Your Dream Business Is as Important as Your Dream House! And What the Heck is a Telecourse?

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Hi Friends,

I am SO glad you all are loving my posts this year on my intentions, my new house, and much more. Thanks for all the great comments. 2014 is on fire for me already, and you will see many more exciting launches and announcements in the coming weeks and months.

But what about you? What is 2014 the year of in your life? I hope it’s a year of finally living the life you say you want. And I am here to help make that happen.

Today I wanted to take a moment to tell you a bit more about my upcoming telecourse, Build Your Dream Business, explain what a telecourse is, what this one is about, and why you just can’t wait another minute to sign up. I know, I know…many of you come here to build your dream house, but your dream business is just as important to living a life you love. My goal is to help you do both! And do them both NOW!


First, a telecourse is a series of phone calls where you dial in and listen to someone, in this case me :), teach you about an important topic. My weekly calls will be about 60-75 minutes and you can listen live, which is the best option so you don’t procrastinate on taking advantage of the great content. But if you have to miss a call, no worries! You can listen later through the link we will send you to the call. And even if you do listen live, you can listen again while you work out, or while you’re driving in your car. It’s a great way to really take the information in and make sure you are putting all the big ideas to work. One time listening to the call just may not be enough, and we want you to have access to the information whenever you need it.


Secondly, what about my telecourse content? Is it right for you? Well it’s right for you if you are running a small business or if you are a creative businessperson, so that covers a lot of ground. It is certainly for interior designers like me, but it’s not just about design. It’s for almost any businessperson whose business isn’t living up to its potential or any person who wants to start a new business off on the right foot. It’s about building the business you have dreamed about. A business that will allow you to make the money you need to live your dreams, and to have the flexible schedule that allows you to take advantage of the money you will make. So anyone in a small business, any solo-preneurs, or any one like me with 5-10 employees can really benefit from this course. It’s also great for you if you are thinking about leaving your current situation and finally starting the business of your dreams and I know there are tons of you out there just itching to finally do what you love!


This course is about how to stop procrastinating on living the life you say you want. I will teach you how to make your dreams a reality through your goals and intentions so you REALLY and CONSISTENTLY take ACTION (my word of the year). I will help you shed the fear that is holding you back from starting a new career or really growing your existing one. Or to shuck the fear that is making you the best-kept secret in your industry or your area because you don’t have the confidence to tell people how great you are at your craft, or to charge what your skills are worth.  I will help you embrace the stuff you are really passionate about, and make these passions your job, not your hobby. I will teach you how to stop fearing financials (yes, they can be intimidating but I make them simple) and help you start making money right out of the gate so you can afford to grow your business. And finally, I will introduce you to my all new approach to finding ideal clients–I have never taught this new concept in any of my courses before. Oh, wait – there’s even one more thing…I will teach you my top 5 tips, including some new revenue streams and how to set them up, so you can start seeing instant results that improve your bottom line. Whew!It’s going to be exciting!


Through this 6-week course, I will bring you ideas on how to REALLY put things into action that you have been afraid to do, or that you just didn’t know how to do. I will help you finally and passionately move from where you are today to where you want to be in your business and your life. It’s time to stop thinking of “some day” as the day you will finally start making money and being happy and move that day to now!

Many people who have worked with me in Mastermind or my live events and other courses have asked if this is just content they have heard before re-organized into a telecourse and the answer is NO! Not that there won’t be some ideas that I talk about that I have talked about before because some things are just worth repeating. I may reiterate some of my best BIG ideas, but I have written this content completely new for this course. So you won’t want to miss all my great ideas from before, reframed in a brand new way, plus all the amazing NEW content that I have developed just for Build Your Dream Business!

And finally, I have NEVER offered my content at such an incredible price!! Six weeks of jam-packed, life-changing business and life strategies all for less than $500. That’s something like $85 per week, and wouldn’t you gladly pay that price if it really catapulted you into making money like you have dreamed but more importantly help you design the life you dream of?

It’s not really about the money, right? It’s about the experiences, the travel, the feeling of accomplishment that we are all after. So if  you could walk away from this course with even 1 idea that would move you closer to your dreams, isn’t it worth it? And I promise, there are not just one but MANY a-ha! moments in this brand new telecourse.


Join me for this 6-week major jump-start to 2014 beginning January 30. A year from now, you could be living a life you thought was a long way away. The time will pass anyway, but the question is how will you take advantage of your time? Will you spend another year not living up to your potential? Are you willing to take that chance? Take this leap with me. All you have to do is go here to sign up. We will send you reminders, phone numbers for access to the course, downloads of the calls after they happen live, and all the easy-to-follow instructions you need to bring this “Dreamy” Business Content into your life.

Let me be your guide to a business and a life that you love. I am living mine, and it is so worth the work!


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