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Which two colors have ALWAYS stood the test of time, no matter the decade or the design style? That’s right – it’s black and white!

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Together, they are really a dynamic duo. Black and white are two of my favorite colors – they are classic, traditional, and timeless. You can never go wrong with these two, whether it’s in your wardrobe or in your home!

So how can you use black and white in your interior? Let’s look at a few of my projects, and I’ll give you some ideas!

Wow! Are you ready to jump onto the black-and-white bandwagon? Here are things to consider:

1. Consider a large-scale wallpaper in black and white! It will really make an impression, and will add amazing visual interest to your room.

2. Black and white is perfect in a graphic or geometric pattern. Use it with bright splashes of another color, like coral or green. After all, black and white go with everything!

3. White and black furniture is also a classic look – put these colors on classic forms and your room will be completely timeless, and will have a bit of that Dorothy Draper look!

4. The dynamic black and white duo is perfect in the great outdoors. Consider large cabana stripes for a pattern on awnings, fabrics, or even a porch ceiling.

5. Black and white isn’t just for grown-ups. Pair it with pale pink, pale green, or even fire engine red for a kids’ room. Psychologists say graphic patterns in black and white are great for stimulating little minds, so you can even use these two classic colors in a nursery like I did for my daughter!

I hope these tips for using black and white have helped you! Do you have the two in any of YOUR rooms? If so, tell me in the comments below how you use them in your home!

If you’ve never used them, consider black and white in your next room makeover! The classic look will be perfect in your home for years to come!








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2 Responses to Tobi TV: Two Timeless Colors

  1. franki says:

    V*A*L*I*D*A*T*I*O*N!! Think I have b’/w in practically every room…now…my dilemma is outdoor cushions..b/w large stripe or b/w pinstripe…maybe…both!! franki

  2. Victoria says:

    Love black and white! It’s so classic and can be dressed up or down. Always love your designs with black and white and especially with a graphic wallpaper. We are doing our formal living and dining in black and white with pops of turquoise and yellow for a dramatic look. Thanks for leading the way and giving me courage to do it!