What’s Your Style?

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bill blass

As I think more about how to create spaces that are authentic to my client’s personalities, wants and needs, but bring the best of what I have to offer to the table, I thought I would pose a question to all of you…

Do you know your personal style? And is it consistent from your wardrobe, to your home, to your hobbies, parties, or lifestyle activites? Do you have a signature style in all that you do and can you describe what it is?

Here are 3 fun photos that I found on Pinterest that I think tell a similar story and might just get you started in defining your Authentic style in all areas of your life. They could just be the work or style of the same person, don’t you think?

pink and red

table to room


They are all fun, flirty and don’t take themselves too seriously, right? Oh, and let’s not forget the daring use of color and pattern.

Can you be consistent in your own style? Do tell!


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2 Responses to What’s Your Style?

  1. Barbara Meyers says:

    Hi Tobi- I am very specific about my style- I love modern homes that show my personality and love of color. Audrey Hepburn vs Gwen Stefani- I love cleaned lines with a twist. I used to work at Anthropologie, while some of their clothes are too costumey for me I like to mix it in with my straight lined frocks. My rooms have good lines, texture, a bit of colour and some organics. As soon as I see something, I know it is me or it’s not!

  2. Jaybird says:

    My style is pretty traditional with traditional color. I have been known to throw in a dab of turqoise or apple green just for kicks, but I never try to hide my traditionalness…hmmmmm is that a word???
    And yes, my clothing is pretty traditional as well :^)
    The big split comes in color…in clothing, my favorite is navy…in home decor, I just cannot live with blue…it makes ME blue :^(
    Thank you for your lovely blog! I used to read about you in an Arkansas magazine someone sent to me, but the blog is more “live”, and I truly enjoy your posts!