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The Artwork of Jane Booth

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self portrait Jane Booth

Jane Booth is one of the newest artists to join our gallery. I am so excited to bring you her gorgeous and colorful (and very large!) works of acrylic on canvas.  Jane is from Kansas City and her works can be found in numerous private and corporate collections, as well as featured in the Kansas Governor’s offices and chambers.  She has a B.F.A. from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, and has studied painting at the Kansas City Art Institute. She continues her studies in workshops with other well-known artists.

 Canyon Series: Leaving Paria  60 X 62

Jane’s represented by galleries in Atlanta, Georgia; Kansas City, Missouri; Manhattan, Kansas and Miami, Florida.  She was a recent award winner in the four state River Market juried competition in Kansas City, Missouri, and was selected for the Governor’s Inaugural Book of Notable Kansas.

Field of Sunflowers 46 X 84

When we asked Jane to describe her art process and what goes through her mind while painting, here is what she said:

“A dog’s sense of smell is 100 times more powerful than a human’s.  As he is running along, muscles streaming, nose twitching, to the ground/in the air/to the ground, tail wagging, stopping on a dime, rocketing back to full speed as he locates a trail, a whole dimension available to him, this 100 times capacity to smell.  It provides amazing depth and power and complexity to the simplest experiences.  He’s using his senses entirely, he is entirely his senses.  It’s joyful, it’s intuitive, it is what he’s about”.

“I like to paint like a bird dog runs, bringing a depth of senses to the canvas, using the whole body, intuition engaged.   Painting to express the way moments sound, how hot or cold they are, their softness or roughness, the chaos or peace that is generated.  Expressing how the world touches the senses.  In life, these moments evaporate as they appear. It is a joy to set them on a canvas to consider”.

River 60 X 144

A look inside Jane’s Process:  Raw canvas begins on the floor, paints are thinned and poured, layers of color are pushed into shapes. When dry, the canvas is tacked to a hard surface, and crayons, pastels or pencils are often used to make marks, defining detail, bringing in elements of perspective, discernment, sharper lines and focus.

Fin–Running Over 52×64

Tobi Fairley Gallery is hosting a wine and cheese reception for Jane Booth this Thursday, December 2nd from 6-8pm.  For early viewings, please call Brooke for an appointment at 501-868-9882. 

Swimming Series–Dipping Water from the River 60 x 48

I am truly excited about this show.  Jane is one of the most talented artists I have come across in a long time and now a new favorite of mine. The enormous scale of her works adds to the drama of each piece. The texture of raw canvas is both rugged and sophisticated at the same time.  

Blue Sky 56×60

If you are looking for a stunner to fill a large and important focal point in your home, Jane’s work would be a perfect fit.  If you are a collector of contemporary art, you MUST see Jane’s collection.

I hope to see you at this amazing show and if you live out of state, please contact us for more information on Jane’s paintings.