy of any winter gathering.  Here’s my take of a tablescape using classic blue and white.

1. Williams- Sonoma Hemstitched Linen Placemat 2.Williams- Sonoma Venezia Wooden Charger 3. Johnson Brothers Willow Blue China 4. West Elm Smoked Glassware 5. Williams- Sonoma Laguiole Flatware 6. Pottery Barn Wood Baluster Pie Server 7. Williams- Sonoma Hemstitched Linen Napkin 8. Custom Tablecloth made with fabric from Inside Fabric Plaid Fabric

Happy Dining! -Tobi