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Tobi’s Top Ten Tips for Creating the Perfect Bedroom

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Master Bedroom  6576

Yesterday you saw the photos of my bedroom and it’s transition from 2007 to the present.

Creating a comfortable, beautiful and restful bedroom retreat can really happen on any budget if you pay attention to the details.

In Designers at Home, Ronda Carman’s goal was to capture the details that designers use in their own homes to live beautiful and well-lived lives. So what does that mean for me particularly in my bedroom, the place in my home where I spend the most time?

Well here are my Tobi’s Top Ten Tips for Creating the Perfect Bedroom and a few of my favorite bedroom spaces for inspiration.


(design by Greg Natale)

1. Comfy Carpet or Rug–Having the perfect texture under foot when you step out of bed or step in makes your whole bedroom experience better.

Bonnie Williams, Delaware

(design by Bunny Williams)

2. Lighting Control is key–making sure you can go from a dark room just right for getting shut-eye to a room full of natural light is the best of both worlds. That way you can be happy and bright during the day and then perfectly cozy and private at night. Shutters, drapery, shades, or a combination, all help make a variety of light possible.

dt.common.streams.StreamServer.cls(design by Brian Patrick Flynn)

3. A Soft Headboard–My bed is for rest, reading, working and more. For that reason a great comfy headboard is exactly what I need for leaning, propping and then a soft surface when I’m sleeping. Don’t you love this dramatic blue tufted version?


(design by Philip Gorrivan)

4. Tuck away your electronics so you can sleep–Nobody gets a good night’s rest with your TV, phone, or other electronics nearby with lights blinking all night long. Having a chest at your bedside to tuck away your phone or other favorite electronics is a perfect solution. And if you have a grommet in the back of your cabinet, you can even keep them plugged in while tucked away so they are perfectly charged when you awake.


(design by Miles Redd)

5. Perfect Pillows–We all have different preferences when it comes to pillows. But not having your type or enough of them can prevent you from getting your best rest. So whether down or poly, natural feathers or hypo-allergenic, king-sized or standard, knowing your pillow preference and how many you like makes for the best bed ever.


(design by Windsor Smith via Veranda Magazine)

 6. Cool Color Palette–I’ve had red bedrooms and I’ve had pale blue and I can truthfully say color psychology is real and a serene and cool color palette makes all the difference for relaxing in your room. So go soft and subtle with colors if you want a respite from the busy world outside.


(design by Tiffany Eastman )

7. Flowers and candles–Small beautiful touches like fresh flowers or a great smelling candle can up the luxury factor in your space. But that doesn’t mean expensive. I even pick up fresh flowers regularly at my local grocery market and have them at my bedside. Bringing nature indoors makes you feel alive, and enjoying fresh scents like lavender can help you relax.


(design by Bunny Williams)

8. Layered Blankets–Being able to control your temperature year round or during the night is imperative for a great night’s sleep. I change out my blankets depending on the time of year–cotton in the summer, wool or cashmere in the winter. But I need at least a light weight blanket on me year round. There’s something about being tucked in that makes me fall asleep and stay that way.


 (design by Nicole Cohen via Rue Magazine)

9. Layered Lighting–I love a bedroom that has ambient lighting like a lamp with a soft bulb, mixed with task lighting for reading a book, and then there is sometimes a need for an overhead light (but with dimmers), like when you are packing your suitcase or making sure you are dressing with 2 of the same colored socks. Layering the lighting in any room, particularly your bedroom, allows the perfect mix of function and comfort.


(design by Mary McDonald)

10. The Perfect Sheets–Oh the sheets! Maybe the most important part of the bedroom (possibly other than a comfy mattress), the sheets are key in your comfort factor. So whether you are a crisp cotton sheet person, one who wants a high-thread count for softness, or like me prefer my SDH Legna Cellulose sheets (they are made from Italian Wood Fiber and Oh so soft!), don’t downplay your sheets. I’ve even gotten high-thread count, super comfy sheets at target before. But our Legna sheets are so good, we often joke about taking them with us when we travel.

I hope these tips help you create your perfect nest right at home and assure you get an amazing night’s sleep! To see more of my favorite bedrooms, follow my Pinterest board called Beautiful Bedrooms.

And if you want to make your guest room just as perfect for those over-night visitors to your home, check out one of my most popular blog posts ever on making an experience special for your guests whether for a holiday, special occasion,  or any time of year.

See you tomorrow with more photos of my home.


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Designers at Home: Now Available for Pre-Order!

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It’s here, it’s here!! So excited to announce that Ronda Carman’s book Designers at Home: Personal Reflections on Stylish Living is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Ronda is a great friend of mine and I couldn’t be happier to share in the excitement of this fabulous debut! As the founder of All the Best blog, she definitely knows great style. In this book she gives an inside view into the homes of 50 of the top designers in the field including Bunny Williams, Charlotte Moss, Jan Showers, Scot Meacham Wood, Barry Dixon and India Hicks — just to name a few!! Trust me, this book is loaded with glimpses into the amazingly inspiring homes of these designers, as well as their own tips and ideas for gracious living. There’s even a fantastic foreword from Martha Stewart!

Oh, and did I mention that she was kind enough to include my home and tips in this book as well?!? What an honor!!

So, what are you waiting for…?

Pre-order your copy today!!

xo, Tobi

Read in Redbook…

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Hi Friends, I don’t know about you, but I think Sundays are a great time for relaxing and flipping through a few favorite magazines. This month I was thrilled to be featured in a Redbook story that is all about color — one of my favorite topics! It was especially exciting for my work to be shown alongside some of the best in the business, including Bunny Williams and Suzanne Kasler. Here’s the story for your own Sunday reading.

Like I always say, “live in color!”
xo, Tobi

Expert Advice: Laura Casey

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Laura Casey is a talented designer with a keen eye for the classics. Today she’s here to share a few words and pieces of inspiration from someone we all love — Bunny Williams. Enjoy! xo, Tobi

In the spring of 2010 I had the opportunity to hear Bunny Williams speak in Charlotte, NC. It was wonderful to hear her discuss the elements that are important to her design process. During this talk she strongly reinforced the need for proportion and bringing in exceptional, personal pieces to create a well-defined and unique space. Every detail and element in her rooms are meticulously considered. I think about these points now during my own design process.

 I am most inspired by her ability to select such unique pieces that transform the entire feel of a space. This antique mirror is beautifully detailed and well-proportioned.

The Bentwood rocking chair is a pleasantly unexpected choice and doesn’t interrupt the view.


In the 2009 Kips Bay Show House she chose a complementary mix of colors, textiles and prints.


Aren’t the chairs in this kitchen fantastic?

The beautiful embroidery incorporated into this canopy defines the room.

I love that someone approaching this chair from behind would never know that this interesting fabric is on the front.

When I saw this photo on the February 2011 cover of Elle Decor I was very curious to see who the designer was and of course, Bunny Williams did it again by defining a space with interesting and unique elements.

I love how the aged columns just barely do not touch the ceiling, which is otherwise free of ornamentation. She mixes everything together so well.

One of Bunny’s sayings that has stuck with me and I will always remember is, “The process is like scrambled eggs, you mix it all up and hopefully it comes out soufflé.”


[Designs Shown by Bunny Williams]

Virtual Design Summer Camp Counselor: Grant K. Gibson

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For the next installment in my virtual camp counselor series, I welcome San Francisco interior designer Grant K. Gibson.  Grant was kind enough to take time for a little Q&A.

TF: Thanks for being a camp counselor at Design Summer Camp!  We here are at “Camp Tobi” are geared up about this adventure!
GG:  Thanks so much for including me.  I love this concept and what a great way to bring people together from all around the country!
TF:  I thought we could start out with a few “camp” inspired questions.  Did you go to summer camp as a kid?
GG:  I did, every summer for a month.  I grew up in Los Angeles- so I didn’t go far.  It was a place called Cottontail Ranch in Malibu.  Everything from horseback riding, swimming, art classes, to learning to surf, computer classes, campfires, smores and more!
TF:  Is there anything you remember about summer camp that inspires you today?
GG:  I remember that those days spent at camp were just about fun and laughing.  Sometimes I think that we forget to do this in our day to day life.  I love to smile and laugh and just have a good time.  It makes life more interesting and not to serious all of the time.
TF:  What types of inspiration do you draw from the outdoors in the course of your interior design work?
GG:  Honestly, I am not the most outdoorsy person in the world.  I am lucky enough to be living in San Francisco now where nature is always close by and a wonderful source of inspiration.  An easy pop in the car up to Napa to see the hills and grapes on the vines.  Every season has different colors.  Harvest time is amazing- oranges, reds, browns, burnt yellows.  Its beautiful.


TF:  Do you have a favorite iconic rustic interior?
GG:  I adore Bunny Williams and her Greek Temple.  It looks like it is ready for me to just move right in!

TF:  What are your favorite nature-inspired trends and/or products?
GG:  I love Faux Bois. Everything from the Diptyque candles to tables to one of my favorite wallpapers from Nobilis.


Photo couretsy of Benjamin Dhong Interiors

TF:  What’s a favorite paint color inspired by the natural world?
XX:  My foyer is painted Donald Kaufman DKC-10.  It reminds me of mushrooms in the forest and being told not to eat them since they could be poison.  I also think that Benjamin Moore’s Oregano is amazing.  I did a powder room once in the color in a high gloss lacquer finish.  It reminds me of mosses and ferns which I just adore.


TF:  What’s your take on animal mounts?  How do you feel about the current faux mounts in wood, gilding, etc.?
GG:  I haven’t really used animal mounts in projects before.  The eyes staring down at you kind of freaks me out.   But in the right setting, they can be perfect.
TF:  What current designer who relates their designs to nature inspires you?
GG:  I am not sure if there is one that I can name.  I like to see interiors that are layered with different colors- sands, taupe, browns, pale greens and blues.  I like a layered color palette that is calming and mostly neutral.  These colors are straight out of nature.
TF:  How do you like to rough it?  Tent or cabin?  Or can you not live without 5-star room service?
GG:  I went camping once in high school and that was PLENTY for me.  I always remember when I was on the first date with my (now partner) and I asked him if he liked to camp or hike.  He said NO way and it was right then that I knew that he was a match for me. I have to say that I am intrigued by Airstreams.  Maybe I have been watching too many Grey’s Anatomy episodes (I know Dr. McDreamy isn’t included)

TF:  Thanks so much for joing us at Design Summer Camp Grant!  We love the inspiration you’ve shared with us!