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Tobi’s Top Tips and my Design from A to Z Live Event

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Tobi Tip 1

We are just 5 weeks away from my VERY FIRST live event in Dallas. Yep, my Design from A to Z course is coming to Big D and it’s happening soon! So to celebrate, today I am bringing you 10 of my favorite design tips while I tell you all about my signature A to Z course and why you must join me for some super-sized design fun in Texas–because as we know everything is bigger in Texas.

Tobi Tip 2

I am so excited that we have moved our live events to Dallas this year making it easier and less expensive for many of you to join me and learn how to design your own home the way design professionals like me design our own projects. We have a special price running all year long for my events in honor of my 15th anniversary in business and it’s much easier to get to Big D than it is to our tiny airport in Little Rock.

Tobi Tip 3

If you want me to teach you my step-by-step approach to designing a floor plan that functions for you, creating a gorgeous kitchen design, selecting the perfect paints, mixing fabric colors and patterns with success (my specialty) then you MUST attend my Design from A to Z course on March 18-19 in Dallas.

Tobi Tip 4

I will also help you decide where to save and where to splurge in your home. I will help you think out of the box when it comes to your lighting plan and fixtures. I will teach you the biggest Do’s and Don’t to avoid in design. And just think…avoiding these mistakes alone will save you so much money that it could very well pay for your A to Z investment.

Tobi Tip 5

In Design from A to Z , I teach lots of the principles of design that I learned in Design School and I bring you techniques and “on the job training” that I’ve learned through my almost 20 years in the industry.

Tobi Tip 6

If you are into repurposing, antiquing and sustainability, you will love the section on how I have repurposed pieces to add unique style to my spaces while keeping more money in my pocket and being kind to the earth. A triple win!

Tobi Tip 7

I will even bring some sneak peeks of a few projects I am currently working on and you will get to see my design selections for some of these current projects (shhhh!….they’re top secret!) plus a few before and after images that will be hitting magazines and the internet soon but that no one has seen quite yet. How exciting, right?

Tobi Tip 8

So if you want to be on the cusp of what is happening in the the design industry in the way of colors and trends, if you want to have my REAL techniques for designing client’s home (and my own) that you can use in your own home or for your clients, and if you want to learn how to design interiors that are magazine-worthy the way top design professionals do…DO NOT miss joining me in Dallas in March for my Design from A to Z live event.

Tobi Tip 9

This course is for Designers and Design Lovers. It is for beginners and professionals. And unlike my creativeLIVE online courses (which are fab by the way), you are there with me LIVE and in person getting your questions answered by me and getting to interact with me and the other designers and design lovers at the event. You’ll be surprised at how much you learn from each other too. Tobi Tip 10

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Design from A to Z today. We are going to have a ball living and breathing all things design from morning ’til night! We’ll be at the gorgeous and newly renovated Stoneleigh Hotel but space is limited, so grab your seat TODAY! Or tell your honey it’s the perfect Valentine’s gift. (hint! hint!)

I’ll see you there!


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Alex Papachristidis and Pantone’s Color of 2014

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Yes, I’m jumping into the 2014 Color of the Year buzz today.  In the design world we’ve all gotten accustomed in recent years to hearing about Pantone’s Color of the Year announcement for what HOT color to expect to see most in design and fashion for the coming year. And 2014’s color was announced today to be Radiant Orchid, a lovely and fresh pinky version of lavender. Which I, for one, think Pantone has gotten exactly right for next year. Purple has been coming on strong in the design world for a while, and I think it will hit its peak next year.


One designer who uses Orchid and other glorious shades of purple masterfully is the brilliant Alex Papachristidis who was our special guest yesterday at my Getting Published event along with Sandra Gilbert-Freidus, senior editor at Rizzoli books and Alex’s personal book editor. And, as you can see in his charming photo above, Alex even wears purple well.


Just yesterday I told you about my favorite design books of this holiday season, but don’t forget about Alex’s glorious book, The Age of Elegance, that came out last year, and I am thrilled to now add an autographed copy to my collection. It’s an exquisite monograph that includes plenty of purple inspiration on its glossy and colorful pages.


Here’s a fun photo of Alex and his partner Scott Nelson with me at our event this week. Our attendees and I were mesmerized by Alex’s presentation and his work along with his genuine, unpretentious and endearing personality. And if you don’t already, you MUST follow Alex on Instagram, his self-professed new obsession, where he is known as “Alex’s Viewpoint” to appreciate his attention to detail. His feed is truly eye candy!

But for now let’s take a look at how Alex helped set this trend of Radiant Orchid and other beautiful purples including on the pages of Elle Decor




I particularly love this room of Alex’s and though the purple here is richer than orchid, the layering of purple with rich teals and cobalts will be very strong next year and works beautifully as Alex shows us here. In my opinion, a close second to purple for the color of the year this coming season is cobalt blue. So if you are a blue lover like most people are, you are in luck!


And I enjoy seeing red starting to make a big comeback in Design. In the coming years, I predict we will see a red resurgence and here Alex has expertly mixed red with purple for a super chic result.

past pantones of the year

Just in case you were wondering about past colors of the year, here are the  last 6 years including last year’s Emerald Green. Oh you know how I love GREEN. And you can see other past colors of the year on Pantone’s site, here.

So…what do you think? Are you a purple lover? Can you jump on board with Radiant Orchid for your home or wardrobe? Well, like Alex Papachristidis, I’m 100% on-board.

Happy Decorating Y’all!


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Design Tips with P. Allen Smith

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I spent the day recording a little “Tobi TV” with design tips for my amazing friend P. Allen Smith‘s television show. Or I should say shows…he has several.


If you don’t know my talented friend Allen, you should. He is one of America’s top gardening and landscaping experts. Plus he’s an author of several fantastic books, is a great cook, has a knack for decorating and is just an all-around talented guy.

And I am thrilled to once again be appearing on several episodes with him starting this September bringing my top interior design tips to his viewers across the nation.


Today we recorded segments on everything from hot design trends, to fun with paint, to showcasing your collections and heritage pieces. We pretty much covered it all!


It was an action packed day including wardrobe changes, camera crews, script ad-libbing  and photo styling. Plus we threw in a bit of horsing around to keep things fun.


So stay tuned for air dates for these fun and informative segments with P. Allen Smith on all things design.

And if you want to learn my top design tips, techniques and secrets for creating gorgeous and functional interiors in a work-shop, hands-on environment, join me in person for my signature event–Design from A to Z. Learn more about it and all of my FAB events for this Fall right here. We have an amazing line-up and can’t wait for you to join in the Design fun.


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(Drumroll, Please…) I’m Announcing Exciting Guests for Design A to Z and a Special Offer for You!!

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I’m about to burst with excitement, because I’ve been sitting on a BIG surprise! As you may know, my next 3-day session of Design A to Z begins on November 7th (that’s just three weeks away!), and we have the most incredible line-up of special guests ever in the history of Camp Tobi Fairley!! Yes, I said “guests,” as in more than one special guest.

If you read this blog, chances are you love design (some of you probably eat, sleep, and breathe design!), and if you love design, it just doesn’t get better than practical training in creating gorgeous interiors AND schmoozing with the design elite at the same time.

And what has me extra excited about the guests we’re hosting for Design A to Z next month is that they are all dear, dear friends of mine.  So, without further ado, our superstar presenters…(ready for that drumroll now):

Yes, Amanda Nisbet is coming! In case you don’t know about the stunning work of my sweet friend Amanda Nisbet, she’s an interior designer who creates interiors with lots of energy that feel fresh and cleverly-layered.

She’s a very busy lady, with her own line of textiles (available through Holland & Sherry showrooms, Harbinger (L.A.), Travis (ATL), and Tigger Hall (Australia)), a lighting collection with The Urban Electric Co., and two rug collections (!!!), so we’re honored that she’s taking the time to join us. She’s received a TON of attention around her signature aesthetic, including publication in House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Veranda, Coastal Living, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Oprah At Home! There’s been a boost in the buzz lately surrounding the release of her beautiful new book,  Dazzling Design.

You. Want. This. Book. Believe me, you do. And…if you join me for Design A to Z, you will receive a signed copy as a GIFT from me!! You all know I’m wild about giving gifts, and this is my special, secret (oops!) gift to each and every camper for our upcoming session.

Now, if you’re thinking to yourself…that’s plenty of excitement for a three-day event, think AGAIN! We will be joined by another fellow designer and friend, whose work I admire: Scot Meacham Wood!

You probably already follow Scot’s wildly popular blog, The Adventures of Tartan Scot. He is a man whose cosmopolitan sensibilities have led him to a signature style that he calls “gracious.” I just love that description of life-inspired interiors, so insightful! He’s a tartan lover, a runner, and he collects antique china. I’ve asked him to speak specifically about his technique of choosing finishes for a room, so that things stay layered and diverse without getting distracting and chaotic (this is a topic I’m frequently asked about, so I know it’s going to be a HUGE help for lots of you!).

We are all going to learn a lot from Scot’s unique design perspective, and we’re also sure to enjoy ourselves because he’s lots of fun to be around.

Of course all the bustle right now is about High Point’s Fall Market, and I know lots of design enthusiasts want the SCOOP on this high-profile trade show. And if you want to know the ins and outs…Cheminne Taylor-Smith is your woman.

Cheminne is the Vice President of Marketing at the High Point Market Authority. You’re not likely to meet anyone more familiar with the design industry from ALL angles. She has over two decades of experience in home furnishings, as well as experience working with Margaret Russell at Elle Decor. We’re lucky to have her expertise as part of our sessions! Not only is she going to lend us her insights, she’s also looking forward to getting more information on the design side! She’s been a good friend of mine for some time, and I’m so excited to see her.

I’m also thrilled to say that the response to the Central Arkansas Antique Tour Add-On was so great, that we’ve invited interior designer Kathryn Greeley to lead us in search of the state’s finest pieces AGAIN!

Of course you know of Kathryn’s passion for entertaining and for creating and displaying magnificent collections, through her features here on the blog and on the pages of Traditional Home, on Martha Stewart Radio, on our mutual friend, P. Allen Smith’s radio show. NOW is your chance to get her expert advice on how and where to find the antique pieces that will make your room look “collected, not decorated.” When you attend the the Antique Trip, you’ll also receive a signed copy of her book, The Collected Tabletop!

"Kathryn Greeley"

So, with a line up of guests like that, I’d say you can’t afford to miss out on this Camp Tobi Fairley event! I always ALWAYS get inspired about sharing my design experience and tools with people who are eager to learn more, and I always learn a lot from the amazing people who attend! So the fact that we will have such a great group of presenters and guests just compounds my anticipation; I’m marking off the days until Design A to Z!!!

To learn much more about the content of this crash-course in the basics of interior design, CLICK HERE. It has been a major motivator and source of inspiration to design professionals and enthusiasts alike!

And, here’s an exciting promotion. Because this amazing group of design experts are going to be in my home studio, ready to learn and share with us, while there are still seats available I want to make YOU a very special offer: If you decide to join us for Design A to Z…I want to invite you to bring a friend FOR FREE!! (Not valid with early bird special or other discounts. But certainly email us if you have questions). So, to learn more and reserve your seat, visit the Camp Tobi Fairley website, here.


P.S. Don’t miss me on KATV’s Good Morning Arkansas Today at 9am CST. I’ll be talking about getting your kitchen ready for Fall and speaking of Fall, I’ll elaborate more on our Fall Lineup of Camp Tobi Fairley guests and give you more details!

Camp Tobi Fairley is grateful to its event sponsors:

Falling for Fall

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Good Saturday Morning Everyone!

Today is the first really chilly day of Fall in Little Rock and my little one and I are up early and sitting by the fire in the Living Room while I enjoy an extra cup of coffee.

This first cool October day is in my top 5 favorite days of the the entire year!  The day that I can finally tell that Fall, my favorite season, has officially arrived.

Just yesterday we  loaded up my car with pumpkins and mums for our front porch, an official beginning of our Autumn celebrations!

I adore Fall. The clothes, the weather, the smell of a fire in the fireplace and cooking comfort food on the stove. It all makes me feel so nurtured and cared for. And then there’s my favorite Holiday…Thanksgiving. I love that time of reflection and gratitude for all the blessings in my life!

But this year, Fall is even better than usual for me. Why is that you ask? Well it’s because I have a few things to be especially grateful for. I have made some major changes in my life. I have gotten healthy, both mentally and physically, I have a sense of peace and serenity that I have never had.  As a result, I have gotten really happy. Blissfully happy. And it’s having a real trickle down affect on my family, my staff, and others around me.

Do you remember my series of posts 9 months ago stating my Resolutions, Plans, and Dreams for the year? Well if you missed them, follow the links above for a refresher. And since we are winding down 2012, I thought now would be a great time to see just how many of them I accomplished.

Did you write resolutions? Well if you did, pull them out and meet me back here tomorrow and let’s grade our “resolutions report card” and see what else we want to make happen in 2012 while we still have time. Plus it’s not too early to start thinking about 2013. It’s truly just around the corner.

Wishing you a Happy Fall and Happy Weekend. Don’t forget to nurture yourself and those you love during this special time of year!

Until tomorrow… xo, Tobi

P.S. You can find these lovely Fall photos on my “Falling for Fall” Pinterest Board.  And if you are looking for a creative way to celebrate Fall and nurture yourself, why don’t you come to Camp Tobi Fairley for our Design from A to Z Camp? You can learn more about it and sign up here!