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Tobi TV: Those Little Details

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Good interior design is really in the details – no matter how small! What may seem to some like a tiny part of the room can help give your design personality and flair. Paying attention to detail can take your home from good to amazing!

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 1.31.07 PM

So what details should you keep in mind for your interiors? I like to have a combination of furnishings with great details as well as those perfect accessories. Take a look at these elements I used in my new collection for CR Laine:

See how something small can make a BIG impact? Let’s review those ideas:

1) Details like an acrylic foot on a sofa or chaise can add that perfect piece of jewelry to a dressed-up design!

2) When you’re looking at furnishings for your home, notice design elements like a greek key carving along the base of a chair or bench. Those give your room a subtle sophistication.

3) I love fretwork – both on furnishings and in room designs. Look for open-work that’s bold and beautiful!

4) I’ve been covering books in paper for years to add color and interest to a room, but think about spray painting old books to really give a unique touch to your shelves!

5) Nailhead trim is another fantastic design detail on furnishings – I like to use different patterns like starbursts.

6) A gold leaf border around a table’s top is a great way to add some shine to your design!

So remember, it really IS all about they details! They make all the difference!








Which Would You Choose: Covered Books or Book Jackets?

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134 This week, I would like to give you a choice about something in YOUR home! Usually on Wednesdays I ask you to help me make up my mind on a design detail for my new house – which hopefully will be ready to unveil some time in the new year!

But this week, I’m curious about which you would choose in your own home: books that are covered to coordinate with the decor of the room, or leaving books in their usual book jackets. I already know which one I will choose for my living room, but I also know it’s a controversial choice.


I prefer to design my bookshelves as part of the overall composition of the space – so covering the books is not a trend for me, it’s something I like to do to keep the design continuity going in the room! I do get that it isn’t a look for everyone. Many people like to pull books off the shelves to read them at a moment’s notice, and that’s harder to do when you can’t see the titles of any of the books!


But I like to keep the books that I want to read – and I am a BIG reader – closer at hand. So when we get to another room in my house you’ll see that there I’ll have all of my books uncovered. In the living room for my new house, though, I want the space to be sleek, serene, restful. So in this room, I’m probably going to have many books on the shelves covered in white paper to keep that mood.

So what would YOU choose in your own home? I would love to “uncover” both sides of this question! Let me know in the comments below!









What’s Inspiring TFID?: Books

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It’s time for another edition of “What’s Inspiring TFID?”.  I asked the staff at Tobi Fairley Interior Design to tell me what books are currently inspiring them.  Here’s what they told me:

Brooke, VP of Sales & Marketing

“I’m inspired by designer Kathryn Greeley’s new book, The Collected Tabletop.  Her table settings are inspiring!”


Brittany, Designer


“I can’t wait to see the inspiring interiors in Martyn Lawrence-Bullard’s upcoming book Live, Love & Decorate.  He’s bananas!”


Ashley, Jr. Designer

“I get so much inspiration from Kelly Wearstler’s Modern Glamour.  She’s fabulous.” 


Kathryn, Jr. Designer

“The photography in Slim Aarons’ La Dolce Vita is inspiring my dreams of future travel.”


Margaret, Office Manager

 “In My Passion for Design by Barbra Streisand, I’m especially inspired by the vintage streetscape of rooms Barbra has created in her basement!”


Bart, Warehouse Manager

“This fall I’m headed to Biloxi, Mississippi, for the Fall Muster Festival.  In preparation I’m getting inspired by various Civil War history books.  On a design note, Beauvoir: A Walk Through History, takes a look at the home the historic home of Jefferson Davis.


Landon, Designer

“As the resident Anglophile here at TFID, one is taking a very brief holiday across the channel to join ‘it’ Brit girl Kathryn Ireland for a bit of French inspiration with Summers in France.”



The ever-chic Mary McDonald is the still holding my attention with her amazing book Mary McDonald: The Allure of Style.

What book is inspiring you right now?



Book-filled Rooms

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(Canadian House and Home via Full House)

Books aren’t trendy, they are classic. Decorating with them never goes out of style though the way they are styled changes with the years.  I love this image from Canadian House and Home’s Trends Issue for 2011. The collection of books is just as yummy as the rich teal paint that covers the room.

Here are more of my favorite book-filled interiors.

(Patricia Gray Blog)


(Habitually Chic)

(Habitually Chic)

(Elle Decor)

(Elle Decor)







(Habitually Chic)

(Cym Lowell Blog)

(Brown Button)

(Kelly Wearstler)



(Design Sponge)



(Patricia Gray Blog)

(Tobi Fairley)

I’d love to hear which rooms are your favorites and why. I especially love dining rooms filled with books. Maybe because it’s unexpected. Or maybe because I love a great book as much as I love a great meal! 

Looking for a few new books to read and fill your shelves this year? Check out my 2011 reading list and my all-time favorite books in my January Travel and Leisure feature.

Happy Reading and Happy New Year!

La Colina – Bunny’s Caribbean Retreat

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Translated as “the hill,” La Colina overlooks the beautiful Caribbean sea.  Bunny Williams and her husband John Roselli, built this classically-inspired home in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  It was after visiting their friend Oscar de la Renta there throughout the years, that they chose this location.

Modeled after the raised cottages of the American South, Bunny enlisted the help of classical architect, Ernesto Buch.

The master bedroom has the most amazing turquoise Venetian plaster walls.  Designed for outdoor living, each bedroom has French doors which lead onto the veranda.

The crisp white gentleman’s bathroom walls are contrasted nicely with an ebony chair and mahogany towel stand.  The interior shutters are such a clever touch. 

And remember the beautiful Greek temple pool house at Bunny’s Connecticut home?  Here’s her coastal version.  Margarita, por favor!

You can read more about La Colina in Bunny Williams’ Point of View.
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