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TGIF: Thank Goodness it’s Fun with Chalkboard Paint!

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You probably saw the chalkboard doors on the pantry in my Breakfast Room in yesterday’s post. My family and I love this FUN feature and it’s “FUN-ctional” too!

I am thinking about painting a very long wall in the sunroom of my new home (yes, we’re moving in a few weeks) with Chalkboard paint, which got me thinking of all the FUN things you can do with this clever paint finish.

Here are a few of the Fun and Fabulous options I found on Pinterest. Which ones do you love?


(Source unknown via Pinterest)


(Elle Decor Magazine’s Showhouse at Art Basel)


(Chalkboard Table Top via Design Sponge)


(Source unknown via Pinterest)


(Chalkboard Cheese Board via Rachael Ray)


(Chairs by Bernhardt Furniture Co)


(upside down drawer pulls as chalk holder via Dimples and Tangles blog)

And the great thing is that these Chalkboard paint inspirations are a look you can create for yourself. Find all these chalkboard projects and other great DIY ideas on my Pinterest Board here.

Happy Friday FUNday! And let me know if you are doing any DIY projects over the weekend.


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DIY Chair Contest Winner Announced!

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Back in November I announced a DIY Chair Make-over contest with the winner receiving 1 yard of the Tobi Fairley Home fabric of their choice!  There were lots of really great entries and it was fun huddling with my staff looking at all of the amazing DIY projects y’all submitted.

In the end, there was a clear standout among the entries.  Here’s a look at the before image:

Our contest winner said she found this flea market find for $50.  She’s been told it’s a 1960s Sears knock-off of a Milo Baughman design.

You won’t believe the transformation our winner made to this chair that had seen better days!

The chair was reupholstered in a laundered linen.  Wow!  What a difference!  Can you believe how fabulous this chair looks, especially juxtaposed with the rustic table? I’m officially jealous and wish that it was mine! It even has my initial on it already, right?

In addition to reupholstering the chair, a detachable monogrammed casement was printed with a custom logo.  The printing was done by a local screen printer for only $15!

A big round of applause to the winner of my first DIY contest, Sharon Taylor of A Lifestyle Thing and Sharon Taylor Designs!  (And great photos by Heather Cherie Photography)

Sharon, I hope you enjoy your free yard of fabric from Tobi Fairley Home! I can’t wait to see which one you select.

Congratulations and thanks to all of you who entered.   xo, Tobi


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DIY Diaries: Linda from My Crafty Home-Life

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Welcome to another edition to Tobi’s DIY Diaries!  Today I’ve got Linda from the blog My Crafty Home-Life.  Linda is a self-proclaimed serial DIY-er and her blog proves it.  This month in the DIY sidebar feature I’m promoting a Dining Chair Makeover contest.  This is my first DIY contest on the blog and a yard of fabric from Tobi Fairley Home is up for grabs.  Don’t know how to rehab a chair?  Thanks to My Crafty Home-Life, you can no longer use that excuse.  Check out the amazing step-by-step instructions below.

Thanks Linda!
xo Tobi

Hello Tobi Fairley Friends! I’m Linda from My Crafty Home-Life. I am thrilled to be on Tobi’s blog today! Like many of you, I am dreaming of the day when I am able to call Tobi up and say…”Come decorate my Home”. Well, our dreams are getting a little closer to reality… Tobi has asked me to show you “DIY-ers” how to get the Tobi Fairley upholstered look…

Starting with this image (Tobi’s 2011 Hampton Designer Showhouse room), I picked up on her bamboo accents, love for chinoiserie, and pops of color.

I fell in love with this for one of Tobi’s signature color combinations…orange and turquoise (check out her yellow and gray color combo)

With my inspiration images in hand, I found this chair at my local Salvation Army.

Keeping with Tobi’s orange and turquoise inspiration, I chose this fabric.

Now let’s get to work. Have all your upholstery tools ready. First, remove the welting.

Next, remove the old fabric and staples.

Since this chair was in excellent condition, I was able to start the prep for painting.  However, this is not always the case. I have a few tutorials for some common problems; to tighten your frame, go here…to do spring work, go here…to replace foam, go here. Your chair should now look something like this.

Lightly sand the frame and protect the chair seat with paper and tape.

A quick coat of primer and paint.

…and you now have this.

Whenever possible, add a fresh layer of dacron (batting).

Using your staple gun, tack the dacron around the chair and trim off the excess (I like to use a razor blade).

This is important; take the time to press your fabric.

Center your image on your chair…

and staple a few staples in the center-front.

Move to the center-back, lightly pull the fabric for a tight seat, and staple a few in the center-back.

Next, work side to side with a few staples on each side.

Keep moving front to back, side to side…saving the corners (where the arms are) for last. At the corners (this is really scary) make slits in your fabric.

Always keep in mind that you can cut more if you need it!  For this chair, the cuts should look something like this.

Fold everything under, give a slight pull on the fabric, and staple.

Your staples should be close together, like stitches…trim excess fabric.

With a hot glue gun, add a coordinating trim (hide all the staples).

Take the time to miter the corners.

…and there you have it, a Tobi Fairley inspired chair!

Now it’s your turn, rehab a chair, and enter it in Tobi’s chair contest! You could win a yard of fabric from Tobi’s Home Collection. A yard of fabric could cover approximately 2-4 chairs! I won’t enter this one…it wouldn’t be fair….but I might enter another one of mine.

Thank you, Tobi for having me on today, I had a blast!



DIY Blogs

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Hello everyone!  Today I wanted to bring you some great DIY blogs I’ve recently found.  I know that many of you who read the blog are often tackling DIY projects to stretch your decorating dollars.  Check these out:

Little Green Notebook/Pearl Street Interiors

The Little Green Notebook has a fabulous step-by-step chair reupholstering tutorial.  It spans multiple blog posts and is very concise in its instructions.


At the Picket Fence

At the Picket Fence has a great tutorial on upgrading not-so-chic kitchen cabinets into beauties on the cheap.  Don’t miss this one if you need to upgrade your kitchen cabinets!

Good luck with your DIY endeavours!





DIY Diaries: Amy from The Casablanca Transformation

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Today we’re joined by Amy from the blog The Casablanca Transformation.  She’s a mom and blogger from Utah with some great DIY projects on her blog.  I found her last week via the Emily A. Clark blog.  Emily featured a great DIY project by Amy.  Check it out here.

I love the visual effect of horizontal stripes in a bathroom.  It can really enlarge a cramped space.  The three-dimensional aspect of Amy’s bathroom trim is ingenious.  I hope you enjoy! – Tobi

Boys Bathroom Transformation

The trim work on the boys bathroom is complete and it is officially Matt’s last trim work project.  It is the end of the “trim work” era for Matt and we are both near tears (for different reasons).  This is NOT the end of trim work projects around the house (they will just be done by someone else from now on). Basically he got a promotion at work and is too busy doing his “real” job (accounting), and would rather hire a trim guy to do their “real” job at our house.

 My inspiration was my brother Jon and Kori’s dining room.

I decided however to have the trim be a different color than the walls (to make it easier I painted all the trim work before it was hung).  I liked this look for the boys bathroom because it kind of reminds me of a pinstripe suit.



I figured out all the math before hand and each of the spaces needed to be 17″ apart so Matt simply cut two pieces of wood 17″ long then used them as “spacers” between the rows.  He does good work!  If the accounting thing doesn’t work out he has something to fall back on – J/K! 

I love for you to come over to my blog and check out all of my transformations!



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