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New House Diary

Hi Everyone! I spent the whole day shooting some really fun video so I’m a bit late to the blog. But the good news is tonight I am getting to have more fun brainstorming my breakfast room. Yes, I still need to decide what kitchen appliances I want, but we can come back to that soon. I’m ready to get out of the kitchen and on to some place different.  Are you with me?

So let’s start with some inspiration photos of some of my very favorite breakfast rooms and eating areas…

breakfast room 1

You know how I love a vinyl banquette. And this delicious green one by Caitlin Morgan Interiors sure does make me happy!

breakfast banquette blue

But there’s something about blue that has really been calling my name. With my hydrangea bushes blooming in my front yard, it just seems like a good idea to bring some blue inside. And that lighting fixture really punches in the blue that I’m thinking. This lovely space is by Lynn Morgan Designs.

AD breakfast room

But this Timothy Corrigan room from Architectural Digest is classic and gorgeous and might be a better layout for my new space. A banquette may be hard to pull off this time. But I sure could use a china hutch to hold lots of my goodies for entertaining.

breakfast room heflin

This project of mine that has been featured everywhere including a recent issue of Better Homes and Gardens is still one of my all-time favorite breakfast rooms. That over-scaled Schumacher Damask is probably the reason why.

breakfast room with yellow chairs

These yellow vinyl chairs are like candy for me. And what a nice accent they are to the blue that’s on my mind. This gorgeous space was designed by Palmer Weiss.

breakfast room Veranda

My friend Michelle Workman really nailed this breakfast room that graced the pages of Veranda. Paler shades of blue mixed with black and white, how could you go wrong there?

bearhill eat in kitchen

Then there’s this. My friends at BearHill Interiors designed this beauty and since I’ve also been loving more moody colors, this one seems fresh and exciting.

swope dining

Or I could bring together my yellow vinyl love with the moody hues and get a feel like my project from the April issue of Traditional Home. Whew! This time I really have a lot of great options and they are all so different. So now it’s your turn. Weigh in and tell me which ones you like and which you think look like the best idea for me. I love to hear what you all think that I am thinking. 🙂

Happy Thursday Friends. All this breakfast talk at night makes me want to have pancakes for dinner!


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6 Responses to New House Diary: The Breakfast Room

  1. paige ward says:

    Love your charcoal & yellow from TH. The patent yellow vinyl is so cheery & would work great with navy & grey cabinets. It will be gorgeous!

  2. KATHYSUE says:

    This one is a hard one for sure! I was wondering if you could have cabinets built on each side with a bridge to create a niche for a banquette. Add sconces to the sides of the banquette. That way you could have storage as well.Color scheme? How about black, white, cobalt with just touches of yellow.
    Tobi, check this pin out……
    and this one……

  3. Jamie Herzlinger says:

    I love banquette seating in breakfast rooms! Best of luck on your design journey!

    Jamie Herzlinger

  4. Judith Presgrove says:

    Good Morning Tobi!

    Love the Charcoal and yellow but that blue or green looks so happy! I hope you don’t take out all your green. I always think of you when I see it.

  5. I love the banquettes – great way to create more seating, and they look so comfortable.

  6. The one by Timothy Corrigan is my fave. Would LOVE to have all that cabinet space!