Setting my Goals and Intentions for 2014

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Ok, so since this year for me is about a little less talk and a lot more ACTION (can you hear Elvis singing at this moment? I can!), my goals and intentions are going to be a bit different this year.


Did you notice I said goals and intentions, not resolutions? Well there is the first change. I have created a hierarchy of my dreams, resolutions, goals and intentions this year in it’s simpliest form.

What’s the difference you ask?


A dream is a huge idea, a wild fantasy, something that often feels unreachable or that would take divine intervention to happen. To many people, a dream seems unlikely. But for high achievers, dreams are the seeds that lead to major accomplishments.


A resolution is basically a wish. It is a “what” without the “how”. And it is often approached from a negative perspective like I need to lose 30 pounds, or I need to quit smoking, or I need to stop eating gummy bears all day every day. Resolutions are often inflexible and difficult, likely why most of them don’t stick.


A goal is more focused. It is an aim or a desired result that a person plans and commits to achieving. So it has direction and a plan.


And an intention, well that is the exciting one. An intention is a heartfelt alignment of what matters most to us, practiced daily with mindfulness. Intentions can result in a habit. They are based in responsibility and are much more fun, flexible, and easier to achieve because they are rooted in our personal passions and desires, not fears. Plus, they are usually created in positive terms like I intend to live my healthiest year yet, vs. I must lose 30 pounds. See the difference?


If I am going to take major ACTION in 2014, I have to be highly focused. I plan for my mantra this year to be “Lean and Mean in 2014”. So I am cutting the fat all the way down to, 1 Dream, zero resolutions (no time for wishing, I’ve got things to do), 3 Goals and a single, focused intention. I’m calling it my keep it simple, Sister approach to my best year yet!

So here we go…


My Dream for 2014 is to help more people achieve their goals and dreams than ever before…me included.


My 3 goals are:

  1. To Live Life to the Fullest
  2. To Be Diligent with my Revenue Streams
  3. To be Vigilant with my Schedule

And my One and Only intention for every single day of 2014 is this…To Feel Good!


So that seems easy, right? Well I hope so. The idea is to set myself up for success.

So let’s take a closer look at my goals and intention, so you can see what I mean.


First, Live life to the fullest. Well I mentioned this yesterday and I won’t belabor it. I am going to do everything I usually put off and do it now. Fun, Family, Work. I am going to say YES as often as possible. But don’t worry, you’ll see in a sec how my intention will keep balance in place.


Second, I will be diligent with my revenue streams. Here what that means. In 2012 I became hyper sensitive with my expenses, particularly at work but in many ways at home too. This discipline led to thousands of dollars in savings, meeting with my accountant every single week (which I still do 2 years later) and thankfully resulted in a nice cash reserve or “rainy day fund” which takes so much pressure off when business slows seasonally sometimes.


This year is the year to be super focused on our revenues at work with sales meetings, monthly sales goals, brainstorming sessions, a specific schedule for product launches—anything and everything to get our cash flow in tip-top shape. It’ll be hard work, but so worth it! And I’ll do this at home too—I’ve got a house to renovate you know?!?

My firm is thankfully coming off one of our most profitable years to date, so why not “lean into” our success as I love to do and really expand my “making money while you sleep” business I talk so often about. It’s typically not a lack of demand for one’s services that keep your cash flow less balanced than you like, but diligence and consistency on the part of the service provider who gets busy or distracted and doesn’t stick to the plan for earnings that’s the problem. It’s hard to have your revenues out of sight or out of mind when you analyze them each week and I am just the sort of financial minded geek that actually looks forward to this goal. So watch out revenues…I’ve got your number!



And third, vigilance with my schedule. I will be just as attentive to my schedule as I am to my revenues this year. If I am going to fit everything in it that I want, including exercise, rest, and relaxation, there will be no flying by the seat of my schedule this year. But if other than living life to the fullest, the only 2 things I have to focus on are Revenues and my Schedule, my chances are GREAT for super results!


And now for that glorious intention—To Feel Good!

I’m a fan of Danielle LaPorte author of the great books The Fire Starter Sessions and The Desire Map Book. And Danielle says that there is really only one thing that everyone wants and for that reason it should be our only real focus and that is TO FEEL GOOD!

I agree. So my intention for the year is to feel good. This will be my daily litmus test to see what makes it into my schedule, into my tummy and ultimately into my life. Here’s what I mean…


Does it feel good to get distracted and waste time with non-paying tasks like cleaning out your inbox or gossiping with co-workers or friends,and then before you know it, you need to hurry up and bring some money in to pay the bills but you have no real prospects or ideal clients in sight? NO!

Does it feel good to have a consistent approach to new business development that will keep my revenue streams balanced so I have the freedom to spend time on things I am passionate about…YES!


Does it feel good to ignore my schedule, procrastinate, and let a lot of to do’s and obligations pile up so I end up having to give up nights and weekends to complete what I promised people? NO!

Does it feel good to be vigilant about my schedule so I accomplish the 3-5 big things I need to each day leaving time for things I want to do like yoga, biking with my daughter, Family Game night, a date with my hubby, or cooking a fun recipe I’ve been dying to try? YES!


Does it feel good to work all the time, grabbing fast food when I can and skip walking and meditating until I feel tension in my head and neck, indigestion in my tummy and have to stay in bed an entire weekend getting my stress level down and my body back in balance? NO!

Does it feel good to take the time to incorporate the food and exercise daily that I know gives my body it’s peak level of energy so that I don’t have to waste a weekend in bed but can instead travel, try a new restaurant or even mark something off my bucket list on the weekend? YES!!


You see—this “To Feel Good” intention is powerful. Feeling good doesn’t mean filling your body with junk because it seems to taste good at the moment in lieu of making decisions that actually feel good for the long haul. The same goes with work or putting off precious time with those you love most.

So there they are…my Dream, my goals and my intention—top these off with my word of the year ACTION and I know that in 2014 I will be unstoppable.

How about you? Ready to set your goals for the year? Did anything I said here resonate with you or change how you will make 2014 your best year yet? Ready to make your own intention that is a litmus test for your daily life?

Please leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts. I’m off to enjoy this Fabulous Saturday cooking, playing tennis, painting pottery with my daughter and so much more.


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8 Responses to Setting my Goals and Intentions for 2014

  1. Terri Graham says:

    Thanks for being so inspirational! I enjoy reading your posts daily!

  2. Meredith says:

    As always, Tobi….your way of putting things really gets to me and the heart of the matter! As I look back at the past year I see successes and struggles…but I feel more on top of things than ever and this was a great way to think and refocus and get where I want to be….thank you for your strength and courage to live the life you want and for helping me reach for the life I want

  3. Nicole says:

    Tobi – I enjoy your posts throughout the year, but must say that your New Year’s posts top the cake! You took everything I was thinking and planning for myself this year and presented it in a beautiful, thoughtful manner with a bow on top! The best to you as you make your dreams reality in 2014!

  4. franki says:

    It’s IS so important to keep your mind “feeling good!” It’s your choice. franki

  5. Wow. I love the 3 goals that you set so much that I am thinking of incorporating them into my 2014 goals. Thank you so much.

  6. Thank you for sharing in detail your intentions and including Revenues! I have set similar goals for 2014 and will be watching you! See you in Atlanta xo

  7. Rhonda Mason says:

    My admiration and respect for you just soared to the highest level. Have always admired your work but getting to know you through your blog has surpassed all. I plan on taking your classes and would like to use your same goals. Thank you for sharing and helping