Reality Check Tuesday:How’s that working for you?

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I saw a great article in Oprah’s Magazine the other day by Dr. Phil talking about New Year’s Resolutions. And he had a great question…

If your resolutions from year to year are exactly the same because nothing ever changes–lose 15 pounds, start spending more time with family, open my dream business–don’t you think it’s time you take a hard look at your methods for achieving your goals?

I mean really (in classic Dr. Phil lingo)…How’s that working for you? Apparently, not very well.


So if your goals for 2014 are the same as they were for 2013, there’s a problem. It’s time to get real with yourself. Or maybe just admit that you’re giving lip service to what you say you want, but you must not really want it or you would have done it already. And that’s ok. It’s just time to decide what you DO want.


Just a little reality check Tuesday, thanks to Dr. Phil and me. 🙂


And in case you missed them or want another shot of inspiration, here are my goals and intentions for 2014. They are far different than last year, thank goodness, and boy am I excited.

Here’s to setting fresh and inspiring to do’s for 2014, cheers!


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One Response to Reality Check Tuesday:How’s that working for you?

  1. franki says:

    Appears I need to “work” more… franki