52 Weeks of Joy!

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JOY. It is the word that I selected to define 2017. And I couldn’t be more excited to be on this year-long quest for joy. But let’s be honest. The journey will be a LOT harder than it seems. Its just been 2 days since I announced my word of the year and I have already had dozens of things come up that could steal my joy, increase my stress level, knock me off track and all in less than a week! I am working hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. But that’s the thing about it, it takes focus and effort and lots and lots of practice to find JOY and keep our joy every day.


I also love the idea of sharing JOY with others. And helping them find their JOY each week. I gave the book 52 Lists for Happiness to several of my clients and friends for the holidays, and there was a reason for that. I already knew that my Word of the Year would be JOY, and I wanted to start the year off right with a focus on happiness and joy for others and for myself!

I’m also continuing this theme right here on my blog every single week, all year long by introducing a new blog post every Thursday for 2017 called 52 Weeks of Joy. Each week I will  highlight something that’s bringing me joy right now, in the moment. And I hope you will join me in this practice.


So for my very first post, I want to talk about the Joy of Family! Having just had my favorite Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve in all my 44 years, it was being with my family in our new house (with our new puppy) that made it so special. There is nothing in my life that has, or ever could, bring me joy like my family. They are the center of my universe, and the reason for everything I do. Too often in our lives, we get caught up in the “busyness” of life and forget to stop and appreciate what’s most important to us. I am putting a strong emphasis on giving my family my time and attention this year. It’s one thing to tell them they are important, and it’s a completely different thing to SHOW them.


I’ve never been more thankful for my hard-working, rockstar husband! We’re almost 15 years into our marriage and we’re happier and more in love than ever. I am making a big effort to travel less for my work, so I can travel with him for his work. Scottsdale and New Orleans are just two spots in our upcoming travels together and we’re thinking of squeezing in a trip to Chicago too. I couldn’t be more grateful for the joy he brings to me and to my daughter! She is definitely a daddy’s girl. Yes this year is going to be a great one for us–especially when we jet off to Aruba for our 15th anniversary this Spring!


The apple of my eye is my sweet little mini-me daughter who is getting closer than I want to admit to being a teenager – eek! She’s the sweetest and happiest person I know and brings joy to everyone she knows! I want to enjoy every minute with her in 2017 and the next few years because I know that the time will fly by and she’ll be leaving the nest before I can even imagine. It’s time to really appreciate her and our special times together and believe me, there will be a lot of those this year.


If you know me at all, you know that one major source of joy in my life is my mom! She’s so important to me and my life. She’s the heart of our family and in many ways, she’s the heart of my business, too. She’s my creative muse and sounding board, and always gives me the best advice personally and professionally! I joke that she’s really the boss because I just couldn’t do what I do without her right at the center of it all. I often say if she quits, I quit.


I’m really lucky to have so much JOY in my life from my family, including my dad, my brother and his wife, my niece and nephew, and the best in-laws a girl could ask for. These are blessings that I’m really counting in 2017 more than ever. I want to be sure that this is a year filled with appreciation, celebration, and joyful memories with these people who mean the world to me.

So what brings YOU joy? Who is at the center of your world? Let me know in the comments section below – and then let THEM know! We only have one life, and it should be filled with happiness!

Joyfully yours,







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5 Responses to 52 Weeks of Joy!

  1. Susan Rolley says:

    I love your word for 2017 and look forward to Thursday’s Blog & 52 Weeks of Joy!
    You’re amazing!
    Happy New Year.

  2. franki says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. My best friend, my mom, died in June so “those times” really are the JOY!! franki

  3. Judith Presgrove says:

    Happy New Year Tobi!
    Love, love, love, your “Word of the Year”! and so enjoyed this post of “joy of family”!
    i will look forward to your Thursday blog……I little treasure box full of “Joy”!
    A continued “Thank you” for your beautiful and informative blog.
    Blessings! Judith

  4. Linda L Lancaster says:

    Tobi, I have many wonderful idea’s and projects planned for 2017 that has me so excited about the New Year. I look forward to your blogs and message of hope and joy… I turn 69 tomorrow and I am eager to learn new things and achieve as much as I can. It looks like you have many blessings in your life and I am so happy for you and your wonderful family. God Bless! Linda

  5. Laurel Bern says:

    Hi Tobi,

    I always marvel at how incredibly beautiful your family is! The family slogan should be “radiant smiles r us.”

    “Joy” is a wonderful word for the year. It is so easy to get bogged down with the sorrows, disappointments and out and out tragedies that befall each of us sooner or later. Ironically, as painful as the tough times are, in hind-sight, I realized that I learned and grew more from them than the joyous times; not that I seek the yucky stuff out. At nearly 61, I’ve had enough now, thank you! :]

    Here’s to a loving, joyful, healthy, prosperous 2017 for all!