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All-American BBQ with Camila from Effortless Style

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If you haven’t discovered the Effortless Style blog, it’s filled with great ideas and information.  I’m so happy to have Camila here on my blog today dishing her chic look for an All-American BBQ.  Enjoy! – Tobi


I was very excited when Tobi contacted little old me to see if I would guest post on her blog. I’ve loved and admired Tobi’s work for a long time and was really excited when I spotted her at High Point market. Of course I had to make a bee line for her and introduce myself to her and her posse. She is lovely in person as she is on her blog.

With the guest post them being all American I decided to go with a plan for an all American full of red, white and blue BBQ set up.

I’m in the process of fixing up our backyard patio. Currently it’s in a bit of a bad state and I need some inexpensive fixes to make it a bit prettier.

-Since our patio is small I would go with a round table. I have sourced out the Docksta numerous times for clients, but I have yet to use one for myself. I think my patio is the perfect place to test it out.

-I need to do a little bit of splurge and use these glossy bistro chair.

-For additional seating that will be easy to store and can also be used as a side table I will pick up a handful of Flamingo stools. Only $17 a stool and come in a rainbow of colors!

-You all know decorators love a good throw pillow so I will need to throw a couple into the mix. These blockprint beauties are a steal at only $15 a pop!

-Of course we’ll need some sort of grill for this BBQ. I’ve had my eye on this unique cone shaped bbq. It’s the perfect size to fit in a tight space.

-I tend to enjoy a bit of a grandma touch to my designs and these floral plates add the perfect vintage touch.

-I will also need a fabulous ensemble to wear to my fete. So happy that I have a new swimsuit to wear and who doesn’t love an Audrey Hepburn style striped hat.

-We’ll also need a soft place for a newly pedicured toes to rest on and nothing is more American to me than stripes and Dash & Albert.

A big thanks to Tobi for letting me come over and crash at her blog. I believe Tobi is designing a room in the 2011 Hampton Designer Showhouse that I’m hoping to visit this coming weekend. Hopefully I will get to cross paths with Tobi again in the near future.

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