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If your husband overdid it on Cyber Monday last week and bought a HUGE TV (or too many TVs), you may be wondering how exactly you’re going to make that work in your home! Well never fear, I have an expert to help us this week – and she also happens to be a former member of my Mastermind Consulting Group.

Lori May of Lori May Interiors in Atlanta is an amazing designer who appeared on HGTV’s Design Wars – and she was selected as that show’s top designer! Lori has a real knack for unifying design styles in one house.

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For her, that means EVERY person in the home should feel like it’s their space, too. Sometimes that can be difficult, particularly if you have to bring together two very different design styles – or you have to accommodate a big flat-screen TV! Lori’s attention to detail and creative blend of traditional and modern design gives her the perfect eye to mix and match, so she has agreed to share her tips to unify design styles. Let’s take a look:

Aren’t those great ideas? So let’s recap Lori’s tips to unify design styles:

1. Represent everyone. Every family member that lives in the home should have a say. Your family’s home should represent the whole family.

2. Use transitional products. Products that can bridge the gap between traditional and modern make these styles work better together.

3. Compromise! This is the biggie. It can’t be “My way or the highway.” Unifying design styles in your home is all about give and take – Dad gets his recliner, but mom choses the beautiful upholstery.

Lori really brings it all together with these ideas – which should help you unify your home! Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this video and be sure to share it with your friends. And stay tuned for more tips from other talented members of my Mastermind Group, coming to Tobi TV soon!









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