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Tobi TV: 5 Ideas for Farmhouse Style

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Even if you live in the city, you can bring a little of that more relaxed country feeling into your home with farmhouse flair!

I designed this fab farmhouse that’s featured in the April issue of Traditional Home, and you can use details from this project to bring that chic country look to your home, too! One quick way is to use fun folk art, like the cow painting above. Let’s take a look at a few more ideas:

Aren’t you feeling nostalgic for a simpler life now? Let’s review those ideas for farmhouse style:

1. Look for pieces that are inspired by days gone by, like a chandelier created with old bottles and rustic metal.

2. Gingham is a pattern that reminds us of simpler times – it’s cozy and nostalgic, so bring it into any room for that country feeling.

3. Think about using a sliding barn door to replace a closet door in your home. It’s a fashionable farm look that’s right on trend!

4. Raid the antique stores and flea markets in your area for any vintage pieces like a pitchfork, an old rocking horse, or even an antique American flag.

5. For your desk or in a craft room, use old bottles and mason jars to hold pencils and other notions.

Those easy tips will give your home a farmhouse feeling, even if it’s in the middle of a major metropolis! Let me know what you think about these ideas in the comments section below!







Tobi TV: 4 Ways to Mix Old and New in Your Home

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So many of us have things that we collect or that we’ve inherited, but we don’t know how to use them with our newer pieces in the home. Well, good design is all in the mix!

In my farmhouse project that was recently featured in Traditional Home, the family had a lot of collections and vintage items that they wanted to use, so I combined them with new furniture and accessories in the perfect combination! Here are some tips for exactly how you can do that, too:

See? Old and new pair perfectly together! Let’s look at those tips one more time:

1. Use antiques that set the tone for the room, like this vintage flag from the ’30s that now flies in this brand new home. It gives the room character and an automatic history.

2. Add even more personality with your collections. Pull them out of those closets and display them wherever you like: the kitchen, a bedroom, or in open display cabinets.

3. It’s so special to use things that will remind you of your family history, like the old milk bottles that I used as a reminder of my client’s grandfather who owned a dairy. It’s a subtle touch that means so much!

4. Antiques don’t have to be “precious” – you can use them anywhere! I put an antique table into a bright bedroom to give it new life.

The key is to not be afraid to USE your vintage and antique items! Mix them right in with your newer furniture and accessories for the best of both worlds!







Tobi TV: Mixing Vintage and New China for the Perfect Tablescape

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It’s time to think about your Thanksgiving tabletop. If you love and collect china like I do, the options are endless for creating a gorgeous and unique look for holidays, special occasions, and every day!

A few months back I did a segment for my friend P. Allen Smith on his show The Garden Home. It was all about mixing my vintage china with new pieces for a fresh look.


Take a peek at the video and then let’s recap my tips for becoming the perfect mix-master for your tablescape:

So when prepping for your Thanksgiving or holiday tables, remember these tips:

1. Antique and vintage pieces mix beautifully with brand new china and glassware. Don’t feel like you have to stick to a particular age or style. I use new with old, and expensive with affordable, traditional with sleek.

2. Meaningful pieces from your heritage can add a bit of nostalgia to your table. Pull out grandmother’s pieces or your mom’s wedding china and enjoy the memories they bring to your event or dinner.

3. Mixing pattern and color is acceptable on the table, just like in an interior. The most interesting mix is achieved with a variety of scale, pattern, and color.

4. Tie it all together with a unifying piece. In my video, it’s the floral cup and saucer that makes all the shades of pink and green in the antique, vintage, and new tabletop decor all work seamlessly together. So look for that unifying piece for your table. And don’t overthink it. The unifying piece could even be the linens!

Now tell me, how do you plan to entertaining for the upcoming holiday season? And will you incorporate any vintage pieces and collectibles? I’d love to hear your entertaining ideas and recipes too. And be sure to share this video with those entertainers in your life. It just might inspire them to drag out their collections for a unique tabletop of their own.

Wishing you luck and creativity as you plan your gorgeous Thanksgiving table!


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