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Tobi TV: 4 Ways to Create Kids Rooms That Really Work

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It’s almost summer and your kiddos will be spending a lot of time at home. Spaces for your kids should be full of function AND fun, giving them an inspiring place to work and play!

In my farmhouse project that was just featured in Traditional Home, I designed kids’ spaces for this large family that would not only give them a great place to hang out, but would also showcase their personalities. Let’s take a look at ideas you can use in your home, too:

1. Break common areas such as dens and playrooms up into zones – like conversation areas, snack areas, and places for homework or crafts.

2. Every child needs a spot for a little privacy, like a quiet reading nook tucked into a hallway.

3. To make those rooms really work, be sure to provide tables for homework or crafts, and include plenty of storage for all of their games, toys, and supplies.

4. A great way to personalize any kids space is to put their art work and projects on display! They’ll be proud that you’ve showcased their special pieces!

Kids love to feel ownership over their own spaces, so use these tips to make them feel right at home! And let me know your ideas for kids’ zones in the comments section below.







Tobi TV: 5 Great Ways to Use a Desk Beside the Bed

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As much as I love to design beautiful rooms, I also really want the rooms to function for the people living in them. That’s why I always try to use furniture that can serve more than one purpose, like a desk.

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One place that you might not expect me to use a desk is right beside the bed, as a beside table. But if you look through my portfolio, it’s one of my favorite things to do! Why? Well I’ll give you 5 good reasons:

See? Using a desk beside the bed just makes sense! Let’s review those ways to use a desk beside the bed again:

1. Using a desk as a bedside table not only adds sophistication, but it’s also a great place for your computer, to charge electronics, a place to store magazines and books, or to use as a vanity.

2. A desk offers more height than other tables – which makes it perfect for lamps, particularly for people who like to read in bed.

3. Putting a desk beside the bed in a kid’s room is a win-win! Not only do you have a great bedside table, but it’s also a place to do homework and crafts, or to even store those bedtime books.

4. I really love to use a desk between twin or double beds in a guest room. It’s the perfect length to set the beds a little further apart from each other than a bedside table would, and it’s a great place for your visitor’s computer and electronics.

5. And then, of course, using a desk in a guest bedroom gives you another function for that room: It can now be a home office as well as space for your guests!

So have I convinced you yet? Try a desk beside a bed in your home and see how well it will work for your family!