Before and After: An Organized Kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, especially if you have young kids. It’s the dumping ground for mail and backpacks, the central cooking and eating center, the gathering spot, and often a major spill zone.

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One of my favorite kitchen renovations was definitely that hub for a young family. The kitchen was too small and didn’t have enough storage so, like most homes, it was cluttered and sometimes chaotic. It was also dated, with old light fixtures and cabinetry.

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My number-one goal for the space was to lighten it up and to make it really function for this family, with lots of storage and seating areas. First we expanded the footprint of the kitchen, giving it much-needed extra space by taking in the back porch.

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I also lightened everything up, allowing the natural light to flood in, and giving the kitchen a beautiful palette that is inspired by the seashore (a favorite destination for the family).

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I expanded the windows, making them wider to allow even more light into the room. And I gave the ceiling the illusion of more height by adding the beams and painting the whole thing a gorgeous white.

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I also rearranged the footprint so each appliance was in a more functional zone, all within easy reach of a central cooking spot for the person preparing the meal.

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Adding a ton more storage was the real key! The cabinets go straight up to the ceiling, taking advantage of every square inch and helping to eliminate the clutter that can accumulate in the kitchen.

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Those baskets tucked into the island give the kids a place to drop their papers, bags, and toys so they won’t be dumped on the counter. It’s a great way to hide the clutter when guests come over, too.

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And I also added a built-in banquette in the breakfast area that has storage under the seat, making this a super-organized and high-functioning kitchen for a busy family.

What do you think of this kitchen makeover? Do you have enough storage in your kitchen? Let me know in the comments section below!








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  1. Jill Ciccone/Haven Your Home says:

    Amazing job Tobi! These are some of my favorite pins on my Kitchen Spaces board! Beautiful and functional – a perfect combo…