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It’s a new year and it’s Tuesday. What’s that mean? Time for more Tobi TV!

Adding personality to your home can be as easy as putting your favorite collected items on display. If it means something to you, it’s great to share it with others by showcasing it in your home. I love to collect jadeite, vintage cake plates, antique oyster plates, and glass grape clusters – they are all special to me and many of them have been handed down to me by family members!

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With the holidays this year came lots of entertaining and using my collection of Jadeite and definitely my collection of cake plates for all the baking I did. Collectibles can be anything from vintage china like Flow Blue to something like my client’s antique Russian boxes from her grandmother. Decorating your home with these special items can bring your personality and interests to your space, so don’t hide those precious treasures!

Having a collection also creates wonderful gift opportunities. Two of my special friends gave me gifts for my collections this Christmas. One, a lovely pair of Jadeite vases and the other, a gorgeous turquoise vintage majolica ware oyster plate from France. Both gifts I now cherish particularly because they remind me of these special people in my life.

So what to do with those collections other than bake or have a dinner party? Well here are some of my tips for displaying your collections all year long.

Let’s recap those tips for putting your collectibles on display:

1. Put collections of small items, like my client’s Russian boxes, in a bold and beautiful cabinet to make a big statement.

2. Use acrylic risers to add scale to your collections or put very important pieces under an acrylic box. Putting anything under an acrylic box makes it seem more important!

3. Display your collections in one place. Spreading them out throughout your home diminishes their importance and displaying them together will have a greater impact.

Use these tips to help you create the perfect home for your cherished collections! Please share this video with your friends and let me know what you collect and how you’re making a home for your favorite treasures. Happy collecting!








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