Motivational Monday: Staying 30 Feet Down

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Life is SO hectic. And it seems like just when we get everything and everybody rowing in the same direction, then a storm blows in and wrecks the whole boat, right?

Well not too long ago I heard a great lesson from Joel Osteen. Now you may not be a fan of his or may not agree with his philosophies but I think this lesson is worth listening to and it crosses all religions and belief systems, in my opinion.


It’s the idea that on the surface, life is turbulent…just like the ocean.  And most of us spend our time reacting and responding to every little thing that happens each day. We are constantly getting knocked off course. Off our work schedule, our exercise schedule, or family schedule – in fact we spend more time off course than on usually, don’t we?

Well good ol’ Joel gave me this great tip that I have used so often over the last several months that I just had to share it with you. It is the idea of cultivating a calmness and an attitude that is resistance to the daily storms we encounter.


You see he told a story about how 30 feet down in the ocean, there is always calm. The top of the water may be raging. It may be white capping. But you go 30 feet down and it is calm and consistent as can be. Completely at peace.


I love using this idea in my life. So I had to find what it took for me to stay “30 feet down” at all times no matter what was happening around me. The tools that I found to work best in my life were yoga, sleep, exercise, meditation, and scheduling. When I stick to these 5 things, I find that no matter what comes to pass, I can stay calm in the midst of the big ol’ storm. But if I get tired, or don’t relieve my stress through exercise, yoga or mediation, or if I stop being disciplined about my schedule…then that’s when all hell breaks loose. And the result for me is that my ship starts going down and going down FAST! The voice in my head starts yelling  “MAN OVERBOARD!”

So just a little life’s lesson for you today on this Monday, since Monday’s have a way of being the day where we most often lose control of our life, right? We’ve all heard “It’s a Monday” so many times. But can you start today figuring out the tools that can help you stay 30 feet down on a Monday or any other day in your life, so you are calm and collected and ready to handle any thing that you encounter each day with ease?


Wishing you luck staying 30 feet down. I’ll see you there.


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4 Responses to Motivational Monday: Staying 30 Feet Down

  1. lissy parker says:

    Thanks Toby—this is so true. i am a Joel fan and missed this one. I am now ’30 feet down’ on this Monday!

  2. cammie says:

    depth is a great thing to cultivate and usually takes a lifetime, but well worth the pursuit! great reminder and post–thanks!

  3. Wow, Tobi, I feel like this was written just for me. With all the snow, cancelled appointments, missed engagements, a totaled car, and prediction of more snow, I have totally fallen off track. Reading this today is just what I needed. Thank you for correcting my course. I am going to head on down to that 30 feet and start off today by getting on the treadmill. Thank you!

  4. Karen T. says:

    Oh, I love Joel’s teachings! I also somehow missed this one. Thanks for sharing.