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Ask Tobi: Painting Furniture

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Q:  I’m a longtime reader of your blog and just adore your work!  I recently purchased a table on Craigslist. It reminds me of a writing desk that I have seen in one of your projects. I’d love to get your tips on getting a flawless finish when repainting old furniture, and also it would be great if you could recommend a fabulous navy blue paint color. It’s hard to find one that’s not too purple or too royal blue. Thanks for your help!  -Sarah

A:  Hi Sarah!

Thanks for the compliments! That’s so kind of you to say. Painting furniture is a great way to add color in a room to achieve a custom look. Here is a picture of the writing desk you mentioned. I repainted this desk for the Energy House, a green design showhouse located in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

 Here are my tips for achieving a flawless painted finish on wood furniture.

Step 1 – Sand the piece of furniture using fine grit sandpaper. Be sure to sand with the grain of the wood — not against it.

Step 2 – Fill in any cracks or imperfections in the wood with wood filler.  Allow the wood filler to dry and sand away any excess.

Step 3 – Paint the furniture with one coat of primer (I like to use Kilz). Allow the primer to dry completely.

Step 4 – Apply the first coat of paint using a small to medium-sized paint brush. I recommend purchasing paint with a semi-gloss finish. Allow the first coat of paint to dry completely, and then apply the second coat of paint and allow to dry.

Step 6 – You may also want to apply a sealant, such as polyurethane, to protect against everyday wear and tear. It will keep you from making frequent touch-ups!

Also, keep in mind that to get to the color shade you want, you may need to apply more than two coats.

Here are two great shades of navy that I can recommend. You can’t go wrong with either one!

Happy painting!



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Going Green…

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! If you’re looking to “go green” this year, you’re in luck. Today, I’m sharing my five favorite green paint colors. Where will you use these?

1. Kind Green (SW 6457) / 2. Parakeet (SW 6711) / 3. Shagreen (SW 6422) / 4. Vine Green (Benjamin Moore 2034-20) / 5. Lime Rickey (SW 6717)

Happy Decorating!


p.s. For more green inspiration, have a look at my formal living room, where I truly show my love for the crisp drama of greens!


Color Trends

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Benjamin Moore has announced its 2012 Color of the Year.  It’s Wythe Blue and it’s one of my favorites.

Take a look at this kitchen from my project featured on the over of the March 2010 issue of House Beautiful:

House of Turquoise just ran a great post with lots of inspirational images using Wythe Blue.  Be sure to head over and check it out!


p.s. Some more shots of my multiple uses of turquoise in the home mentioned above: