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I love working in my own stylish office space, it keeps me creative and organized at the same time! It is so key to have a room that really works for you, whether you have an office outside your home, a dedicated room for a home office, or you’re using part of another room, like a bedroom or family room.

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In my own office, I keep my work room organized with patterned boxes, lots of shelving and drawers, and a system that helps keep everything right at hand. So here are my best tips for creating a stylish office that really works for YOU:

See how just a few simple tips and tricks can give you an office area that will keep you motivated with style? Let’s recap those tips here:

1. Add stylish details to your office, like a great fretwork pattern. Keep that pattern going through items like fabrics, furnishings, and accessories to create a coordinated look.

2. In double-duty rooms, be sure to take advantage of multipurpose pieces of furniture. For example, a desk can also serve as a bedside table.

3. No matter where your office is located, be sure you have plenty of storage. Keep things organized with gorgeous colored boxes and files that fit your design personality.

4. Kick things up a bit with fun office products, like a bright blue stapler or a cherry red pencil holder. Even your desk accessories should have style!

5. Keep color in mind when designing your office space. Reds and yellows are stimulating colors, but if your office is in a guest room, that may not work for a restful space for guests!

Use these tips to create a stylish workspace in your home or office! And be sure to share this video with your friends and coworkers!

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