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Before and After: Beautiful B&B

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There’s an amazing new bed and breakfast in High Point, N.C.! It’s called Pandora’s Manor and it’s owned by one of my favorite companies, Eastern Accents. They asked me and 5 other interior designers to revamp the bedrooms in the historic home, and given my love of traditional homes, I couldn’t wait to redesign my space!

Before we got started, the rooms had some amazing details that you see in so many historic homes, like the wood floors and a marble fireplace – I love a fireplace in a bedroom! But, also like a lot of older homes, things also looked a bit dated as families moved in and out and as tastes and trends changed.

One thing I knew I wanted to add was a WOW factor, but I still wanted to keep the traditional elements that I love so much. So I added wainscoting to the bottom of the walls, but gave those walls a more modern look with a deep black paint on the upper half. Then I layered in a bright yellow fabric in the draperies and upholstery, all from fabrics that are in my own collection for Duralee.

The room before was a little cramped with older furniture and upholstery, and I wanted to add glamour and a more modern look with my design for this bedroom.

My new Tilly chair for CR Laine really has that vintage look with a modern twist that I was searching for, so it was the perfect fit. And I was lucky enough to also be able to use pieces from my collections of art for Soicher Marin and tables and a desk from Woodbridge Furniture.

There is an attached bathroom for each of the bedrooms, so I also pulled in some of the design elements and colors from the bedroom into the bath.

I love a bold graphic wallpaper, and this black-and-white pattern was a perfect complement to the bedroom’s decor. I also used the same drapery fabric and Greek key detailing that you can see on the bedroom windows.

The final result was a room that guests will love, featuring a big luxurious bed with fabulous Eastern Accents linens to lounge in! I was so honored to be given this project, and I even wrote a letter to the guests who will stay here in the coming years.

The designers who were involved in the home with me are Alexa Hampton, Barclay Butera, Celerie Kemble, Thom Filicia, and Madcap Cottage – here we all are on the steps of Pandora’s Manor in our special Eastern Accents PJs! To see their rooms and to learn more about the home, click here to read the feature on Traditional Home‘s website!

If you’re in High Point, N.C., for the upcoming High Point Market, be sure to stop in and tour this gorgeous B&B. It’s a great place to stay, with an amazing staff!







Tobi TV: 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Bed for Your Guest Room

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It’s officially the holiday season this week, so how guest-worthy is your extra bedroom? It’s so important to choose the right size bed for that extra space in your house!

We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, but how much time do you really spend thinking about which bed you should be using? Especially for your guests?


The size of the bed is so important in home decor. Using the correct bed for each bedroom in your home will help you create gorgeous AND functional spaces. Let’s take a look at some ways to try these beds on for size:

They all look so comfortable! Here’s a recap of those bed size tips.

1. Twin beds function well in guest rooms for all ages and genders.

2. Day beds are perfect for multifunctional spaces like an office/guest room.

3. Queen-size beds are beautiful and make a perfect set for a guest suite. It’s also the most popular size for bedrooms across the country.

4. King beds are not only the most comfy and roomy, they are the perfect way to make a grand statement in a large room. But be sure you have the room for this grand size, or your bedroom will feel crowded.

Bed sizes make all the difference when trying to make the most of your space. Which size do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below and make all your rooms function no matter the size!

Bonne nuit!







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7 Ways to Design Wonderful Window Seats

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As designers, we’re sometimes confronted with architectural details of a home that either can’t be changed, or that the owner doesn’t want to change. So we learn how to make the most of what we have. One of those architectural issues is what to do with a dormer window – they look awesome on the outside, but give you a sliver of a space on the inside. Here are my tips for making the most of these small nooks with functional window seats:


1. Create a desk area. Flip the idea of a window seat on its head and put a desk into the nook like I did in the girl’s room I designed above! It creates a great space for homework, and with a great view to boot.


2. Design a reading nook. I love how my friend and fellow designer Jenny Tamplin used a lot of pattern and pillows to make a comfy and stylish seat on her landing, perfect for curling up with a good book.


3. Give it a hidden talent. It’s great to have an extra place to sit, but storage is even better, especially in a bedroom. I love to add drawers to that extra space under a window!


4. Work it. By adding a small table in front of this window seat, I created a little work space for a preteen girl. She’s also got storage and plugs, perfect for working on her iPad or listening to music on her phone.


5. Check out. If you have a larger window space, considering adding shelves, lighting, and a lot of comfort for your own personal home library, like I did in the photo above!


6. Sleep on it. Or if you have the space, tuck a bed into the window area, like I did in this boy’s room! The bonus for this space was it opened up a lot of room for a desk and other furnishings when I didn’t have to try to fit a bed in the room, too.


7. Add even MORE seating. In the nursery above, I tucked storage ottomans under the window seat, perfect for storing toys, and for giving visiting family members even more places to park.

So what do you think of these window seat ideas? Do you have a great idea for that space? Let me know in the comments section below!







Instagram Pix: Countdown to High Point

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screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-9-58-28-am It’s that time of year – a time I love! I’m not talking about fall (although I love that, too), but the countdown to the High Point Market. It’s so much fun to get together with my partner companies to show you new designs we’ve created together, like my Thomas desk above from Woodbridge Furniture.


If you’ve been paying attention on my Instagram account, you’ve see some of those inside looks, including the Blair Bar Cabinet I designed for Woodbridge, with their fun and funky stools covered in my fabric from Duralee!


Speaking of my fabric line with Duralee, I found another fan on Instagram, too – this adorable little Benny at @bennylove, who seems to love green and yellow especially!


It’s fun to launch brand new designs – and I have some amazing ones to show you in a few weeks – but it’s also exciting to reimagine products I introduced at past markets. Or to see what other people do with them – like the gorgeous stripes that Lovelace Interiors put on my Marguerite sofa from CR Laine.


My Lucy bed and Alexander chair from CR Laine look so different depending on the colors and fabrics that we wrap them in – like the navy and fuchsia in this guest bedroom.


My collection for Soicher Marin always looks spectacular – like here at the recent Atlanta Market – but wait till next April when we launch a MASSIVE new collection! Can’t wait!

And I have an exciting new launch in October with Woodbridge – my new outdoor collection of furniture! I can’t wait to show you the line next month!

So let’s start the countdown to High Point Market – the most wonderful time of the year!







Tobi TV: 5 Tips to Create the Perfect Master Suite

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The perfect master suite offers an oasis from the stress and craziness of our everyday lives! With the right elements and design, it can help you recharge your batteries and get much-needed rest.


I have 5 no-fail tips for creating that perfect master suite, so let’s take a look! 

See how easy it is to create your own getaway right at home? Let’s review those tips:

1. Balance the masculine and feminine in a space. It’s like bringing in the Yin and the Yang and making everyone feel at home in the room.

2. Place the bed opposite from the entrance to the room if you can. It makes for a more grand impression when entering the space.

3. If space allows, create a cozy sitting area in your master suite. It’s the perfect quiet space to read the newspaper or your favorite book and enjoy a cup of coffee.

4. A TV is a must for many in their master suite. If you can recess it into the wall for a seamless transition, the TV adds enjoyment but doesn’t interrupt the serene feeling you’ve created.

5. I always love to put a desk in a master suite. It’s a great place to write thank-you notes and work on your laptop. A desk in a master suite can be both functional and beautiful, and it reminds me of my favorite boutique hotels.

What is a design detail that you have to have in your master suite? Leave me a comment below and let me know! For more tips and ideas, be sure to check out my YouTube Channel, featuring every episode of Tobi TV!