Tobi TV: 4 Ways to Mix Old and New in Your Home

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So many of us have things that we collect or that we’ve inherited, but we don’t know how to use them with our newer pieces in the home. Well, good design is all in the mix!

In my farmhouse project that was recently featured in Traditional Home, the family had a lot of collections and vintage items that they wanted to use, so I combined them with new furniture and accessories in the perfect combination! Here are some tips for exactly how you can do that, too:

See? Old and new pair perfectly together! Let’s look at those tips one more time:

1. Use antiques that set the tone for the room, like this vintage flag from the ’30s that now flies in this brand new home. It gives the room character and an automatic history.

2. Add even more personality with your collections. Pull them out of those closets and display them wherever you like: the kitchen, a bedroom, or in open display cabinets.

3. It’s so special to use things that will remind you of your family history, like the old milk bottles that I used as a reminder of my client’s grandfather who owned a dairy. It’s a subtle touch that means so much!

4. Antiques don’t have to be “precious” – you can use them anywhere! I put an antique table into a bright bedroom to give it new life.

The key is to not be afraid to USE your vintage and antique items! Mix them right in with your newer furniture and accessories for the best of both worlds!







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  1. franki says:

    That is just so perfect!! Haven’t seen that chandelier before!! We just drove past Little Rock and I gave you a “shout out” when crossing the bridge!! 🙂 franki