Monday Motivation: Too Busy to Design a Life

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How’s your life going? Are the days flying by like they are for me? It’s amazing how they can get faster and faster the older we get, right?

Over the weekend I was thinking about whether all the things I am doing to fill my time are things that I love. Asking myself the question, “am I am overwhelmed with things I love in my life or am I underwhelmed with too many things that really don’t matter to me” has become my litmus test for editing my schedule when times get too busy.


But today I want to take it a step further. Because yes, it’s ok for some times in our lives to be busier than we hoped but is that ok all the time? For me this is pretty much the norm because I am a doer. I am the reason I have so much on my plate and I seriously doubt there will ever be a time when I am not doing more in a day than many people do in a week. That isn’t to say I think other people should do more. Many people would think my life is miserable. Many people would never want to move at my pace. And that is ok for both of us.


I am happy with my life the way it is. And I don’t judge others for moving at a different pace.  I love accomplishing a lot. I am driven and making big things happen is my lifeblood. But I do have to ask myself the question every few weeks whether I am getting my schedule too packed. Am I too busy going through the motions, that I don’t take time to design a life?


This means something different for everyone. In my life, as long as I’m over-the-moon about what I’m doing every day, I’m at least 50% on track. And then I have to be extra careful about falling so far into my workaholic tendencies that I forget my self-care practices and other things that are important to me like my family.


I also have to keep one foot here in the present while dipping a toe in the future. Here’s what I mean: I am a firm believer that living in the present moment is the only way to be truly happy–enjoying the journey. Breathing in the moments of joy and accomplishment help me know the little moments are ultimately the big ones. But I am a visionary by nature, so for me to design the life I want, I have to spend some time on a regular basis, “seeing” what I want my life to be 1 year from now or even 5 years from now. This helps me make a guideline or a roadmap for my life that gets me the results I want in the present and future. It’s the way I design a life I love, even while living a full day-to-day life.


There have been so many times over the last few years that my mom has said, “Things have just been so crazy lately and when things slow down I am going to …” followed by a list about relaxing or getting healthy or getting organized or having fun.  And finally after noticing how many of these conversations she and I had, I decided that our life is always going to be “so crazy.” Or at least mine is, because I design it that way. And since I am lucky enough to have her help me at work and with my family so I can do all the things I do, by default at least a part of her life is going to be this way, too.


So Mom and I stopped waiting until things “aren’t so crazy.” We even stopped saying those words. We stopped waiting to carve out time together—time to travel and have fun, time to get healthy. We just made it happen in the midst of the chaos. We stopped thinking about “when things get back to normal” and started realizing that THIS IS NORMAL.  This is the life I have made. And I must make sure that I design all the important things into this life, in and around all the exciting and busy things that I do.


So what about you? Are you too busy to design a life that you love? Are you checking things off your bucket list every year? Are you hitting marks in your health, your career and with your family that are on your goals list, in and around your daily life? And if you aren’t–what are you waiting for? There is never going to be a time to start being the person you dream of. You are never going to be less busy. You have to be that person now. Today.


There is a saying that says “We only live once,” but I prefer the version that says “We only die once, but we get to live every single day.” So let’s make the most of those days. Let’s design a life that we love. And let’s stop waiting until things slow down to design it, because if your life is like mine, those slow periods may never come.


Happy Monday, Friends. I hope you start today designing a life you love. It may be a busy Monday, but now’s as good a time as any to start really living!


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3 Responses to Monday Motivation: Too Busy to Design a Life

  1. Tam Stone says:

    Great post Tobi! Understanding and accepting who we truly are and embracing it is the ultimate joy. I love that you and Bebe share your fast-paced journey… what a tremendous gift! xo

  2. Love this! Thanks for the inspiration today, Tobi. Your blog (and designs) always make me smile. 🙂

  3. Susan says:

    Just found your blog and was very inspired by this post! The interesting thing is that until a few months ago I didn’t see myself as a “doer” In fact I used my tendency to “go with the flow” as an excuse to not get things done. Through some very amazing coaching I woke up to the fact that if I expect to have the brilliant life I aspire to, then “doing” is essential. I’m grateful for women such as yourself who truly embrace life!