New House Diary: The Kitchen Floorplan

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New House Diary

Welcome to another week of New House Diary. We’re still having fun in the kitchen, one of my favorite rooms of any house. I am zoning in on the floor plan and I really appreciate all your input last week.  I have decided to go with the island. So here’s a look at how things will probably lay out.


I still have to confirm a few of these plan changes with my contractor because we are moving hvac work and return air vents when I move the south wall back 3 or 4 feet and take out the existing laundry room from the hallway and relocate it to the master closet with a second laundry upstairs. But at the moment, I think my ideas are all going to work.


(I love the look of this refrigerator featured in House Beautiful.)

In the next few weeks, we’ll talk specifically about my appliances, but for now note that I am planning for a 48″ range with double ovens below on the south wall, and I am removing the desk area across from the sink and that will become a 42″ french door refrigerator with a full-height pantry cabinet for food on either side.

(Drawers like this in the end of my island would be perfect for pots and pans!)

In the island, I will house my microwave drawer, wine cooler, and lots of storage. The island is about 9 feet long so there is plenty of room for all these things. And I am turning the space where the existing refrigerator lives into a display cabinet. When we get to the breakfast room I’ll also show you what I have in mind for more built-in storage there – a pseudo butler’s pantry – to hold more serving pieces and china. So I am going to be in good shape as far as storage goes thankfully since I am one of those “a place for everything” kind of gals.


(Storage similar to this in my breakfast area can hold glassware, china, serve ware and linens not to mention a TV in the center section.)

And I’m also taking the cabinetry to the ceiling removing the existing soffit which adds an additional foot of cabinetry height in the kitchen maximizing even more space for seasonal serve ware and dishes. There will not be a square inch of this remodeled kitchen that isn’t working for me.

So here are the key improvements I am making so far…

1. Taller cabinets for more storage

2. Creating more linear feet of cabinetry and added floorspace by moving the south wall back 3 feet

3. Long kitchen island to house appliances, pot and pan storage, garbage cans and more!

4. Large new built-in refrigerator and 2 full-height food pantries

5. Built-in china hutch where refrigerator used to be with drawers for linens below


(A cabinet like half of this one could be perfect where the existing refrigerator is now.)

And yes, I am making a conscious decision to interrupt the work triangle with the island. I realize this isn’t ideal for some people, but it is exactly what I created in my last home and it worked for me beautifully. Unfortunately in remodeling projects, sometimes it’s about priorities and for me, I would rather have the added counter space and appliance storage that the long kitchen island affords me, even if it adds a few extra steps to my fridge from the sink. I make this decision consciously and based on experience and I know it will work well for my family. Sometimes good design is about not creating something that works for everyone in theory but rather is customized to the way YOU live and work in your space.

So stay tuned for much more on the kitchen including cabinet elevations, color palettes, and material selections. Yes, the kitchen design continues. I’ve also made a decision on the entry color palette, floor plan, and more and will be revealing those decisions really soon too.

Now leave me a comment and let me know what you think about my new and improved kitchen layout. I can’t wait to add all this function into my daily life!



And be sure to join me back here tomorrow for another before and after reveal. I think you are going to be amazed at this one.

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7 Responses to New House Diary: The Kitchen Floorplan

  1. I had an island with storage like that myself. Loved having a pull out cabinet hiding the trash and recycle bins. Never is an are planned for where to put the trash can and most end up sticking it at the END of an island. I had a Kitchen-Aid 42″ French door fridge….that was the only company making them 5 years ago. Best ever was my Thermador fan that came up from the island in front of the 36″ induction cook top by 14″ high! Loved that. If the set up is right, I much prefer the cooking area on the island, rather than the only sink being placed there -or nothing at all…if you have the space, you can always add another island that is empty of any appliance.

    I also don’t mind having the triangle interrupted. You are right on, saying it has to fit the way you use it. Far better to have more space to walk to it. This way when the doors are open, people cam still walk behind you 🙂

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Lovely – form and function!

  3. franki says:

    Well…that built-in china hutch is the “Pièce de résistance!” I did a similar in our kitchen remodel. franki

  4. Deb Bruna says:

    It sounds perfect, love the drawers in the island and the display area. Can’t wait to see it come together.

  5. Merlyn Corcoran says:

    It appears that you have only 9′ for the island. Less than 42″ between counter or appliance and island may not be adequate.

  6. Victoria says:

    I agree that you have to have your priorities. Mine are going to be the island interrupting the work triangle as well. I need that extra counter space and storage. And I’m nearing retirement and won’t be cooking as much as traveling. But still want the counter space for baking with the grandkids during holidays and for entertaining. Can’t wait to see your other choices and how it all comes together.

  7. Maria Adams says:

    Love your kitchen ideas. Just a note about range and island placement. Keep in mind that the island will be at your backside when you open the ovens. Which may cause you to stand to the side to get things in and out of the oven. Perhaps you already have 42-48″ clearance and won’t have a problem. Look forward to seeing more.