Before and After: Fresh Formal Dining Room

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There’s a debate with consumers today about whether formal dining rooms are still needed because there are so many people who never use them.  But I believe that if you love to entertain, or you have a big family, a separate dining room is a must! For my farmhouse project that was just featured in Traditional Home magazine, this large family definitely wanted a room that would accommodate everyone, as well as guests. And since this home was a new build, we were able to design exactly what they needed, from the ground up!

I loved the paneling and molding that we installed in this room. It really gave it a traditional look, like a home that has a long history and a story to tell.

We added an alcove area that would hold a sideboard and a gorgeous piece of art. When you’re building a new house, you really do have the ability to put in every detail that you want, which is so much fun for me as a designer!

To keep the room from being too stuffy and formal, I drenched the space in a fresh aqua color. I like to tell a color story throughout the house, and this lovely hue is featured in several nearby rooms, so it creates a great feeling of continuity from space to space.

Finally, I added in a deep chocolate brown to balance the aqua, and put in a few country details like the gingham and the florals as a nod to this modern farmhouse design.

So what do you think of the minty-fresh dining room? Do you still use your formal dining room? Tell me why or why not in the comments section below!







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2 Responses to Before and After: Fresh Formal Dining Room

  1. Sandra Garth says:

    This is beautiful and I love the color palette! We’ve had a formal dining room since we built our home 37 years ago. We’re empty nesters now but it still comes in handy.

  2. This room is so very pretty and I wish it were mine!!

    I hope the bloggers out there who believe that an all vanilla house is the way go get the chance to see your lovely, rich, and stunning design. Thank goodness for color!

    I hope to see more of this home and your work!